Gangaji Two: Even A Teacher Can Learn A Lesson.

Gangaji photo 6Background

Gangaji graduated high school went to college, married, had a daughter, divorced an unsuspecting husband on amicable terms.  Pursuing a variety of interests, she later met and lived with another man, Eli, who was a better match for her free form lifestyle.  In time they moved to Millville, a San Francisco area small town with a blended mix of cultures and practices.  They began teaching and sharing.  Yoga led to other ‘new age’ endeavors.  Eli started his own school.  Meditation and enneagrams were offered with dance, breathing and diverse practices.  The schedule was busy, the hours were long.  Evening meals were late and held at area restaurants because both of them were too tired to cook.  Dance, sacred studies, yoga, enneagrams; it was all wrapped up in a fast paced lifestyle that left little time for rest and reflection. Students benefited from this, the two teachers did not.

The book, Just Like You, does not give a date for the physical collapse that hit Gangaji in the early spring of 1998, in Milleville, CA.  As in some previous cases, we will need to do some exploration using t/Moon-n/Sun Returns and Advanced charts.  Several Return charts were cast, and then each chart was advanced to look for the planet patterns that would fit the situation.  The best chart was an April 7, 1988 t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return in the first house.  That chart is shown below.


  • Note t/Mars exact on the MC angle with t/Part of Fortune only a degree away at the charts time of calculation.  t/Mars-PoF represents reckless action.  With the MC, this applies to Gangaji’s work and career.
  • This t/Mars-t/PoF-MC opposes n/Mars-n/Pluto-IC.  We might choose to interpret this n/Mars-versus-t/Mars as working against oneself.  The n/Pluto at the IC angle suggests a world-shattering change.  Sometimes being a little dramatic in the interpretation helps.
  • We need to pay attention to t/PoF-MC and n/PoF-Asc.  Because both ‘Parts’ are on the angles, even though not technically square to each other, they are accorded the status of a ‘paran-square.’  Paran-squares are considered to be very strong because they involve the chart angles.  They are very much event-driven.  Two Part-of-Fortunes at angles up the interpretive theme for ‘chance and change’ to ‘chaos and challenge.’
  • With n/Uranus, t/Venus, n/Saturn, n/PoF and Asc. all involved and close to each other we can expect a full range of expression:  suddenness, surprise, conflicts between excitement and cautious progress, a love of life.  Life is a whirl-wind.

Given that n/Pluto-n/Chiron-IC forms a paran-square to the Ascendant grouping, it no wonder that the intensity of this period affected Gangaji greatly.  t/Pluto squared n/Chiron and n/Pluto, and had moved to its first lifetime square to n/Pluto.  This was changing period of life.  t/Moon, in this Return chart, finds itself opposing (n/Sun) n/Asc. and n/Mercury.  The mind was so active that it couldn’t hear the body’s condition.


Advancing this chart from April 7 to April 11, find these changes have occurred in the past four days. 

  • t/Moon is at the MC and opposes n/Chiron at the IC.  The Moon at the MC angle suggests a “look at me” situation.  Chiron has a reputation of representing past hurts and body-health issues.  In cyclic charts I find the word ‘adjustment’ to also be applicable.  With both health and adjustments being an issue, we might say that Gangaji’s career and status needs to have changes made.
  • The square of n/Venus-opposite-t/Pluto (12th to 6th house) to this vertical axis and patterns noted above creates a “Grand Square” pattern in which the oppositions and squares seem to present too much confliction to handle at one time.  Gangaji and Eli were rushing through life, not very much at ease.  So, it became dis-ease.  It is that simple.  Gangaji collapsed.  Fatigue stopped everything.
  • We can now consider some other patterns.  The n/Uranus-n/Saturn pairing is a natal patterns that encourages Gangaji to place herself in the midst of social change.  Saturn is social stability and conservatism.  Uranus is change, upset and unrest with the status-quo.  Having these two at her Advanced Ascendant points to a receptivity to having her immediate world upset.  
  • Note that at this California location near San Francisco that her relocated Asc. conjoins n/Mercury.  Here, she can be a teacher.  The fact that t/Chiron is passing her Ascendant in this period fits with her teaching skills and ideas to help people make healthy adjustments in their daily life.

And the next task will be to compare the challenges of this chart with the chart(s) for the day she achieved a much higher level of understanding.

Further comments.

Fatigue is a good word for one’s total physical collapse.  Saturn and Pluto are associated with fatigue.  In this Return and Advanced chart there are some interesting relationships that we can look at. 

  1. n/Saturn at 4 Gemini and n/Pluto at 4 Leo; the midpoint is 4 Cancer.  4 Cancer is opposite t/Saturn at 2 Capricorn.
  2. t/Saturn at 2 Capricorn and t/Pluto at 11 Scorpio; the midpoint is about 6 Sag.  This is opposite n/Saturn at 4 Gemini.\] and conjoining t/Venus at 7 Gemini.
  3. n/Saturn at 4 Gemini, t/Saturn at 2 Capricorn; the midpoint is 18 Pisces.  n/Pluto is at 4 Leo, t/Pluto is at 11 Scorpio; the midpoint is 20 Virgo.  The two midpoints are opposite each other within 2 degrees.


The t/N.Node is conjoining the n/Pluto-t/Pluto midpoint.  In cyclic charts the N.Node is often about associations and working with others.  The S.Node is more about acting in a self-reliant manner, sometimes refusing help or involvement.  So, I would observe that the association with others, teaching and sharing, became highly extreme and focused, shutting out the balancing factors in life.  t/Venus near the Ascendant should have been utilized to balance the Saturn and Pluto influence; Saturn being the slow down mechanism and Pluto being the ‘lets do it now’ mechanism.  The N.Node won, Venus was overwhelmed, Gangaji paid the price of being totally fatigued.  Perhaps Venus won out after all.

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Introducing Gangaji

Gangaji photo 1Gangaji, today, is a teacher.  Ask her what she teaches and she will have some trouble explaining it at first.  I might say that she is more of a ‘sharing’ person, an ‘example’ of one who is loving and at peace, and one who tries to help others find those same qualities within themselves.  Listening and watching her brings an immediate sense of genuine humility and caring.  Gangaji is a energy that those around her can feel.  This posting series will introduce you to her and hopefully to other parts of yourself.


Gangaji, born as Merle Roberson on June 11, 1942 in El Paso, Texas is the subject of this exploration.  This information is taken from the Organization of Professional Astrologer’s magazine, The Career Astrologer, September 2015.  Astrologer William Sebrans wrote the story “The Astrology of Spiritual Impact.”  Having met Gangaji, as she was to become known as, he decided to use a time that yielded a 23 Aquarius Ascendant (a birthtime near 10:59 PM) instead of the resulting 3 Cancer that the cited birth time yielded.  I will use the 7:00 AM birth time.


Sun-Mercury in the 12th house suggests a bright and sunny disposition, one who is popular and helpful to acquaintances. Looking at the primary planets only, we find an ‘eastern’ chart highlighting personality.

Jupiter-Ascendant lends a social nature with large expectations. The square to Neptune is ‘idealistic’ and is not likely to work out until well into adulthood.

The Part of Fortune joins with Saturn; planning and care may not always be followed.

Moon is in a closing phase to the Sun suggesting that Ganjaji is always aware of a need to prepare for the near future.  Moon’s only major aspect is a square to Pallas; parental issues will be a problem for her.  Venus square Vesta points to combining work with pleasure.  Another major aspect is an opposition between Neptune and Ceres; she will have a life mission of finding a greater version of her parents, a person or cause that will meet her needs.  This MC-IC is the parental axis.  Neptune in the 4th, ruled by Pisces on the MC cusp where Ceres is posited (parent-child relations) indicates issues in growing past the limitations of her parents.

This will be enough for our understanding of Gangji’s chart.  We can surmise her to be a sunny and outgoing personality, very much engaged in life, and having ideals for finding a greater peace and understanding in later life than her early home life provided for her.

Meeting Gangaji

This may be a most amazing blog series.  Why do I say that?  I have looked ahead at many of Gangaji video clips and talks.  She radiates a simplicity, a light and love, a great confidence in herself and in her message.  In each posting I will embed a link to one of her presentations.  This first suggested link will introduce you to her.  I think you will seen in her just how a 12sth house Sun might express itself.  Consider watching this.   Who is Gangaji?  Note:  this link doesn’t always work.  I would suggest going to, clicking on the blue box for “more” and selecting from the several videos noted there.  Dave

Childhood and Teen years

From her book, “Just Like You,” we learn that her parents moved from New York to Texas before her birth so that she would be born in the ‘South.’  The family then moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi, a former cotton capital of some 20 thousand inhabitants.  Ganjaji notes that her childhood was much like that told in the story To Kill A Mockingbird.  She was a tomboy, went barefoot and just ran wild with the other kids in the neighborhood.  What was different is that her parents were not like the understanding Atticus Finch.  Her mother was sometimes drunk.  She realized that this was not the family she was supposed to have.  She needed to escape.  Sober realizations for an eight year old girl.  Her father’s family did not like her mother.  Her mother just didn’t fit into southern society.  And, she had little interest in Ganjaji, her brother or her sister.  Yet, she had her moments.  She was funny and liked by Ganjaji’s friends.  The difficulty in loving her mother was that she would often be shattered later.  Love was not a reliable thing to count on.  This had to also be the case for her father.  He would be angry at her mother and end up with terrible migraine headaches.  Their love had a price.  The love among the children also had a price; they had to compete for their mother’s love which was only occasionally doled out.

As she grew, these family conditions had an effect upon her stability.  Overly sensitive, she imagined many shortcomings in herself.  She needed to gain weight.  She was often sick.  She was often sent off to a hospital for short periods, an experience that she hated.  She felt ostracized from the family at these times.  Even school became difficult.  Due to missing school so often due to illness, she was enrolled in a Catholic school so that she could “catch up” to her public school grade.  Conflicting ideas and situations.  Even her participation as a Brownie (a junior Girl Scout) in a parade meant that she marched part of the time with her Catholic school Brownie group and then ran ahead to her public school classmates and their Brownie group.

Her unhappy family life continued into her teenage and dating years.  She countered this at-home unhappiness by devoting herself to becoming friendly and popular at school.  She became a cheerleader.  This was a form of escapism.

Relating the natal chart to her early life.

At this point we can revisit the natal chart and see how her early life at home fit with the symbolism.  Jupiter-Ascendant square Neptune, which opposed Ceres on the MC-IC axis points to her attempts to find parental love, to find an idea situation and stability.  Sun in the 12th fits with her outgoing disposition but the Moon in its final phase relative to the Sun fits with her constant adjustments to the changes in her childhood life.

By the time she was in college Jupiter and Saturn met in her seventh house; the ‘business of life’ pairing seemed to coincide with an opening up of the outside world, swamping her parochial southern culture.  The exposure to others from different states and backgrounds was enlightening.  At the age of 23, Gangaji married.  She realized that this marriage was not going to last, that it was a way of escaping the remnants of her shattered family life.

Merle Roberson, later to become known as simply Gangaji, has an inspiring book, Just Like You, and a Internet site at that leads to many fascinating articles. Unfortunately for us astrologers, not much in the way of dates for the major events in her life are provided.  Future posts with astrological charts will focus on one of several crises points in her life and her meeting of her Indian teacher who gave her the name Gangaji and a mission to help others.  We will talk more about this woman with the 12th house Sun and see how her personal light shines upon others.

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Blog 8; A Profile, A Changed Life

AM photo-4In this posting several issues are going to be addressed.

1)  The ‘Goethe’ Conscious Awareness profile relative to Anita Moorjani’s Advanced chart for admission to the hospital in a coma will be shared and commented upon. 

2)  The Advanced ‘Hospital Admission’ chart will be compared to the ‘Diagnosis’ Advanced chart four years earlier.

3)  What happened after her miraculous recovery will be addressed.  

The Green Snake Retold blog site was inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s own experiences and his later-in-life fairy tale, The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.  His fairy tale was a more publically accessible version of his and his close friend’s (Schiller) conception of how man could gain conscious awareness and realize his soul-self’s life purpose.  This would lead to a better world.  These same ideals are as valid today as they were in 1794.  The charts of Goethe’s own experiences formed the basis for my creation of an astrological ‘profile’ by which I intended to explore other such conscious-awareness events of people in our current lifetime. 

I am pleased to say that Anita Moorjani’s NDE experience and her changed life following that event perfectly fits with Goethe’s profile and the profiles of other reviewed earlier on this blog site. Let us look again at her Advanced chart for Feb. 2, 2006 when she was taken to the hospital, in a coma, her body full of tennis-ball sized tumors, her organs failing.


This ‘Hospital Admission’ Advanced chart (above) can be used relative to the tabulated Goethe Profile listing below.

Moorjani Profile-J

Anita’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return had occurred one day earlier on Feb. 1st, 2006, the Sun was in the fifth house.  In spite of her progressed illness and great weakness, she was very upbeat that day.  Overnight her body just collapsed upon itself,  Her condition was unresponsive for the most part the next day.  She was rushed to the hospital and initial examinations indicated a severely hopeless situation.  Her wasted condition was obvious, her organs were shutting down, the doctors expected her to transition at any moment.

While the doctors and family were in acute despair, Anita was conscious within herself, aware of her surroundings and beginning her entry into a profound spiritual experience.  She came out of her coma the following day and her body was already showing signs of a sudden recovery.  In those few hours, represented by the Feb. 2nd, 2006 Advanced chart, Anita gained a new vision of what life should be, a vision that ‘healed’ her body so that she could live and demonstrate that vision of life that she had gained.

The ‘Profile’ tells the astrologers among us a clear story.  For those who are not yet capable astrologers or who have limited knowledge of astrology, I will offer a narrative covering this profile.  The profile merely shows common astrological characteristics of charts cast for people at the moment of crises and the gaining of conscious awareness.

The Sun, normally symbolizing one’s character and intentions in life, also spiritually represents our own spiritual body or soul-self consciousness.  In this Advanced chart, the transiting Sun is in the 4th house (segment at the bottom of the chart) which represents the start of things and the end of things.  Here, Anita’s spiritual self both ended its prior belief structures and adopted new, healthy-aligned structures.  The brain and body immediately responded to reflect these new beliefs.  Second on the list is the Moon; is it angular in the chart?  The chart’s angles represent power infusion areas; planets located in those four segments are able to express their symbolism more strongly.  In Anita’s case her natal Moon is at the uppermost or MC angle of the chart.  Normally the Moon is our sense of emotions, nurturing, how we deal with changes and upsets, the flow of life that we experience.  Spiritually, the Moon connects us to our past, to the ‘conditioning’ that we seem to bring with us into this world or the imprint of early childhood experiences that later shape our life and value system.  Anita’s natal Moon position is placed at the upper angle of this chart.  Although the Moon has long since left that area of the sky, its imprint still carries forward through the passing of time.  Anita’s habits and routine way of reacting to life, to the passing of several friends to Cancer, was up for modification.

Venus, our beautiful morning star and evening star, symbolizes ‘relatedness’, how we can achieve balance, our sense of beauty and harmony.  In this Advanced chart, on this very significant date, the natal position of Venus (at 6 Aries in the chart) is contacted by the t/North Node of the Moon.  This is a mathematical point describing where the orbit of the Moon passes from below the Earth-Sun reference plane to the ‘above’ or upper portion of its orbit about the Earth.  Think of this as representing an emotional-Spring time point.  This is sort of a ‘new start’ for how we relate to our feelings and emotions.

Many of the other specific astrological factors are equally important and interesting.  It is not necessary to review them all here.  However, some may be interested in Pluto.  This very small and very distant planet at the edges of our solar system is linked to processes of transformation, destruction of the old, a rebirth of the new.  Many view this planet with dread.  Yet, its association with transformation events is well documented.  In this Advanced chart t/Pluto closely squares t/Sun — ‘death’ is in conflict with ‘life’ to put this in stark terms.  The transiting Part of Fortune is joined up with t/Pluto, the outcome can go one way or the other.  In her unconscious-but-aware journey, Anita had to make that choice of living or choosing to stay in a comforting supportive and loving place.

Prior Life Crises Related To Her NDE

The 12th criteria in the profile listing is associated with previous life-crises points.  It has been determined that these NDE and similar events that change us are often linked to earlier events in one’s life that have had a profound impact upon us.  Such events for Anita were the friends and others she knew of who were diagnosed with cancer, suffered devastating effects and subsequently passed from this life.  We know that many are able to be cured and live on after facing cancer and being treated for it.  In Anita’s case, the disease won out over their desire to live.  These had a profound impact on her.  Her own diagnoses four years earlier was a shock.  From that time of diagnosis her disease progressed and she reached a point where she was wheel chair bound and very weak.  Her worst fears were realized.  She was living within a crises point.

We can revisit the chart for that date of diagnosis and see how it might link to the chart for the date she entered the hospital in a coma, apparently about to die.


  • The April 26, 2002 Advanced chart finds n/Moon in the 10th house, just as it is in her hospitalization chart where it is conjoining the MC — the cusp of the 10th house. 
  • We can take note of t/Chiron near the IC angle, as it also is in the hospitalization chart. 
  • And, we find in her diagnosis chart the n/PoF is in the first house where it is conjoined by the transiting Moon.  The hospitalization chart has the n/PoF at the Ascendant, the cusp of the first house.

Let us break these observations down into plain language.  Within the context of Anita facing a severe illness and having seen the results of how cancer has affected others she knows or knows of, the placement of the natal Moon position at the top of both these charts (diagnosis and hospitalization charts) indicates her fears and uncertainty, the need for support, and having to face significant changes on an immediate basis.  To say that she was gravely distraught would be an understatement.

Chiron has been found to represent how we deal with past hurts due to the actions of others or of our own doing.  Were we disabled, do we carry a physical scar, are we holding onto the feeling of being mistreated by another in a severe way?  How are we dealing with past or perceived hurts, how are we making adjustments?  In these cyclic charts the word “adjustment” is often appropriate for Chiron’s influence.  If we can make an adjustment then we can move forward.  If we can’t, we continue to deal with the results of not being able to let go or to surmount past challenges.  Anita at this point is faced with making a number of major adjustments all at one time.

The Part of Fortune (PoF) is not a planet.  The PoF represents the relationship of the Moon (changes, fears, routines, nurturing, empathy, feelings) to the Sun (vitality, intent, involvement in life, core character).  The Moon is our adaption to daily change in our environment.  The Sun is our enabler of all-and-each of the planet’s expression in helping to fuel our living experience.  The zodiac or degree distance of the Moon ahead of the Sun is applied to the Ascendant — the left end of the horizontal line across the chart which represents our personal horizon.  The Sun-to-Moon distance is placed relative to the Ascendant and determines where the PoF is.  Here in both the diagnosis chart and the hospitalization chart, the natal PoF (where we expect change to be experienced) is found in the first house.  The first house depicts the actions of today, our reactions, how we see the world around us.  In Anita’s case, she saw the world as full of potential change and upset.  Consider these points:

1)  The diagnosis chart has n/PoF in contact by the t/Moon.  All of her fears and worries come into play on this day as the doctor speaks those frightening words, “You have cancer.”  The fact that the n/PoF and t/Moon are squared by the n/Moon only doubles her reactions.

2)  The hospitalization chart has n/PoF on the Ascendant.  This is an “in your face” position.  She is dealing with the impact of chance and change on a very personal level.  This n/PoF-Asc. pattern is square (challenged) the positions of t/Chiron (hurts) and the opposition pattern of natal Saturn to transiting Saturn (frustration, limitations, the need to learn and apply lessons, to better use one’s resources).  So, both charts have these three commonalities which are combined with other factors that relate to the challenge of the day.  Anita’s diagnosis was a clear crises that was strongly, directly linked to her chart for hospitalization and her Near Death Experience.

What changed for Anita after her miraculous cure?

Her first months were focused on regaining her bodily strength and dealing with the many doctors and tests seeking to find answers as to how she could suddenly be cured of the lymphatic cancer which literally had flooded her body with tumor and fluids and caused her organs to shut down.  How could very many tumors the size of tennis balls shrink in one day and disappear in a week.  How could organs recover so quickly.  Only the many skin lesions took a normal time to heal.   Doctors from all over Asia wanted answers.  Anita was an enigma.  All she wanted to do was to resume a normal family life and to reestablish her friendships of the past before she was so ill. 

She started to write down her thoughts about what had happened, what her spiritual encounter consisted of and how she reacted to it.  She had to better understand what was behind the new insights and feelings she had about her life.  The many doctor visits and tests, the questions of her friends and family all contributed to her thoughts and writing on this matter.  She was invited to speak to organizations about her experience.  She was interviewed and written about.  Famous media people began to hear of her.  Doctor Wayne Dyer contacted her.  In March of 2011, the publisher Hay House contacted her about writing a book to share her experiences. 

Anita’s future life’s course became plainly obvious to her.  She would reach out and help others to understand their real choices about how to experience life, a better life.  Her book, Dying To Be Me, would become widely read around the world.  Her speaking engagements and blog site would help to carry her message.  Since then she has become a significant inspiration to very many.

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Blog 7: Astrology & God, What’s In The Chart? A Summary & Commentary

AM photo-2

Every once in awhile we need to stop and review what we have covered, clarify some things and address the questions that others have.  So, this posting is partly a summary and partly a commentary.  The first question concerns the role of God or the ‘Universal Mind or Spirit’ and where is it found in the chart.  Anita wasn’t a Christian, yet her words resonated with Christians.  She was a Buddhist.  And yet, one can be a Buddhist and also a member of a chosen religious path such as a Hindu sect.  So, I hope everyone can be a little ‘generic’ here in how they deal with Anita’s experiences and my comments.  

So, where is God, your God or anyone’s concept of the Universal Spirit, in the chart? Most religions teach that our personal supreme being is within us, or that we are within him/her.  Astrologers apply the saying “as above, so below” when explaining the whats and hows of astrology.  So, the answer I am going to advance is that ‘God” is found, to the extent that we can chart his/her influence, in the whole chart.  We can find portions of god in the patterns and rhythms of the charts we look at.

Snip 1 double VenusFor example, let us look at this first portion of the Double Diurnal chart for Feb. 3, 2006 when Anita gained consciousness a day and a half after entering the hospital in a coma, filled and swollen with fluids, with tumors throughout her body.  This chart was taken from the Advanced chart for that date, and the chart was then rotated to reflect the calculated time when she actually opened her eyes.  This is still a symbolic chart and is not an actual chart for the date and time. It was noted that transiting Venus (inside circle) was on the Descendant angle (how we relate with others) and natal Venus was on the MC angle (where we set our life goals and intentions).  I had also noted that Venus was a symbol for harmony, balance and relatedness.  In my practice of several decades I have found an angular Venus in the charts of those who have fallen in love and those who have died.  Is this a cruel contradiction?  No.  In both cases, one has experienced peace, bliss, harmony, balance and relatedness with something greater than themselves.  In her short time of unconsciousness she felt that she had learned what the universe was in its most elemental manner, support to be whatever you could imagine and the knowledge that your were part of everything possible, that your being in the universe was a very much treasured event.  Learning and feeling that, what more could we assign to the planet Venus, as a symbol of the universe, to represent love and relatedness?

So, the round circle of the chart represents the universe about us as well as our world and sky about us, and our daily life that lies all about us — our field of view and of feelings.  This is the art of symbolism writ large and small.


This is a portion of the Advanced chart for the day she was taken to the hospital in a coma.  We are going to give consideration to the natal Moon which is located at the MC angle, the very top of the chart.  This is the symbolic self-goal for our life, where we are going, how we might choose to get there.  Since we only had a ‘date’ for Anita Moorjani’s birth and not an actual birth time, we don’t know where in her birth chart her Moon was located — it could have been high in the sky, close to setting on the horizon, or out of sight below the horizon.  We do know approximately where in the zodiac it was; somewhere between 23 Cancer and 5 Leo.  Since this is a cyclic chart, the approximate position Snip 4 Moon-PoF changeof the Moon will be near this chart’s MC angle.   The natal Moon represents our past (past lives, the last instructions we get from the spirit world as we plunge into our reincarnation into our present life), our areas of caution and fears, the nature of how we react to change in our environment, our ability to be nurturing, etc.  The natal Moon at the MC in this chart suggests that Anita is having to face all that she was given for this life and all that she had accumulated in this life.  Was the mix a good one or was it in need of adjustment and change?  We can also note the symbol for the natal Part of Fortune (the circle with the X in it), located at the Ascendant of the chart.  The Ascendant is ‘what we experience here and now.’ The PoF represents chance and change (in a short-hand sort of interpretation).   We have two symbolic indications of change in this chart.  Anita really ran into extreme forms of change — how often does one get called on the cosmic carpet to be reeducated so that their life can taken on a greater value and new life-mission?

Snip 3 Chiron IC

This is the lower quadrant of that same chart.  We have the asteroid Chiron (the K with a circle below) on the IC angle at 4 Aquarius.  Although physically small, Chiron (located between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus) acts as a symbolic bridge between the two and has been found to represent past hurts and illnesses that are carried forward and presented to us to be addressed and resolved.  Anita has quite, without thought about what she was doing, carried forward uncertainty and fears of what others have encountered and taken them into herself.  This has caused her great physical distress.  Her book and blog site and lectures address this much better than I can.  So, this is an issue.  Nearby is the natal Saturn which is in opposition to t/Saturn (seen in the other chart fragment near the n/Moon).  We all face an opposition of t/Saturn to n/Saturn around age 14 or 15, again around age 43 (Anita was aged 44), and around the ages of 72 or so.  It is a time where we have to take stock of who we are, what we have accomplished, how we have used or time and resources to building a life for ourselves.  Saturn is a hard taskmaster.  There are few shortcuts allowed.

This was a ‘cosmic’ testing time for Anita.  We can look at her book as an entertaining peek into a miraculous event, we can see it as an astrological example of great interest and meaning, or we can view this as a glimpse into the cosmic mind and learn some deep lessons directly from Anita’s experience.  I, myself, have found great meaning in her story and have come to appreciate that these astrological charts can be read simply as charts or as spiritually-sensitive guides to how we experience our current and recent life.  I am now personally trying to reoriented my appreciation for each of the chart symbols as spiritual symbols.  This is where astrology leads us, to a greater self awareness — and a need to share that with others who are not fortunate enough to be able to read these charts.  Dave.






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Blog 6: Fine Tuning The Advanced Chart

AM photo-6

The fact that Anita Moorjani actually woke up the day after she was admitted to the hospital in a coma, and subsequently found to be full of tumors and fluids with her body in a highly weakened condition is difficult to believe — except that it happened.  Although she immediately tried to convey what she had experienced while ‘dead’ or ‘dying’, there wasn’t enough time to full capability to speak well at that point.  What little she was able to convey was assumed to just be incoherent babbling which is common with patients after surgery.  We can astrologically delve more into her experiences while she was unconscious and as she recovered consciousness.

The astrological tool that I am going to use now is what I call the ‘double diurnal’ chart.  First, we need to remember that the Return chart reflects the point in time when the t/Moon returned to the position of the n/Sun.  This “natal Sun” is not the tropical zodiac position of the natal Sun.  I use ‘precession correction’ for calculating these charts.  The Sun position is therefore the actual position of the Sun as it was relative to the star-field against which it could be measured.  The tropical zodiac actually regresses or moves backward approximately one degree every 72 years.  At 44 years of age, that actual shift amounts to more than one half of a degree of Sun position.  A chart calculated for that difference would be more than six signs out of house-position, the Moon would be 6 or 7 degrees out of its actual position.  Second, the Return chart is calculated for a specific time of the day.  This “time” is often different than the actual “event time” which, in this case, is about 4:00 PM.  Third, the Advanced chart is diurnally advanced one day to the next for any number of days required.  The Return chart’s “time” is retained for each daily (or diurnal) chart.  Fourth, the “Double-Diurnal” chart merely indicates that I have changed the chart’s time to reflect the actual ‘event time’.   In this case I have subtracted 7 hours, 44 minutes, 22 seconds from the Advanced chart time so that the chart now reflects a re-orientation of the chart wheel for 4:00 PM on April 3, 2006.




The chain of cycles that is the basis for this chart starts with the natal Sun position to the adjusted Sun position.  The transiting Moon picks up on this adjusted Sun position and defines the calculated Return chart time.  The Return chart, based on the adjusted Sun position is diurnally advanced which carries the Moon position of each day forward a precise amount.  This forward Advance cause all the planets to advance to their proper positions for that chart time on each day, and the angles also advance by an amount similar to the transiting Sun’s rate of advance for each day.  By applying a double-diurnal advance, I am further shifting that dates chart and house positions to reflect the ‘event time’ relative to the ‘chart time.’  For those who are astrologically ‘astute’ you will understand that this is not the actual transit time chart for April 3, 2006.  A simple glance at the chart above to note the Sun’s position in the houses will tell you this is not an actual 4:00 PM chart; it is more like an 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM chart.  This is still ‘symbolic’ time.  Enough of the technical stuff.

So, what does this ‘double-diurnal’ chart for 4:00 PM show us?  First, t/Venus-Desc. and n/Venus-MC is significant.  Venus represents a balance in one’s physical life with one’s inner or spiritual life.  Venus, for example is often angular in the charts of people who have fallen in love or who have died — in both cases an extreme sense of balance is achieved, often beyond what is typical of normal every-day life.

t/Part of Fortune opposes n/Sun; one’s sense of self and life direction is challenged.  t/Pluto at 25 Sag. squares n/Sun; her old identity is transformed through its ‘time’ in a hidden world.  (Pluto is the mythical god of the underworld where the dead go). On the other hand, t/Sun has reached an opposition point to n/N.Node.  This N.Node, in Return and Advanced charts, represents who we associate or meet up with.  In this case, Anita’s core character is looking at all who she associates with in a new and fresh way.    t/Saturn opposes n/Saturn from the first to seventh houses; the structure of life and relationships as it was is now challenged by new guidelines.  

All of the above statements correlate with what Anita Moorjani revealed in her comments about her experiences while out of her body in ‘another’ place.  Once she had regained consciousness and had regained her ability to speak (the feeding tube had to be removed) she started to converse and to tell her story in fragments.

She greeted her doctor by name.  He was surprised because she had been comatose when he tended to her.  She noted how she was really conscious of all that was going on around her even though she appeared to be dead or close to death.

She told her husband what he and the doctor had said while they were down the hallway, far from her room.  He found that impossible to believe.

Within two days of regaining consciousness, the doctors tole Anita that her organs had regained their functioning, the swelling had subsided.  All in all, her progress was welcome but very puzzling to the doctors.  As we can see from the chart above, much of the positive effects seem to be related to a completely changed view of just what life was and how it should be lived.  Anita recounted in her book that as soon as she realized the her body reflected her beliefs and that she made herself ill, she was able to re-balance her understanding of life and this resulted in her body being able to now heal itself.  Apparently what she believed that learnt in that other world was working well for her in this world.  It is hard to argue with results.

Again, any of my readers who have been exposed to the books of Jane Roberts and “The Seth Material”, or many other spiritual outlets for knowledge, will recognize that Anita’s words are well known to many others who try to align their lives along these lines — without the benefit of a ‘near-death’ experience in a spiritual setting.  We will follow more of Anita’s story in another blog.

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Blog 5: A Most Amazing Story

AM photo-1On Feb. 2, 2006, Anita did not wake up as she normally did.  She was found with her face and eyes swollen, her breathing ragged, her color very pale. Her husband, Danny, immediately had her taken by ambulance to a large hospital in Hong Kong.  Upon arrival an immediate check was made relative to  her vital signs and overall condition.  The doctor, finishing his exam, told Danny that Anita’s heart was still beating but that she wasn’t in there.  This confused Anita, according to her later recounting of her story — she couldn’t understand what the doctor was talking about.  She was upset because her body couldn’t move, nor could she talk.  In this strange state she seemed to be more aware than if she had been awake.  

So here we have the initial crux of this story;  from the outside of her body she appeared to be dead or close to death, from within her body she was doing fine in many respects.  Anita was taken to the radiology lab for a full body scan, then taken to a room and connected to all kinds of life support systems.  Again, Anita reported later that she was fully aware of what was going on and what was said.  Further, her awareness included sensing the feelings of each of those about her.  At one point her body started convulsing as she seemed to be choking for air.  The doctors then drained fluid from her lungs and she returned to a very quiet state.  She sensed that the medical team felt that all of this effort was useless.

We can again look at Anita’s Advanced chart for Feb. 2, 2006, the day she was taken to the hospital in a near-death state.


In this Feb. 2nd Advanced chart we have t/Saturn-MC opposing n/Saturn-t/Chiron at the IC angle.  A ‘doubled up’ angular Saturn seldom represents good news.  These two Saturns along with t/Chiron at the IC tell a clear story; Anita is very restricted in every way and Chiron adds a long-standing health issue to that ‘restricted’ condition.  With n/Part of Fortune at the Asc., we have a environment where ‘chance and change’ is very much in the picture.  Note that t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) conjoins t/Pluto and squares n/Sun.  Again, an uncomfortable pattern.  Finally we have to take note of n/Moon-MC.  I sense that this particular pattern can not be seen in the usual way — she is not so much about to change her goals as she is about to be accepting of new perspectives.  We can assess this pattern after we read of her perceptions and experiences while being dead and alive at the same time.

Her awareness seemed to expand.  As she felt more free and liberated she could tell what her husband and doctor were saying out in the hall, several yards from her room.  The doctor noted that she was full of tumors, fluids were everywhere in her body and in the brain.  Her organs were shutting down.  As her awareness increased, so did her sensitivity to emotions and feelings.  She seemed to become everything around her, to be part of everyone around her.  She could sense her brother who still hundreds of miles away, riding an airplane in a desperate effort to reach her before she died.

Anita felt an unconditional love around her.   She knew that this wasn’t a normal physical feeling.  She also became aware of the presence of her deceased father.  Her friend, Soni, who had died some time earlier was also nearby.  “Time” felt very different.  She was not using her physical senses.  Her awareness seemed to have unlimited perception.


I have further comments that Anita Moorjani noted in her excellent book, “Dying To Be Me.”  These comments resonate with the writings of Jane Roberts within her many books know collectively as “The Seth Material.”  Seth was an entity who was not incarnate although he said that he had many previous human lives.  He used Jane Roberts as a channel to communicate his knowledge.  Those who have read some or many of the various Seth books will find familiar observations in the following comments.

Anita noted that all ‘time’, past and present, was happening at once.  She was aware of past, present and future situations all at the same time.  My comment: “If you saw several past, present, future situations as if they were stacked upon each other, and could then look down through each life-event as if they were transparent.  You get the impression of being able to see “time’ at various points of expression and experience.”  Anita wrote later that this was difficult to write about beause there is no time-sequence or linear time involved unless one is living here in the physical world.

Anita also noted that our five senses seemed to limit perceptions such that there was only one point in linear time.  “Those who are psychic and can see past and future are often said to have a third eye or an inner sense.  This inner sense is one that apparently lets us bypass linear time limitations.” 

While in this state of awareness she became aware of why she had cancer, what her purpose in life was.  She realized that ‘God’ wasn’t a person so much as a state of being.  And, being inauthentic meant that you were denying others the benefit of knowing you and of you really knowing them.  Relationships are short-changed.

Anita also realized that she was ‘where she was’ without a body, a family, a culture, a physical body — yet, she still existed.  Denying self expression in an honest way defeats your ability to be yourself.  It hurts you!  Physical life lets us be aware of what we focus on.  Period.  If an event sheds more light, more understanding, then greater cognition follows.  Seeking seems to advance us, we never retreat in any way when we learn something or gain an increased ability.  Perspective changes.  If you purposely retreat then you still remember what you saw in the greater light of your previous cognition.  “Once you step forward in some way, it is difficult to go back.  If you deny using what you have gained you will likely feel dissatisfaction with yourself.  To much dissatisfaction might lead to guilt and then disease.  Dis-ease.  



Anita’s father noted that she could stay in this other place or she could return to her body.  Why would she want to back to that sick body?  She became aware that if she stayed longer, if she proceeded further into this place with her father and friend that she wouldn’t be able to go back.  There was an energy barrier before her that she could sense.

My impression, reading Anita’s words, was that she didn’t want to leave where she was, that her hesitation and lack of surety was like a ‘bargaining’ effort.  She was given more awareness.  If she went back to her body, it would heal rapidly.  It was then that she understood that the body was only a reflection of one’s internal state. Her purpose in life would just unfold if she let it, if she was just herself.  She had to go back and live life fearlessly.

Near 4:00 PM her eyes flickered open.  Anita’s sight was blurred.  But Danny, who had been by her side constantly, noticed immediately.  “She’s back,” he shouted.

The Advanced chart for April 3, 2006 is shown below.


This advanced chart reflects one day’s change from the prior day when she was admitted to the hospital.  What could change in one day?  The t/Moon, t/Pof and the t/Sun could separate from or apply to a key aspect.   t/Moon was applying to a conjunction with t/Mars.  On a spiritual level Mars equates to aggressive  expression.  Moon is associated with awareness of past lives, knowing one’s spiritual roots, how one prepared for the current life, how one’s intuition might best function.  We can see these observations in Anita’s own words as noted above. This t/Moon-t/Mars opposes t/Pluto, squares n/Sun; the Pluto opposition denotes her effort to manage how she will react to her spiritual venture versus her physical return and rebirth.  The square to n/Sun shows that she is challenging her former sense of self and that self’s limitations.

t/PoF at 2 Aquarius opposes t/Saturn and n/Moon, and squares n/PoF.  The limitations of Saturn are broken up by the t/PoF opposition and the square to the n/PoF.  These two PoFs in square aspect create a big breakdown as they symbolize the destruction of rules and rationality (Saturn’s bulwark of meaning).  Anita did come to realize that assumed limitations do not fit with living life fearlessly.

t/Sun at 13 Aries seems to have no aspects.  There are no planets in cardinal signs near 13 degrees.  However, if we add 15 degrees to the Sun’s position we get “28” as an answer — now add 30 more degrees and we end up at 28 degrees in a fixed sign.  t/Venus at 27 Aquarius, Uranus at 27 Leo, and the Asc.-Desc. axis are all in either 45 degree (semi-square) or 135 degree (sesquiquadrate) aspect.   So, we have these symbols to assess:  Sun, Venus, Uranus, Asc., Desc.  Uranus is a ‘personal type of wake-up call’, Venus establishes a sense of balance and harmony, Sun defines one’s core openness to cosmic one-ness and spiritual awareness.  The inclusion of the Asc. and Desc. angles applies all of this wonderful stuff to one’s own experience and expression of what one’s core self is.  

There is a lot more to explore in this story.  It is my view that Anita Moorjani’s story is the most astounding and beautifully described Near Death Experience on record.  We will see more of this in the following posts.  Dave.










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Blog 4; Anita Denies & Then Fights Against Her Illness

AM photo-5Anita and her husband took some private time to adjust to the doctors diagnosis of her Cancer which was established in her chest and lymph nodes.  This was a serious condition to face.  They waited to tell their family and friends, and then had to go through all of their painful reactions to the news.  Along with this, Anita’s close friend, Soni, was already dealing with her cancer and obviously losing that battle.  Every day, every week her friend looked worse off.  It became difficult to remain up-beat and positive — the visits to her friend became less frequent.

Meanwhile Anita started on her own coping journey.  There had to be alternatives to the chemotherapy that she so dreaded.  She finally started on a yoga and health program.  The results seemed positive.  She was feeling better and had strength and exuberance for life.  However, reality returned.  Her friend was facing death and she was again feeling the effects of her illness.  With the death of her friend and the news that her brother’s in-law had also passed due to Cancer, her world began to crumble.  Over the next few years she became increasingly despondent, more disabled, took more treatments, was bound to a wheel chair for mobility.  Then came the period when she was more bed-ridden.

On February 1, 2006 Anita awoke and felt quite wonderful, better by far than she had felt in many, many months.  She was wheeled home from the clinic in her wheelchair with her oxygen tank, noticing the blue sky, the birds singing.  She felt that everything was going to be fine.  Let us look at her chart for this day which was a t/Sun-to-n/Moon Return with Sun in the 5th house.

AMMtoS2-01-2006 n/Moon-MC and n/PoF-Asc are the first things I noticed when looking at this chart, as I write this.  If n/Moon is taken to represent her current life’s emotional state, then its placement at the MC angle lends it the most positive outlook possible.  The square to n/PoF-Asc. indicates a temporary nature or frailty to this optimism.  If we turn our attention to t/Moon-n/Sun, we also note that this pattern is square to t/Pluto and semi-square to t/Sun.  The 5th house placement tends to associate with feelings of creativity and risk taking. That is hard to reconcile with having cancer except that a transient feeling of joy is felt due to the trine to n/Moon-MC.  That t/Pluto square points to an ‘inflection point’, a time of change.  If we take note of the t/PoF we find that it is square n/Pluto.  There is too much of Pluto behind the scenes in this chart for one’s comfort level.

The next day, Feb. 2, 2006 Anita did not awaken.  Her eyes and face were swollen, along with her arms and legs.  Her husband, Danny, rushed her to the hospital.  We will now look at this crises-in-the-making chart.


The chart angles have changed very little in the one day that has passed.  What has changed the most is the t/PoF and t/Moon.  t/Sun is now exactly square t/Pluto and t/PoF; health and body-image is severely challenged.   t/Moon appears to have no direct aspects — until we look closer.  t/Moon has made a semi-square to t/Mars; upsets in body rhythms are indicated.  t/Moon has conjoined n/Venus a few hours before this chart’s calculated time; the balance of life functions has been affected.  t/Moon-135 degrees-n/Uranus; another upsetting trigger to the flow of life.  Then, we have another square-and-a-half or 135 degree aspect by the t/Moon to n/Neptune coming up in a few hours after this chart’s calculation time; this is a ‘weakening’ effect on the body’s ability to react to change.

We have to remember the context of Anita’s life at this point in time.  This ‘context’ shapes the interpretive slant to give to the planetary positions and aspects.  Without a ‘context’ for her life situation we could not properly interpret her chart.  This is why doing ‘blind’ reading for friends and family, or for clients, is not a good practice to engage in — this is my opinion, of course.

In the next posting we will start to deal with the most amazing parts of Anita’s story.  The above t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return will be the basis for the Advanced charts that will be used.

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