Shirley MacLaine’s OOB Adventure

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This story is an abridged copy of the many blog postings about Shirley MacLaine’s Out-Of-Body adventure in the mountains of Peru.  Those who wish to review the whole story can refer to the archive listing to find the several blogs involved.

Part One; An Invitation To High Places.

Sometimes one has to engage in a symbolic act in order to have an actual experience — and sometimes one has to initiate an actual physical event in order to bring about an event of consciousness change.  In this case we are talking about one of Shirley’s friends, David, who was to invite her to come to Peru and spend some time with him high up in the Andes.  Her book, “Out On A Limb” describes much of this experience but it does not provide dates.  Those dates had to be obtained from news reports, interviews and various Internet sources.  Shirley MacLaine had a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return on June 26, 1977 at 12:23 PM prior to receiving her invitation.  That chart is shown below.


This t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return in the 8th house has a theme of ‘managing investments (shared activities) brings conflicts if one strays from areas of capability.  Confidence . .  emotions kept in check.  Others may cause stress.  You need to show assuredness . . . draw upon your own resources. . .”  This invitation was a challenge, even for one who travelled a lot and was used to meeting many people in various settings.  This would be a rugged adventure with no clear agenda. Note n/PoF at the IC; new adventures, new chances.  t/Sun-t/Mercury-MC sits at the opposite side of the chart from the n/PoF; decisions and travel will affect her view of life and goals.  This is a ‘slam-dunk’ decision given Shirley’s n/Sun-n/Mars-n/Uranus combination.  Note also t/Venus at n/MC; a friend or one she ‘loves’ or feels comfortable with will enter her life’s plans.  We have to note that there is no action at the horizontal axis; all of this is in the planning phase, not the action phase.  There was an April 18, 1977 Solar Eclipse at 28:16 Aries.  This hits Shirley’s n/Uranus-n/Mars (and draws the n/Sun in due to the three-part conjunction).  This is a momentous decision for her.

Shirley did agree to leave her comfortable Malibu home and fly to Peru.  Let us look at the date Shirley received the invitation, July 6, 1977.

MacLaineShirleyShirley Adv 7-06-1977 invite

The t/Sun is running ahead of the advancing MC, keeping the t/Sun in the 10th house where it squares n/Mercury-opp-n/Jupiter and t/Pluto in the 1st.  The decision takes into account the request of another (t/Mercury-7th) and the promise of an opportunity (n/Jupiter) that might change her perspective on life (t/Pluto-1st).  Jupiter is made more important as the symbol for an opportunity due to t/PoF conjoining t/Jupiter in the 9th house of foreign travel.  t/Moon squares t/PoF-t/Jupiter; indicating the feelings and worry about taking on a physical challenge of going into mountain country.  Now, pile onto all of this complexity the presence of n/PoF near the IC in the 3rd house of thinking, consideration, travel.  With the eclipse near the natal Uranus-Mars-Sun this natal inclination to make quick decisions about her life-style and settle on a new set of intentions.  Shirley would act like Shirley.    

This decision would enable her to have the extraordinary experience that is the focus of this series of postings.  Shirley had a history of engaging psychics, astrologers, and tarot readers.  She was a curious and thinking person.  This would be a very personal and fully participational experience that only a few others have.  We will have more posts about her adventures in a couple of days.  

Part Two;  An Out-Of-Body Experience.

Two in hot tub-J

We need to look at Shirley’s birth chart to see how that chart, Shirley’s personality and her Peruvian mountain Out-Of-Body adventure fits together. 

The natal chart is a representation of the sky around the earth and the placement of the planets.  Think of the horizontal line passing through the middle of the chart as the ground we stand on.  What is above us is what we can see.  What is below us is hidden by the planet we stand upon.

We will look at three portions of this chart.  If this were a clock, we would look at the 12:30 area (the Sun and Mars), the 3:00 area (Saturn and the Eclipse point), and 8:30 area (the Moon and Neptune).



  • The Sun (a circle with a center-dot) represents our self, intent, life-style and vitality. This Sun is very close to Mars (circle with an arrow) which is our energy, action and sense of presence.  This pair tells us that Shirley is adventurous, quick to act, eager.
  • The Moon (crescent) is our emotional response to life, our moods and feelings. Neptune (the three pronged fork) represents our sensitivity, drama, imagination and susceptibility. Together, we see the ‘actress’ in Shirley, the role playing and taking-on of other’s identities and reflecting of their lives.
  • To right side where the dark line indicates the position of an eclipse of the Sun two months prior to Shirley’s birth is Saturn (“h” with a bar at the top). This far-left end of the horizontal line is the Descendant which shows how/where we interact with others. The prior eclipse of the Sun tells us that this is a focal point.  Saturn tells us that both structure and caution is to be exercised in dealing with others.  This represents the very private side of Shirley’s life, away from the acting work she does, the secluded Malibu home, the long walks along the sea shore, the arranged small-group parties of friends.

With all of this in mind, when Shirley received an invitation from an old friend to come to Peru and spend some time in the mountains with him, Shirley’s adventurous spirit came to the fore.  She jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a quiet interlude in a new, remote place in the middle of a natural setting.  A few days later the two were hiking high trails and living a Spartan life in a stone hut for sleeping and meals.

We have a couple of magical moments every month, one of them being when the Moon travels through the Sky and touches the point where our Sun was at our birth.  This marries the potential of our life’s force with the pulse of changes in the world around us, freeing us up to find a new area of life to explore and grow within.

This chart occurred three days after such a magical moment for Shirley.  She had flown to Peru, had journeyed up the mountains and had hiked the high ridges and barren slopes, taking in the rarefied air and solitude.


That night she and David enjoyed a secluded hot tub.  The warm water, easy flow of conversation, the one small light was very relaxing.  Shirley just floated up and out of her body.  Above the ground she realized that something had changed.  She took in her place in the air above the small village, the still moonless night sky, the starlit suggestions of the mountains around her.  A silver cord from her stomach drifted back to her body.  Her very thoughts took her wherever she wished to go.  This was magic.

For the astrologer, the magic is clearly seen in the chart.   Using the clock analogy, note the 3:00 area.  The natal Sun position is right there next to the inner chart area where the actual position of an important asteroid, Chiron — the “K” with a circle below,  This tells us that her life view will be adjusted or changed by an experience with another.  The actual Sun, that day, had reached a point in the sky where it aligned with the smallest and most distant planet in our Solar System, Pluto.  One would think that this small planet, being 1/5th the mass/weight of our own Moon, would not be very important at all.  Yet, this small world seems to symbolize things like transformation, one form of death for a new form of life.  How fitting.  Shirley’s sense of what the world was like died that night only to be replaced by a grander, wider, more amazing sense of being part of a grander scale of awareness.

Note the symbol of Uranus — the “H” with a line in the middle and circle below at the 9:00 position.  This represents sudden cognition and surprises being experienced.

There are other important astrological factors evident in this chart, factors that were covered in more detail in the blog pages that previously were presented.  Those factors need not be covered, again, here.

What is most important to realize is that this blog site has now covered in detail the lives and special experiences of three people who have each experienced their own unique awareness of being special in a very special world that seems, suddenly, to be much more than what we had previously assumed in our normal daily lives.  Each of these three had in common some dozen astrological patterns that represented their mind-blowing sudden awareness of being more than they were a short time before.

Statistically, this seems impossible.  Yet, I have a dozen or more charts and experiences to review with you of people having notable experiences — all share these same dozen or so astrological patterns. 

If any of you have had any deeply spiritual experience, had a Near Death Experience due to an accident, an operation or an illness, found yourself in some form of crises and found that you inexplicably emerged from the crises with a new-found sense of self, please contact me.  I will take your story and calculated the appropriate charts and then get back to you with my observations.  If you later wish, that story can be shared here with others.