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Finding ‘Conscious Awareness’

We have followed the life of Claire Sylvia who was found to have a severe heart condition as a child.  In spite of period of weakness, she studied dance and tried to stay active.  As her life progressed through early … Continue reading

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Summary of Carol Parrish’s Story

This is a more recent photo of Carol Parrish-Harra. The smile and warmth of this woman comes through her photo quite well.   We have looked at several dated events and charts from Carol Parrish’s life story up until her … Continue reading

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Bringing . . .Not Seeking . . . Conscious Awareness

  The narrative and information used in this recounting and astrological exploration is based on the book, Messengers of Hope, written by Carol E. Parrish-Harra. In the last blog-post we left Carol Parrish at the point of childbirth.  This was … Continue reading

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Evaluating Shirley’s OOB Experience

So, how did she do?  Was Shirley’s Out of Body experience ‘valid’ in terms of Goethe’s profile or Dr. Eban Alexander’s NDE profile?     Keep in mind the diverse experiences of these first three people we have covered.  Goethe … Continue reading

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