Carol Parrish’s Profile for Conscious Awareness


We have a unique opportunity with Carol’s situation; we have the Advanced cyclic chart for Nov. 1, 1958 when she gave birth to her sixth child and then transitioned to the spirit world, or we can consider the Double Diurnal cyclic chart for that date and the actual time the soul-swapping took place with the successor-Carol.  Which chart would better fit the Goethe-Profile for attaining Conscious Awareness?

Compare Four-J

It turns out that the Advanced chart is strongly matched to the Goethe Conscious Awareness profile.  The Double-Diurnal chart for that date portrays something else.  I will post both the Advanced chart and the Profile Check List so that all may follow along.


Listing Profile Carol Parrish-J

Up until now, using Goethe’s Advanced chart for the date he recognized his attainment of Conscious Awareness (Oct. 26, 1794), we have found that Dr. Eban Alexander and Shirley MacLaine both followed the Goethe C.A. Profile.  With Shirley’s chart we found that Chiron seemed to also play a role; a condition that was found present in the other two subjects, and which is now provisionally included in the Goethe C.A. Profile.  There is only one deviation in Carol’s Advanced chart which we will discuss as we go through each profile factor.  Capable astrologers will easily grasp the following explanations.  For early-studies students and those interested in astrology I will post a simplified summary version of this posting later.


1)  n/t Sun is AngularThis is not directly so in Carol’s Advanced chart.  As I read the story (Messengers of Hope), the early-Carol’s anguish and despair was deep and genuine, she truly wished to die.  She apparently had a life-purpose that she felt unable to address or complete.  The book tells us that she was welcomed back to the spiritual world with great love, support and assurance that all would work out as intended.  This was apparently worked out ahead of time without her conscious awareness. 

At the time of her transition Carol was approaching her second Jupiter Return, a time when one finds or recognizes their place in society and the shape of opportunities that might seek.  Carol’s t/Sun was coming up on t/Jupiter, soon to follow with a link-up to n/Jupiter.  Opportunity was knocking.  Then, we have t/PoF conjoining n/Sun, indicating a change in life’s plans.  Both natal and transiting Suns were in cadent houses (behind the angles).  These are “thinking” houses unlike the angular houses which are attributed to “action.”  So, which are ‘aware’, if any?  How do we ‘see’ awareness; through the Sun or through thinking or action houses?  In any case, Carol’s transition does not fit an expected pattern of encounter, cognition, awareness and change.

2) Venus is significant.  n/Venus-MC, t/Venus squares conjoins t/Sun and squares n/Sun. Venus is a symbol for bridging, harmony, peacefulness, love, relating.  Venus is very powerful in this chart.

3) Both the vertical axis and horizontal axis is active.  All four angles are conjoining planets.  Mercury is doubled up (MC and Desc.) as is Chiron (MC and Asc.).  Through the ages, the angles of the chart have always denoted activity, events and personal involvement when activated by planets.

4) n/tPart of Fortune (PoF) is angular, aspected.  With the involvement of the PoF, a crises of some kind, change for better or worse, is expected.  t/PoF-n/Sun-n/N.Node and n/PoF-n/Mars is found in this Advanced chart.

5) n/tMoon in a closing square phase (270 to 315 degrees) from n/tSun.  Here we find the n/Moon having a closing square to the t/Sun, the separation being 283 degrees.  The closing square represents achievement, attainment of one’s goals, a leadership role by an involved and aware person. 

6) n/tMC is significant (a planet in conjunction).  n/Mercury-n/Venus and t/Chiron are conjunct the MC angle.  Joy, surprise, creativeness, harmony of feeling and thought combine with Chiron’s attributes of making adjustments to the past and present difficulties and hurts that have or are being endured.

7) n/tMoon is angular.  n/Moon is in the 4th house, 8 degrees past the IC angle.  Feelings and emotions are what drive human experience.  This Moon’s opposition to n/Mercury and square to t/Mercury indicate the role of thinking and awareness that pair up with feelings to make human experience meaningful.

8) One or more planets are angular.  Some of these attributes may seem redundant for this chart or any particular chart.  Yet, it is important for ALL Advanced charts to meet all or most of these criteria.  In this case there are planets at every angle.

9) n/tPoF is significant.  We are looking for more than an angular PoF, we want the PoF to play a significant role in representing changes within the subject’s life.  The PoF marks a relationship to the chart’s Ascendant that is equal to the Moon-to-Sun relationship as measured in degrees.  It seems to coincide with unexpected courses of action or reactions to seemingly exterior changes in life.  With n/PoF-Mars being conjoined, the presence of t/PoF with n/Sun-n/N.Node indicates that one’s basic attitude, life style, association with others will all be subject to sudden change.

10) Doubled up planets present?  Both n/Mercury-MC and t/Mercury-Desc., and t/Chiron-MC and n/Chiron-Asc. are doubled up.  This puts great emphasis on choice, thinking, arranging and understanding the effects of sharp and crucial adjustments in how one deals with challenges such as those that were overwhelming young Carol.

11) Pluto involved as a transformation agent.  n/Pluto-n/Ceres-opp-t/PoF-n/Sun-n/N.Node points the motherhood and parenting (Ceres) being subject to change (PoF) of one’s life and intentions (Sun) relative to who one associates with (husband and family).  If we look at t/Pluto we find that it squares n/Chiron-Asc.; Past hurts and burdens that have been endured will need to be put aside, left behind.

12) A past life crises related to this event?  While the book does not delve deeply into young Carols early life, we know she married young, had a dominating husband who used her church teachings to manipulate her, and endured her husbands love affair with her best friend, while trying to raise five children and live up to her view of her mother’s expectations for home and family.  It was an impossible task and had everything to do with this crises.

13) Chiron played a strong role in the chart relative to dealing with past burdens.  This was discovered when doing Shirley MacLaines Out of Body Advanced chart, and was found to be important in Goethe’s chart and Alexander’s chart.  Here, n/Chiron-Asc. represents past burdens and t/Chiron-MC represents her solution to those problems — a fortunate escape.



So, with the exception of #1) attribute, young Carol’s Advanced chart for the birth of her sixth child and her transition to the spirit world meets all of the criteria very strongly.  Because of the unique nature of this event it seems that the first factor is critical to understanding the different situation here.  Why were not the natal or transiting Suns angular.  We have to note that n/Sun was exactly trine the Ascendant.  ‘Trines’ are soft, easy to deal with aspects.  We can note that t/Juno (the ‘asterisk’ symbol with a cross below) at 2 Libra is also trine the n/Sun and Asc.  Juno relates to husband-wife interaction, personal freedom, and the end of associations.  Perhaps all of these three elements in combination point to Carol’s spirit and intentions (Sun) being acted upon (the Ascendant) and supported (the trine aspect between the three factors) relative to the hopeless marriage and family situation which had to be ended (Juno).  I’ll end this posting with that thought. 



We have yet to examine the Double Diurnal chart for the transition and assumption of the successor Carol into young Carol’s life, and the Summary for our new-to-astrology readers. After that we will explore what the successor-Carol did with her life, how she adapted to her family, the changes she made, the wide-ranging accomplishments that followed her early years.  An inspiring story in itself.







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Carol’s Purpose. Mine, This Blog Site’s, and Your Purpose


Discussion Invitation-J

Purpose picturePurpose!  A powerful word.  We need to consider within several contexts.  What was young Carol’s purpose, successor Carol’s purpose.  This leads us to think about my purpose, the blog’s purpose, and — yes, your purpose in following this blog site!  Astrologically, “purpose’ might be the MC in one’s chart, or the Sun.  But, we need to consider ‘purpose’ on many levels.  We may look for astrological links later.

Young Carol’s purpose in life involved bringing forth a number of children, plus learning to learn about choices and discrimination about the demands on her time and resources and to manage choices and commitments better.  The attempts to care for many young children, do without the presence of a supportive father for the children, live up to her perception of her mother’s expectations, and to keep up the presentation of the ‘perfect home’ were all too much for her.  All or some of these were obviously wrong.

Carol’s purpose, as she approached childbirth, was to give up . . . totally.  With an unfaithful husband, being totally tired, and her whole life’s situation there seemed to be not benefit in going on.  A future was something she didn’t want to confront.  The provision of sodium pentothal during childbirth caused a sudden reaction.  Her lungs collapsed, her spiritual body separates.  From a distant position she watches a child being born, she sees a silver cord connecting her to the woman on the operating table.  She is whirled off to a cool and peaceful place.  Relief comes to her, she is taken into a supportive and loving place.  These words summarize what the book recounts from the successor-Carol.  Young Carol’s purpose is abridged, it is OK, she is accepted for her efforts.

The successor-Carol who steps into the young mother’s body and life knows of her given purpose.  She understands it completely, she will always consciously remember it.  The has felt the love and support that accompanied her mission.  She can also recall that at any moment she feels she needs it.  She is “Conscicous Awareness.”  She will continue and complete, perhaps enlarge the mission that was originally given.  The pattern of destiny that young Carol fit into is still there.  In the future blogs, Carol’s exploits and accomplishments will be covered.

The purpose of this blog is multifold in nature.  The initial purpose was to explore how the astrological pattern of Goethe’s moment of Conscious Awareness was replicated in the charts of others who had also found a path to Conscious Awareness.   A further extension of this purpose was to find many others who had also had this experience and also exhibited those same patterns.  Sharing this with the astrological world would be its goal, its purpose.

A greater purpose in sharing and discussing these experiences was to learn more about myself.  I have had no remembered psychic events, no sudden cognitions of any scope that impressed me, no sudden changes in life’s direction.  Was I normal, should I have had some sign or experience.  Was I trying to hard or just on a wrong track?  

And, what about you?  Yes, you.  You follow this blog.  You have an interest in the stories recounted here.  Have you had some Conscious Awareness experience, and have you found these unique patterns in your chart?  What is your purpose?

If one of my readers would like to join me as a co-moderator, writer or commenter on this blog site, I would be open to that.  If you know of others who have had any form of these experiences and feel passionate about talking about these subjects, this is an opportunity.   





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A Review Of ‘Diurnal’ Chart Advance

Discussion Invitation-J

In recent posts I have presented charts which some may find confusing in terms of how a Return chart relates to an Advanced charts and how that chart can be ‘turned’ forward or backwards within a given day to portray an ‘Event’ chart.  It is important for astrologers not familiar with these methods to feel comfortable with them.  In the big picture, all that is happening is that the natal chart (using the Sun’s precise position) is used to find the Moon’s exact time-of-day (for a future date) when the Moon contacts the natal Sun position.  This establishes a Moon-to-Sun Return chart and the initiation of its cycle.  We then follow that cycle forward each day using a ‘diurnal’ factors (the Sun’s daily rate of advance).  Once we have an Advanced chart for an event-date, we can rotate that chart within that day’s time frame to the time of the event.  In this case involving Carol Parrish, the event was in the morning hours.  The diagram below will be used to discuss this further.

Diurnal diagram-J

We can start with the area of the diagram marked “A.”  The black sine-wave is the plot of the Sun’s progress through the sky during its annual cycle, starting at the Aries point (spring) and continuing through the summer, fall, winter and back to the spring Aries point.  Each of us was born when the Sun was at some precise point along this black curve.  That point is important to us, individually, as it is a key factor symbolizing our identity, character, and attitude towards life.

This example point of birth is shown by the black circle.  Once each 28-to-29 days, the Moon will contact this precise zodiac point.  The red Lunar Cycle  indicates this through the following little circles (the Sun’s position) when the Moon’s orbital path crosses that point 12 or 13 times each year.  For my practice of Moon-to-Sun Returns I use a half-cycle (Moon-to-Sun and Moon-opposite-Sun).  The first person that wrote about these Moon-to-Sun Returns, Therese Sweeney in 1981, used a complete Lunar cycle.  You can see that I have indicated both the Lunar half-cycle and full-cycle in the diagram.

Let us now focus on area “B” in this diagram.  The red lunar cycle has been expanded to better-illustrate that the Return point (Moon-to-Sun) can be extended along the red sine-wave plot of the Moon’s movement through the zodiac as it advances over the course of its monthly cycle.  This daily advance occurs at the same time each day and reflects the Sun’s rate of advance through the sky.  This is called ‘Diurnal” or ‘daily’ motion.  Keeping the chart’s calculated time constant permits us to tie the Moon’s cycle to the Sun’s cycle, and that to our birth cycle. 

Still viewing section B of the diagram, keeping the same calculation time found in the Return chart, but changing or advancing the date used to calculate the chart, let’s put the chart in motion.  The chart angles advance a degree or so each day, the transiting planets take up slightly different positions — except that the fast-moving Moon may be found 12 or 13 degrees further along, the Sun may be a degree-or-so further along, etc. 

This charting method allows us to watch life unfolding, flowing along on a day-by-day basis as if it was a motion picture.  As long as we understand the context of the subject’s life, and the way in which they express their symbols, we can easily forecast the changes that will be faced and the conditions under which they will be encountered.  No other method of astrological charting does this so well, so simply.

Let us now move to area “C” of the diagram.  Once we are looking at an event date using the Advanced chart, we recognize that this is a cyclic view of what taking place on that date.  This ‘cyclic view’ reflects what the day’s changing nature is and how it is perceived by the subject.  However, it is not the event itself.  Merely how the event affects the flow of daily life.

To review the event, we need to rotate the chart forward or backward over the course of that day so that the chart’s calculated time reflects the time of the event.  In this case we have moved Carol Parrish’s Advanced chart time from late afternoon backward to 7:20 AM in the morning.  This method is what I term the ‘Double Diurnal’ method as it requires two adjustments of time from the Return chart to the daily chart to the event chart.

I hope this clarifies the idea behind how these charts are calculated.  Dave.





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What Is ‘Death?’ — What Is ‘Birth?’

Two Paths-J

This posting utilizes two charts; an Advanced chart from the prior t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return which marks the combined death-departure of one woman and the arrival of another soul who was to continue the life-mission of the first.  I had not heard before what is called a “walk-in” — a situation where one chooses to leave their body and life while another ‘moves in’ to continue that life.  The drawing at the left depicts two women, two paths.  One woman walks forward to a destination, the other is still sitting, contemplating before rising and starting down the other path.  Who is to say who is better off?  Does the lady who is walking represent the departing soul who is returning to a world of spirit or is she the one who is setting off to address the challenge of raising a young family and then finding her way to her overall mission?  Is the lady who is sitting the one who has given up her quest for life and meaning in her family?  Or, is she the one who is taking a moment to gather her thoughts and step into the life of a young mother.  It is all a matter of perspective and attitude.

Following is the Advanced chart for the Nov. 1, 1958 date and birth of young Carol’s sixth child.


Looking selectively at this chart as a ‘death-transition’ chart for the young Carol, I first note and consider these factors, numbered for commentary reference:

  1. t/PoF-n/Sun-n/N.Node in the 9th;
  2. t/Uranus-IC-n/Moon:
  3. t/Sun-t/Jupiter-n/Jupiter in the 6th:
  4. t/Moon-trine-t/Sun:
  5. t/Saturn-n/MC in the 8th:
  6. t/Chiron-MC-n/Mercury-n/Venus
  7. t/Mars-Asc. and n/Mars-n/PoF

Factor #7, Mars at the Ascendant clearly reflects the discomfort and energy expended during child-birth, and also reflects the assault on her life by the many burdens that have totally tired her body and mind.  Carol’s natal Mars, conjoining the natal Part of Fortune normally translates as one who doesn’t hesitate to take on challenges and go to great lengths to succeed.  Being in the natal chart’s 7th house, we can see this as making an effort to please others.

Factor #1, on the other hand, brings the t/PoF into contact with n/Sun-n/N.Node in the 9th house of travel to foreign lands or distant discoveries.  Change comes to Carol’s Sun (developed style of living and intentions) and is facilitated in concert with another or others.  This ‘Sun’ could also be seen as an authority figure or life-guide for Carol.  We have to remember that symbols try to express themselves in as many ways as possible.

Factor #3.  Sticking with the Sun symbol, note that the t/Sun conjoins Carol’s ‘Jupiter Return.’  This 11.5-to-12 year cycle is approaching its second completion point.  Jupiter represents expansion, social opportunities for personal growth, life’s circumstances seeking balance. This placement is in the 6th house.  In this house, the Sun has to face choices about what is asked and what one willingly wants to give.  Adjustments are needed, skills levels need to be worked upon. The stress of daily life’s demands are behind every possible relationship.

When we talk of adjustments we also need to look at Factor #6.  Chiron represents those adjustments we need to face from time-to-time relative to on-going or prior difficulties and ‘hurts’ of various kinds that we carry forward.  These may be physical or bad memories that we can’t let go of.  Chiron conjoins n/Mercury-n/Venus (the creative joy of life), which seems to be something that Carol has always wrestled with.  Her children represent those joys of life as well as the burdens of constant attention to the detriment of personal time to unwind.  At this time, in this cycle as she undergoes giving birth to her sixth child, we find Chiron in the first house of one’s direct experience, one’s attitude towards life and view of her life.

So, it would seem that many factors are unbalanced or in flux in this chart.  The original Return chart of some eleven days ago had found the t/Moon and n/Sun in the 9th house, indicating the openness to searching for different experiences and a new perspective.  One would not take this as an indicator of ‘death.’  So, let us look at this dates’ life-balancing indicators.  Factor #4 points to the transiting Moon making a closing trine aspect to transiting Sun.  This is a phase that asks us to be honest with ourselves and to be a role model for others by our efforts.  This same transiting Moon, relative to the natal Sun, is in a ‘sixth house’ adjustment phase — Carol may not feel up to making any adjustments to suit others or to cope with the current situation. 

We can be comfortable with this view when we also take note of t/Uranus-IC-n/Moon.  Uranus at this angle indicates sudden revelations that affect one’s place in life.  By combining with the natal Moon, we suspect that all of life’s daily routines are headed for a multiple collision. 

The bigger picture.

In one sense this does not seem to be a typical ‘death’ chart.  It is a chart involving change.  The t/Sun contacting the two Jupiter’s points to opportunity and hope, the placement of natal Mercury and Venus near the MC points to a found sense of former joy.  The angular placement of both natal and transiting Chiron suggests that adjustments are to be experienced in both her physical life and her goals and hopes for life. 

On the other hand, is this a ‘birth’ chart for the new Carol, the new soul who would pick up the pieces of the former Carol’s life and put that life back on track to grow and help others?  No!  This chart is a ‘cyclic’ chart, marking a day-point in a cycle.  That cycle starts with 1) the exact position of the Sun in the Zodiac.  This is a marker point in both the annual cycle, and that Sun position relative to all the other solar system elements such as the planets in their orbits, the Moon relative to the Sun, the other bodies that make up our solar system.  Cycle point 2) is the transiting Moon’s return to the natal Sun’s position.  This Return marks one’s specific reactions to changes that affect one’s (Sun) adult-developed life-style, character and intentions.  This Return also places the Sun and Moon in a particular chart house-sector that summarizes or focuses the current changes within a specific ‘house’ or life-expressional area.  Because the Return of the transiting Moon to the natal Sun can occur at any time of a given day, the rotational position of the Earth determines the natal Sun’s and transiting Moon’s house position(s).  The cycle point at 3) is the Advanced chart which keys in on the Return charts ‘calculated time of the day’ and then diurnally follows this timing forward day-by-day.  This act like a tuning feature, showing us the interaction of the cycle’s angles (angles of the chart) with natal and transiting planets.

But, this above described cycle cannot be a birth chart as it does not reflect the actual time of the event.  It reflects the cycle for that day’s period.  How do we arrive at a chart that could reflect a birth?  The answer to this question takes us to step 4) in the cycle!  The entry of the successor-Carol occurred about 7:20 AM of this date, Nov. 1, 1958.  The Return and Advanced chart’s times are for 5:54 PM. 

The ‘Double-Diurnal’ chart.

Using the Advanced chart’s date and time, we treat the chart as a clock (which it is) and then rotate it backwards from 5:54 pm to 7:20 am.  Note in the first chart, set for 5:54 PM, that there is an indication of the center ‘hour hand’ moving backward along the dotted line.   Now, most of the chart will remain the same in that the planets maintain their positions relative to one another.  The Moon’s position will shift back to an earlier position, the Moon advancing about one degree every two hours or so.  The movement of the other planets will be quite small and can be ignored.  We end up with the following timed chart for the birth of the successor Carol entity.


Advancing a chart forward from a Return chart is done using a ‘diurnal’ factor that relates to the Sun’s daily rate of advance for a given day or given number of days to the adjustment made to the Return chart.  Retarding or advancing an Advanced chart to a specific time of the day, for the same date, is a process I term a “Double Diurnal” chart.  An examination of this chart will show that it is much the same except that it is rotated almost opposite the Advanced chart, and the t/Moon is at its earlier position at 2 Cancer.  The transiting Part of Fortune also changes to a point almost opposite its earlier position, now located at 22 Cancer.  Let us examine the differences in this chart to see how it relates to the ‘new’ Carol’s sudden ‘life-assumption’ or birth into an adult body.

  1. t/Mercury-Asc. opp. t/Mars/Desc. square n/Moon (the ‘old’ Carol’s Moon):
  2. t/Pluto-MC square n/Chiron-7th (the ‘old’ Carol’s Chiron).  Further, t/Chiron conjoins the ‘old’ Carols n/Venus-n/Mercury (which was true in the Advanced chart but which is now emphasized in this chart.
  3. t/PoF-n/Ceres-n/Pluto (the ‘old’ Carol’s Ceres and Pluto).  Note that t/Ceres conjoins the pair n/PoF-n/Mars which is now emphasized due to the two Pluto combinations.

Factor 1) might be interpreted several ways.  “One travels into a body/person (Mercury-Asc.) and has to fight or struggle with another (Mars-Desc.) to prevail.”  Or, “one has to mentally align oneself to the mental and neurological workings of a body (Mercury-Asc.) while making an effort to ‘fit in’ with the ‘other.’ 

Factor 2) is quite complex.  First we have a transformation of goals and intentions.  The ‘new’ Carol was infused with a mission, support and understanding while in the spiritual dimension. (This is the Pluto-MC combination).  This had to worked out in terms of relating to the ‘old’ Carol (the 7th house, Desc.).  Combine this with t/Chiron (the present construction of adjustments and changes needed) to adapt to the “joys of the old Carol’s life (n/Mercury-n/Venus) — her children.

Factor 3) is perhaps the most persuasive pattern in this chart.  Ceres symbolizes both the ‘Great Mother’ and parent-child relations.  Ceres comes into play at ‘milestone’ moments in one’s life.  Here, Ceres ties in with both natal and transiting Pluto, the symbol of transformations, death and irrevocable change.  Although Ceres is an ‘asteroid,’ don’t shrug Ceres off.  Ceres is the biggest asteroid of them all and is actually bigger that Pluto. Ceres and Pluto have been called “dwarf planets.”  

This is a most remarkable chart and clearly reflects the ‘walk-in’ of a soul into a departing adult mother’s body at childbirth.  Child-birth, when you stop to consider it, is a most significant time to change body and soul.  Everything starts anew. 

We will pick up these details in one or more ‘Discussion Blogs.’  Dave



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The “Double Diurnal” chart

Possible Carol photo-4

This may be a photo of Carol Parrish when she was younger, although perhaps older than when she gave birth to her sixth child and died while another ‘Carol’ entered as a ‘walk-in soul.’  There are few photos on the Internet of Carol other than those recent ones where she has been active in her church and counseling work.

In this blog post we are still dealing with this very unusual situation where a worn out, dispirited Carol returned to the spirit world and another soul who was better prepared to complete her life mission entered her body — and picked up her life at that moment.  This phenomena is called by Ruth Montgomery a “walk in.”   With a profound sense of mission, with preparation, and support — plus an awareness or recall of what she was given and encouraged to undertake — this Carol entered a body, picked up on a shattered life, acclimated herself, and proceeded to fulfill a mission.

To achieve a better astrological understanding of this remarkable event, we will be looking (again) at the Advanced chart for Nov. 1st, 1958.  This chart is both a “death” chart for young Carol and a “birth chart” for the new Carol.  Since this is a cyclic chart for this date, the calculated time-date for the cycle does not happen to be the same time as the actual “walk in” experience where the new Carol entered the body.  Note the chart calculation time of 5:54:50 PM for Nov. 1st, 1958.

The actual ‘walk in’ occurred near 7:20 AM, some 11-plus hours earlier.  To view this ‘actual time’ chart from within the cyclic flow of time, we must move the time earlier in the day to the early morning hour.  First, the 5:54 PM chart:


Within the center of this chart I have placed some clock-hands positioned to represent the time, 5:54 PM.  Note that the transiting Sun (circle with a dot) is in the inner ring/wheel in a late afternoon position.  This chart is the calculated time of the chart as it relates to the Return chart.  The actual “death” and countering “walk in” of a replacement soul occurred around 7:20 AM.  Like a clock, we can back up this chart — as is suggested by turning the hour had back from its almost 6 PM position, as is indicated by the dotted line.

As we keep backing up the hour hand, pretend that we are also backing up the Earth itself.  The round clock and the movement of the hour hand was all inspired by the Sun moving across the Earth’s sky.  Since we want to see this particular t/Moon-to-n/Sun cycle earlier in the day, we grab the hour hand and drag it backwards towards noon and then down to the 7th hour of the morning.  This is shown in the chart below.


Now, here we are.  We have backed up the chart until it reflects time at 7:20 AM.  Note that the chart is almost reversed, having backed up almost a full 12 hours.  Note also that the Moon is now some six degrees earlier in the zodiac at 2 Cancer.

Let us review what we have done.  We had a Moon-to-Sun Return chart wherein the transiting Moon exactly coincided with the natal Sun’s position.  We then ‘diurnally’ advanced the Return chart on a day-by-day basis, advancing the chart at the same rate of daily motions as the Sun has each day.  Having arrived at our ‘event’ date of Nov. 1, 1958, we will now retard or back up the calculated chart time so that it matches the ‘walk-in’ time of 7:20 AM.

In the next posting, we will start to examine the first chart as both a ‘death’ chart and as a ‘birth’ chart for the new Carol who replaced to old Carol.  If there are any questions do not hesitate to comment.   Dave.

PS if anyone has a source for actual photos of the young Carol(s), I would appreciate having them to use on this blog site.  There is a scarcity of them on the Internet.














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What Title Fits This Astounding Story ?

birth mothers-J

As she approached the point of having her sixth child, Carol was having a tough time trying to be a mother to the five children she already had.  Her husband had earlier left her to be with her best friend — he and her had moved out of their respective houses to be together, had later felt guilty and reconsidered their actions, and had moved back to try and patch things up.  This wasn’t going well.  How does a harried mother of five, expecting a sixth child, find the means to understand, settle, and start to accept the man who devastated her life?

On top of the infidelity issues and child raising issues, Carol had been bombarded by her husband to more diligently follow her church’s guidelines in dealing with all of their family issues.  He was the breadwinner, she was the mother and housewife.  She had to do a better job at everything she was responsible for.  On top of that she, Carol, had her own views on what was expected of her by her mother, her family, her place in the school community, how her kids reflected her values.  It was all just too much for her.

All of this was behind her approach to childbirth.  The Advanced chart for this date is shown below.


Again, this chart will be examined step by step so that those with less Astrological skills can follow the discussion.

  • t/Mars (transiting meaning the current sky-position of Mars on that date) is on te Ascendant angle (the Ascendant is the left-hand horizontal line/point in the chart where we see the eastern horizon).  This position for Mars indicates the expenditure of a great deal of energy.  Carol was conditioned to some degree by her natal Mars in the 7th house of relationships to ‘work for others’ and bring value/effort to maintaining those relationships.  With the natal Part of Fortune (the circle with the X in the middle) joining Mars, she was too ready to make these efforts.
  • Close by t/Mars and the Ascendant is n/Chiron (K with a circle below).  Chiron indicates a present effort and feeling (the nature of this first house segment of the chart) to face the need for making adjustments in her life.  Of interest is the placement of the then current t/Chiron at the MC angle (top of the chart), which indicates that adjustments are indeed needed to affect the goals in her life and firm up her public image relative to those goals.  In effect, we have a ‘doubled up’ Chiron symbolism here; very significant changes will need to be made.
  • Along with this t/Chiron at the MC is n/Mercury and n/Venus.  A great sense of creativeness and mental freedom is suggested.  t/Mercury is found five degrees below the Descendant angle (at the right side of the chart).  This ‘doubles-up’ the Mercury symbolism.  Mercury relates to travel, communication, learning and agreements.  We can apply many variants to these primary meanings such as trading and swapping, manual efforts and skills, etc.
  • t/Uranus is at the IC angle (the bottom of the chart).  This bottom angle and the house-segment that follows it represents the home, changes related to starting or ending something, security.  Uranus (the planet) represents revelations, sudden cognition, surprising happenings, upsets to the status-quo.  With natal Moon nearby (how one reacts to changes around them), we can view this Uranus which opposes the t/Chiron-n/Mercury-n/Venus noted above as presenting Carol with sudden awareness of the possibility of changing her life’s situation.
  • The t/Part of Fortune conjoins n/Sun-n/N.Node.  This is an important set of symbols-meanings to consider.
    • t/PoF to n/Sun;  one’s intent and lifestyle is subject to change.
    • t/PoF to n/North Node of the Moon; Associations with others can be reevaluated at this point.
    • t/PoF opposite n/Ceres, n/Pluto, square n/Uranus;  (Ceres is the question mark symbol and represents mother-hood and parent-child relationships)  Pluto is the cup with a circle in it and a cross below it, and represents death, transformation, rejuvenation, irrevocable change, power).  The motherhood-parenting issue is to be turned upside-down.  With n/Uranus square this oppositional pattern, and t/Uranus at the IC angle, there is room in this interpretation to expect all kinds of surprises.

Finally, we have to note a clump of transiting planets in the 6th house.  The 6th house is the pie-shaped segment to the right side just below the horizontal line.  This segment represents a portion of the zodiac defined by the time it takes for that segment to rise above the Ascendant due to the Earths rotation.  Because of the tilt of the Earth, and the mathematics of spherical geometry, different spans of degree-distance can rise within similar time periods.  This house segment, the 6th, represents work, health and how we adjust to balancing demands made on us by circumstances and other people.  With all of these personal planets, plus Jupiter, Neptune and Ceres grouped there along with the natal Mars, a complex and tremendous intermixing of energies are involved.  Almost too much to evaluate neatly.

While a lengthy number of details could be cited, my impression is that a decision about one’s ideals, how one relates those personal ideals to others, what one needs from motherhood and family, and a sudden opportunity to find personal growth in some other area is all part of this planetary equation.  Any of the readers may wish to take on this rats nest of complexity and arrive at a different conclusion.

Summary for this chart:  There is a great need to establish a better balance in how one (Carol) moves forward in a way that helps her (t/Moon, n/N.Node, n/Sun at the MC).  This a time, a rare time, when an opportunity for personal growth and relief to occur (t/Jupiter, n/Jupiter at the Desc).  The ‘doubled up’ Chiron in angular houses (10th and 1st) indicates a desire to force adjustments of some kind, any kind.  Carol’s intentions and deepest wishes are to experience a sudden and irrevocable change in her life (t/Sun opposite n/Uranus, square n/Pluto, and t/Part of Fortune contacting natal Moon).

Carol got her fervent and long-standing wish.

Comment on the religious and spiritual tone of this reported experience.

Carol was a practicing Catholic.  Her adherence to the many tenants of that faith seems to have been due to her husband’s badgering and manipulation of those beliefs to serve his own needs and to shape his family’s image without him having to do much of the work.

The other Carol, who would take the name of Carol Parrish Harra, was a sould-form who was present in an undefined spiritual place under the guidance of an illuminating presence who brought the former Carol into a caring and supportive place, and gave the latter Carol specific missions, guidance, and support.  She was to enter, as an adult, the adult body of the former Carol and then to reshape that life so as to achieve certain goals. We will learn of those goals later.

With these postings, and the story as given in the book, Messengers of Hope, we are offered views of humanity, reincarnation, a spiritual world, a supreme guiding figure who is not in the image of a human, and other challenging statements.  Readers will have to take these as they are given, for the sake of the story, and make up their own minds as to which portions of this story they wish to accept or consider.  Dave.

We are not done with looking at this birthing and transformative process. That will continue in the next posting.  We need to understand as much about this event as we can if we are to make sense of the whole story as it unfolds.







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Bringing . . .Not Seeking . . . Conscious Awareness


The narrative and information used in this recounting and astrological exploration is based on the book, Messengers of Hope, written by Carol E. Parrish-Harra.

birth mothers-J

In the last blog-post we left Carol Parrish at the point of childbirth.  This was to be the sixth child for this tired, discouraged twenty-three year old mother.  She was very unhappy with her life, her marriage, being a constant mother with no relief to live her life as she wanted it to be. 

At this point she was living in Clearwater, Florida.  It was on Nov. 1, 1958 that she was to give birth.  Her tired body was having difficulty with the birth process.  She was given sodium pentothal.  This was harmless for most women, but not for Carol.  She had an allergic reaction, her lungs collapsed.  Doctors and nurses rushed to deal with this dire situation.  Carol’s consciousness found it self floating above the operating table, looking down and seeing a silver cord connecting her to the body below.  She found this impossible to grasp.  A sudden awareness grips her and then she is rushing upwards into space, far away from the frantic operating room.  She knows she is leaving a life of pain, sadness and impossible tasks, to directly quote the book.  This awareness helps to sweep her off into the heavens.

The entity who has written the book, Carol Parrish Harra, is standing just behind Carol who arrives before a magnificent presence of soft and penetrating light.  With great tenderness, Carol is given to understand that death is of no consequence to the world that she has left behind, all that was to be will still continue.  She passes into the care of this light.  The light now speaks to the entity who will be Carol Parrish-Harra.  Great amounts of information is given to her.  Great support in her mission is also assured.  An intense rush of energy infuses her as she is whirled downward into the sudden darkness and heaviness of a human body.

The voices and hands of the doctors come though to her awakening consciousness.  She opens her eyes and embraces a new life in a physical body.  Her words, “It was wonderful, beautiful.  I am fine.”  No one wants to hear her words.  All of the medical team is focused on here recuperation, the baby, and the procedures that must be taken care of.  This all occurred around 7:10 AM that morning.

Let us stop for a moment and consider these words from the book.  A woman has just died or passed on while giving childbirth.  A woman has just reclaimed a physical body and the life-conditions of another, having just left a place of far greater consciousness and possibilities, a place of great support and love.  The woman who left has gone to a place of great peace and understanding to recoup.  The woman who came has entered into a challenging life.  We do not yet know what those challenges are to be beyond the life situation she has assumed — a family, the raising of many children, a place within a new community.

We will, in this post, only look for now at the transiting Moon to the natal Sun chart prior to Carol’s childbirth event.  For those not familiar with astrology, it is necessary to take this extraordinary story at a slower pace so that all can appreciate it and evaluate it for their own reasons.


This chart finds the daily Moon at the very top of the chart, which is called the MC point.  Here, the Moon conjoins the natal Sun and the Moon’s North Node.  If all of these factors existed in one actual time (instead of being separated by 23 years) this would mark an eclipse of the Sun — a momentous focusing of energy and life force.  In this chart, we interpret this to mean that one’s highest goals, public image and decisions will be the focus over the next few weeks.  One will make changes in one’s life. 

(The natal Sun is in the outer chart wheel, shown as the circle with a dot in the middle. The traniting-daily Moon for this date is the double crescent shown in the inner wheel.  The Moon’s North Node is the upside-down U symbol.  This point marks where the Moon in its tilted orbit crosses the Earth-Sun plane which is called the ecliptic plane. This signifies that one’s emotional view of life is heightened relative to one’s logical views.)

This important Moon-Sun-Node point squares (makes a 90 degree angle) the grouping of transiting Sun, transiting Neptune, transiting Mercury and transiting Jupiter (all shown in the right side of the chart in the inner chart wheel).  This whole grouping can be said to represent one’s intentions (Sun), sensitivity to the social community about them (Neptune), their views and thoughts about their work and tasks there (Mercury), and the opportunities for growth (Jupiter). 

(Neptune is the three-pronged pitchfork symbol.  Mercury is the circle with a crescent above and a cross below, and Jupiter is like a “four”.)   Carol would experience her second return of transiting Jupiter to natal Jupiter in the following year.  Such a ‘return’ event marks one’s growing awareness of what lies ahead in the adult world.  The effects of this long 12 year cycle’s second conclusion would become more conscious as this point in time neared.  From this event we can assume that Carol was thinking along these lines — what would life be like with a sixth child, school work, maintaining a household, dealing with an often-absent husband, pleasing her mother’s expectations, etc.

At this point we can take note of other characteristics in this chart.  At the lower right note the Part of Fortune and Mars (the circle with a cross in it, the circle with the arrow above it).  She has a tendency to jump into life, be impulsive when she can.  Now, note the same Part of Fortune near the bottom of the chart in the inner ring.  It is lined up with the natal Moon.  During this two week period, Carol will be increasingly impulsive.  This statement fits with the Sun-Moon-Node pattern at the top of the chart — she will make incisive decisions that affect the direction her life takes.

One more point of interest.  Note the Mars symbol at the left side of the chart (inside ring, circle with an arrow).  This joins up with the major asteroid Chiron (‘K’ with a circle) and squares (90 degree angle) the transiting Pluto at 3 Virgo (Pluto a crescent with a circle in its ‘bowl’ with a cross below).  This Mars is retrograde, appearing to move backwards from our view point on Earth as it moves along its orbit on the far side of the Sun.  This retrograde motion is due to our greater relative orbital speed being closer to the Sun which makes it appear that Mars is slipping backwards for a few months.  This motion of Mars suggests that this is a poor time to take actions to adjust circumstances (Chiron) in order to make big changes (Pluto). 

So, we have all of this to think about over the next several days before we examine more charts relating to this extraordinary event.   Comments and discussion are invited, particularly since this can be controversial or unbelievable to some, understandable to others, just somehow ‘strange’ to others.  Dave.










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