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Part 1: It Happened To Her, It Could Happen To You!

This story will resonate with many of my readers as it concerns a young woman living a somewhat ‘normal’ life, married, working, concerned about finding herself and a better path to her future.  Her name is Lori D. Marchell Carlson … Continue reading

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Shirley MacLaine; Curiosity-in-Chief & Actress

  The Shirley MacLaine that we all know and love lives in Malibu, California.  Her chart, relocated to Malibu, is shown below.  Now, for those not well-versed in astrology, we need to talk about ‘relocated’ astrological natal charts.  The earth … Continue reading

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Introducing Shirley MacLaine

Conscious Awareness: Shirley MacLaine via an Out Of Body Experience  This series of postings will center upon Shirley MacLaine, the popular film-star and writer of books concerning the diverse interests in her life.  Shirley is one of those people who throw … Continue reading

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