Spiritual Planets Defined



planet-imageThe examination of Goethe’s experiences leading to his achieving Conscious Awareness, the fairy tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, and the many other to-be offered examples of current people who have had their own spiritual awakenings requires us to use our planetary symbols and charting methods in different ways.

As an example, we might typically see Mars as representing anger, hurt, blood, battles, activity and presumptive action within one’s immediate environment.  Perhaps we need to look at Mars differently in the charts of mature people, of those who are spiritual inclined, and those who have achieved an exposure to the spiritual world itself.

The following definitions are based on the examination of charts that have been studied within the context of the Green Snake Project but which have not yet been presented.  Of course, the exposure to other astrological views of 40-plus years will have some influence, but that has to be accepted.  Primarily, the charts used or to be used in this Green Snake Project will prevail as a major influence in the definitions given.

Spiritual Planets defined

Basic planet interpretations are taken from my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2.

Sun:  Vitality level, performance and attitude, life-style, sense of direction, intention, basic character.

A spiritual Sun must be an expanded awareness and presence, able to coordinate the mental conceptions and the physical-emotional feeling forces that are felt and employed at times in one’s life to their fullest extent.  This spiritual Sun is not just the self’s awareness but the self-within-a-greater-whole, the full physical self plus the contact with one’s soul self and possibly greater soul environment which some call heaven, others call the spiritual world.  Kindness, helpfulness, gratitude and foresight would be part of this Sun’s expression in physical life.

Moon:  The Moon has a wide range of symbolism in our physical world.  Sensitivity to change in our surroundings and in others, our manner of supporting others, habit patterns, adaptability, emotional needs, instinctive behavior, family influence and roles.

The spiritual Moon offers a sense of past reincarnations or at least their major influences if not the details.  An integrated emotional power can intensify the logical mind’s awareness and ability to better appreciate and utilize its newfound connection to a greater self grounded in expanded memory and perceptions.  This Moon may express itself as highly sensitive to others, selfless support and giving, reactive and joyful in everyday situations, inclusive of others in general, sharing.

Part of Fortune:  Its natal position represents our expected area of risk-taking or of risk-avoidance and sensitivity to change.  This is an area or agent of expression for the chart’s Ascendant when no planets are located there or aspecting the Ascendant.  Often ‘reactive’ in its nature.  Seems to introduce elements of chance, change and (when strongly placed) chaos that has to be dealt with.

Spiritual Part of Fortune:  The PoF relates to the Ascendant as does the Moon to the Sun.  Since we choose our natal Sun-Moon relationship for our birth, the PoF likely is our linkage from the physical experience into the ‘guidance principal’ of our soul-self so that our life path and progress is subject to karmic adjustment. The PoF may express itself as surprise, upset, confusion, conflict, chaos as part of its initial intrusion into our physical life activities.

Mercury:  The mental processes, perception, organization and usage of facts and of information.  Standard meanings include news, talking, traveling, decisions, letters and signing of contracts, choices.

Spiritual Mercury tends to focus on the communication and teaching qualities of one’s soul-self expressed through the physical self.  A wide range of capabilities and subject matter needs to be couched to fit the listening ear.  Research, writing, discovery through travel and exploration, as well as sharing of ideas facilitates the demonstration of one’s spiritual awareness in helping others.

Venus:  Harmony, beauty, self-indulgence, one’s assets of a tangible nature, love and lust, current desires, the balance of self-interests with the interests of others.  ‘Balance’ is one of Venus’ most significant keywords.  Venus should be appreciated as a “bridging” principle.

Spiritual Venus links one’s physical-conscious self to a greater sense of self and position of unlimited loving support.  From this position each of us can find and exercise bridges between our higher values of self and our daily challenges for both ourselves and those around us.  A sensitivity, on a daily basis, will build the ability to bring balance and harmony into one’s life and the world of those around us.  Venus, particularly natal Venus, often appears angular in our charts at the time of death-transition and signals a bridge to the spiritual world.  We can expect to see Venus operate with charm, smoothness and balance, supportiveness in all areas of physical life.

Mars:  The assertiveness of the personality in terms of active engagement in life is part of this symbolism.  Will fight or flight be one’s focus.  Or, at the other end of the scale, will enthusiasm, being present, management be the focus.  It is the ‘Kung Fu’ situation; one’s capabilities and willingness to act can deter ineffective rage and anger in others or can draw challenges.  Mars can be anger, action to accomplish, presence, leadership, the inclination to take on an exposure to risks and hurts.

Spiritual Mars seems to be surprisingly similar in that one tends to act on ideas and be highly creative.   Ideas become manifest, efforts promote a physical-life happening, the physical self is propelled to participation.  Uncomfortablness may be felt in the physical world.

Jupiter:  As part of the ‘social’ group of planets, Jupiter opens up and enlarges contacts, involves one in opportunities for personal expansion and growth.  As always, there are two broad sides to this function.  How we open up ourselves to share in growth, or how se seek advantage for our own sake.  Society works best when maturity and sharing is involved.

Spiritual Jupiter leads us to more noble and inclusive approaches to both our spiritual and physical experiences.  Wide range patterns require personal plans and actions to be part of larger developments, wheels within wheels.  Physical manifestations show up as generosity, openness to more social inclusion, the seeking of new opportunities beyond ones conventional experience.

 Saturn:  Father time has a reputation for rigidness, caution, slowness and discipline.  Saturn applies its attributes such that we have opportunities to learn to work within a social system, and once learned, becomes a guide for patience and achievement.  We find Saturn’s presence when we take on responsibilities, become mature due to an event or connection with another, when we work long and hard for an objective, or when we find ourselves depressed or limited in some manner.

Spiritual Saturn defines karmic conditions that have to be considered.  Saturn is an area of agreement made between the self and others that defines challenges that teach and/or require more significant and committed reaction within the physical life.  Such karmic conditions can be life-long themes or specific event or situational challenges to deal with.

Chiron:  Prior vulnerabilities or sensitivities, either from a ‘prior’ life or earlier in one’s life create abnormal reactions in dealing with some life situations.  Adjustments need to be made to recognize and makes oneself comfortable with accepting past difficulties and being able to move ahead in a more balanced way.

Spiritual Chiron may be an elective function that is invoked when/as needed to act as a prompt into the physical experience so as to shape one’s attitudes about self and others, to refine the treatment of those who seem to ‘hurt’ us or take advantage of our self-perceived inadequacies.  Self-examination, counseling and making a corrective effort is likely to be required in physical life.

Uranus:  Our personal place within wider circles may not always fit well, may place us in a perceived rut or on a unproductive path.  Uranus, when triggered by personal planets, can explode our current path and situation, opening  us up to exciting or corrective action that changes us.  Uranus may or may not respond to any particular trigger.

Spiritual Uranus is different in function from the Part of Fortune (which seems to be a soul-self guidance tool to affect personal change) in that it involves a wider scope of social issues in which the resulting physical change-effects play a smaller role in that wider whole.  Uranus may be the portal to reaching higher vibrations which enable us to touch other realities and therefore gain soul-based understanding and information.  The impact of sudden change, cognition of one’s new opportunities and/or requirements, places one in the middle of a parade.  One has to march along with the flow while at the same time dealing with changed conditions.  Uranus can place us at one of life’s inflection points.

NeptuneOur sensitivity to wider social issues and trends can lead us in any one or more paths towards spirituality, social sensitivity, artistic endeavors, avoidance or drug usage, religious fervor, deceit or self-deception.  For some, Neptune may be a largely non-issue or may arise in some manner at infrequent intervals.

Spiritual Neptune is likely to promote self-sacrifice or commitment to a cause that is very large and the personal role is very small–although significant.  That is not to say that one may not become a spokesperson, leader or icon for a social change or movement.  The manifestation of spiritual Neptune may be very personal in its expression.

Pluto:  Irrevocable change, destruction, chaos, transformation, hidden things are some of the attributes attached to Pluto.  On an individual level we see one who is intense, very aloof in their social circles, dedicated, remote or hidden in their relationships.  A dedication to making changes in their life or in the lives of others, uninvited or not, is often seen.

Spiritual Pluto:  Pluto, being an outer planet, seems to imply that ‘bigger’ events or experiences, whether evident or not, seem to drive change and transformation for the individual or those who he/she involves.  Pluto effects, projected into the physical world, are seldom comforting or manageable in their introduction.  Fear and upsets are often felt by others.  This is probably a major karmic development that changes and shapes the reality of a great many people.

Moon’s Nodes:  On a day-by-day basis the Nodal axis of the Moon identifies associations and how we deal with them in terms of how we let them shape and participate in our life.  The North Node tends toward ‘involvement’ and participation.  The South Node tends to rely more upon one’s own skills and intentions rather then involve others who may slow up or not contribute as well as we might demand.

Spiritual Nodes:  The Nodes are associated with our past, with our movement towards a physical life from a spiritual place, with our range of understanding of how the past and spiritual worlds can influence an upcoming life.  Chart/planet contact with the Nodes can trigger experiences that call forth the opportunities to change our interrelationships with others as a means of balancing out our own life’s experiences for a fuller and more productive life.

The Asteroids in general:  Each of the many asteroids, those major ones in the belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, and those scattered about the solar system that are astrologically recognized, have generally accepted interpretive meanings.  These are often applied by the astrologer in a chart reading.

Spiritual asteroids may be invoked at times to suite a specific karmic project that will require an individual in the physical world to respond in a specific manner so as to affect the lives of themselves and others.  The purpose is likely to be both personal and a smaller circle of associates.  Larger events may be less affected by asteroid involvement or may also be paired with planetary involvement.

The Chart Angles:  The natal chart angles may be important in one or both of two ways.  First, the zodiac positions (by sign and degree) of the angles can have a deep personal significance.  Second, the chart angles may have the purpose of highlighting specific planets (by energizing them) or by placing the Sun and Moon into a specific diurnal house position which denotes an emphasis on personal expressional areas of life.

Spiritual chart angles;  The vertical axis, and the MC in particular, guides us toward our desired public image and the setting of life-goals in the physical life. The horizontal axis defines are accepted means of self-expressions and seeking of personal relationships as a valued part of our life.