Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2

Front Cover 2nd Edition WidgetPersonal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2

Released mid-summer, 2016, this book brings the two most powerful symbols in astrology, the Sun and Moon, into a cyclic relationship that mirrors life’s changes and imbalances.  The astrologer can view a subject’s life on a day by day basis with clarity.

During an initial consultation, the client and astrologer share in discovering the natal chart symbols and how they mirror adult life.  The transits mirror current life challenges.  Trust and understanding is established.  Then come the questions !

“What is behind this problem?  What can I do?  How long will this go on?  What is coming next?  Oh, I forgot to tell you . . .”  No reading ever goes as planned.  So why spend hours preparing, studying natal, progressed, directed, transiting charts?  Moon-to-Sun Return methods require less preparation and can immediately, on-screen, present charts and answers no matter which direction a reading goes in.

OK, that’s the marketing stuff.  All true, by the way.  Just what are we talking about here?  Why should you care?

Transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns blend astrology’s primary symbols with astrology’s primary cycles to provide powerful insights into daily life through the use of relatively simple charting methods.  This is a far more useful tool than a Solar or Lunar Return.  For those who do not have their own astrological software which can produce these charts, the book provides download and usage instructions for a free-to-download, free-to-use, easy-to-use astrological software package that can serve all of your primary needs.

Table of Contents

  • Preface.  An introduction to Moon-to-Sun Returns, using David Bowie’s charts for his 1971 rehabilitation to free himself from drug use.
  • One.  The basic concepts for what these charts are, why the work, how to use them.
  • Two.  Advancing a return chart to track day-to-day changes and solultions.
  • Three.  The Part of Fortune and the Ascendant.   The Part of Fortune proves to be a powerful indicator of chance and change in one’s life.
  • Four.  Themes.  The house positions of the t/Moon-to-n/Sun or the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun provide a “theme’ for the whole cycle.
  • Five.  The calculation of Moon-to-Sun Returns.  The recommended free-to-download, free-to-use software is fully illustrated.  The use of major commercial (purchasable) software is illustrated.  The use of basic astrological software is also demonstrated.  Everyone can have access to software.  No excuses.
  • Six.  Eclipses are very special, and powerful general Moon-to-Sun and Moon-opposite-Sun Returns.  Where they fall in an individual’s Return charts can be significant.  The four year saga of Amanda Knox, imprisoned and tried for the murder of her college friend in Italy, is used as an in-depth example.
  • Seven.  Alternative charting.  Birth times are not always available for public figures who are engaged in news-worthy events, just as every client does not have a birth time.  Several approaches are demonstrated to deal effectively and easily with these common situations.
  • Eight.  Since houses are so important in the cyclic or Return charts, an extensive review of houses and their relationship to other houses is provied.
  • Nine.  Two Planet combinations are covered in this chapter for Sun, Moon, Part of Forune, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Ascendant, and the MC.
  • Ten.  Dealing with everyday life is illustrated by a real life situation, tracking the initial questions, the review of the birth chart and confirmation of how the symbols work in that individuals life.  A Return chart for the coming cycle is offered along with commentary — and a response to how it actually played out is shared.  Then, a “Look Ahead Diary” is created to cover the next couple of months.  This is a simple twenty-thirty minute task using Moon-to-Sun Return charting and is very helpful for the client.
  • Eleven.  A summary of all the techniques and tools are gathered into one extensive review section.
  • Twelve.  Fifty sets of charts for public figures (most are recent) are provided along with a brief commentary.  These are supportive of those who wish to study the many available techniques for using this exciting process.

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Dave Monroe