Moving On

Claire photo-7

It was the four year anniversary of her heart-lung transplant, March 9, 1992.  Claire was thinking of the past and of the future, something she had done each year since her transplant gave her a new, extended life.  She had moved back to Hull, Massachusetts, as this scene at the left suggests with its ocean view.  Those four years had brought her contact with her donor’s family, dreams about that donor that created as strong spiritual bond, and many small changes in her life style and likes for foods and activities.  

On this date Claire had a dream, just as she had experienced on each of the other three anniversary dates.  In this dream she was revving up twenty-two motorcycles that she planned to drive around town.  ‘Twenty two’ seemed to link to her donor, Tim, who would now be twenty two years old had he lived.  In this dream she sensed that she was to ride and enjoy Tim’s passion for fast racing.  Motorcycle riding was something that she didn’t care for in her waking life.  As the dream progressed she became less and less thrilled with motorcycle riding.  She later realized that the dream ritualized letting go of the bond with Tim and of sorting out her very own personality.  Shortly after this dream Claire was welcoming a new man into her life. As she notes in her book, “It was as if Tim had stepped aside, leaving room in my heart for somebody else.”

Let us look at her t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for March 1, 1992.


t/Moon opposes n/Sun in the 5th house, indicating a theme involving creativity, being with friends, balancing the needs of self and others.  A generic theme or statement would not fit for this unique situation (the dream), but it would fit the overall activities for the two week period.  That period included finding a new man to play a loving role in her life, replacing her fixation with her donor.

t/Mercury near the Ascendant suggests talking, communicating, listening.  This position opposes n/Neptune, the symbol for dreams, illusion, feeling blissful.  And, we need to note n/Venus near the IC angle, at 29 Gemini.  Natal Venus at the IC is a well known pattern indicating either death or falling in love.  That is not contradictory, both situation indicate a Venus-quality of achieving harmony and balance in one’s life.  And, we should note n/MC at the Return chart’s MC; this indicates a reaffirmation of one’s life-goals and establishing a public image and reputation.  Let us now look at an ‘Advance’ of this chart to the anniversary date and the dream where she let Tim leave.


t/Mercury remains at the Ascendent degree.  The MC angle has moved forward to make contact with t/N.Node; an association is made that impacts one’s life’s goals. Note that the n/N.Node is in the 7th house of relationships, indicating that Claire’s life goals will rely upon a new association, and that the n/N.Node-7th shows her openness to relating to others.  Claire had no inclination to finding someone to share her life following her transplant.  Now, the time appears to have come.

We can note that t/Neptune (dreams, fairy tales) squares the n/N.Node in the 7th.  Also, the n/Neptune in the 6th is opposed by t/Sun in the 12th.  Private needs are met with dream-come-true.  The transiting Part of Fortune does not need to be angular (in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses) in order to be effective because it represents an alternate outlet of expression for the first house.  Here, t/PoF is in contact with n/Moon; a change affecting her emotions and feelings.  We can blend all of these statements together, easily finding a context within her life.  Yes, these events are not earth-shaking, only significant on a personal level.  Claire finds a release from her frequent contact with the spiritual essence of Tim, and in place of that place in her heart she finds a new man to play a role in her life.  Dave



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Clair Sylvia. It Had To Happen. It Did Happen.

Clair photo-3

Photo of an older Clair Sylvia

Following her heart-lung transplant Sylvia had plenty of time to think about the gift she had received and the donor.  Small shifts in her preferences for certain foods, small ways of acting, and her dreams fed her imagination and curiosity.  Her dreams revealed the name “Tim” to her and something about the accident — Tim flying through the air.  Questions to the hospital staff were rebuffed, yet the nature of their answers confirmed her beliefs.  The state of “Maine” was involved.

Discussions with a friend finally led to taking action.  Knowing that the donor’s loss of life had to have happened within a day or two of her transplant, a search of newspaper archives turned up a story of a young man killed in a motor cycle accident in Maine.  The date was right.  The name of the eighteen year old boy was Tim Lasalle, the “Tim” in her dreams.  (These names are used in the book and are not the real names of the donor or his family)  Clair now had to recognize the likelihood that some portion of Tim’s essential self resided within her, that he was not ‘dead’ in the normal sense of the word.  From that realization many other considerations would arise.

The realization that Tim was young, always lived dangerously, always drove fast, and may have had other issues such as drugs or alcohol involvement were reasons not to pursue investigating further.  If certain ‘good’ things from Tim influenced her could not other things also affect her?  With all of this on her mind, Clair went ahead and wrote a letter to Tim’s family.  A response came along with an invitation to visit.

Because the town where Tim’s family resides is not given, I will cast the charts for Portland, Maine.  The visit occurred on June 2, 1991.

This is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun in the 12th house.  This is very important symbolism.  Moon represents Clair, the woman.  Sun represents Tim, the male.  Tim (Sun) is in the hidden 12th house, representing the identity and interest by Clair in what is unknown of Tim.


  • t/Moon conjoins t/Saturn; a need to know of ‘family’ heritage.
  • n/Saturn-n/Jupiter at the MC represents the ‘business of life’ being Clair’s immediate goal.
  • t/Pluto-IC; fundamental revelations and changes in her life’s foundations.
  • n/Mars-Asc.; assertive action on Clair’s part.  Now note t/Mars-n/Sun-t/Jupiter-n/Pluto all grouped together in the 12th house.  n/Mars-Asc. links t/Mars-t/Jupiter to n/Sun-opp-t/Moon.  It also links through the n/Sun the n/Pluto to t/Pluto-IC.  Secrets unearthed.  And, t/Mars-t/Jupiter links in to n/Jupiter-n/Saturn; the business of life is being discovered and brought to light.
  • Finally, t/Part of Fortune (PoF) squares n/PoF-t/Uranus-t/Neptune.  Two PoF’s in hard aspect indicate chaos, upsets and strong changes.  Note that the n/N.Node opposes t/PoF and t/N.Node is sliding back towards conjoining n/PoF.  This is all about changes in associations with others — in this case the reunion of a family and of two families.

We do have t/Chiron-conjunct-n/Chiron.  I do not know quite how to interpret this in this context.  Any suggestions from my readers would be appreciate.

In the next posting I will talk about that family meeting.  Dave. 

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Clair Sylvia: More Dreams

Clair photo-2The last blog ended with a dream that Clair Sylvia had about a young man.  She ‘knew’ his name was Tim and that was bound to him in some way.  The fact that she had another person’s heart and lungs powering her body was both exciting and disquieting.  Clair was going through all of the feelings and thinking processes that others who have had transplant operation have also gone through.  Over time, Clair joined with some of these groups as well as formed one support group of her own.

Still, the thoughts about who had died so that she could live continued to circulate in her head.  She also had to contend with the actual changes in her body.  The fact that she no longer felt tired or unable to move quickly or bend and stretch was wonderful.  The cravings for beer, hot dogs, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other specific foods were puzzling.  She hadn’t liked these while she was sick, why did she like them now?  The obvious answer to all of the changes she encountered was that she had physically changed.  She was now herself as well as someone else.  Yet, she was she.  The other person was not she, not in control, but still there in so many little ways.

Seeking to connect with her donor’s family was discouraged by the hospital that provided the transplant.  They would not even confirm what she thought or knew to be true.

Then another dream occurred.  In this dream she saw herself as a man who had turned into a woman, driving fast around a series of curves.  Then, leaving the road, sailing across the divide into the oncoming lanes.  Flying, falling like in the movie, Thelma and Louise as the plunged into the Grand Canyon.  Then finding oneself with a whole new family.”  Clair didn’t fully understand the dream until it came to her that she was not the driver.  The dream seemed to portray the donor’s, Tim’s, decision to stay in the land of spirits and not return to his ‘real’ life.

Events such as these dreams continued to play in her mind.  Her whole perspective on the people who were both close to her and those who came and went in her life took on a new perspective.  Now, nobody seemed quite the same as before.  Her own vitality and strength, the new self-confidence brought out by her body’s new strength, her questioning all cam into play as she started to question everything.  Movies such as Field of Dreams and Ghost had strong emotional impact for her.

Finally Clair found a doctor, actually a Jungian analyst who taught seminars on dreams.  Soon she had an appointment.  This man was writing a novel about two people involved in a transplant relationship.  Soon, a study group was formed.  One common realization that came out of this new study group was that each person having had a transplant felt as if they were no longer alone. One person in the group adopted a whole new personality.  The use of profanity crept into his new personality.  Other reported a number of changes in their daily lives.

The sum-total of this period, the shared experiences, and the constant dwelling upon the subject of who her doner was and what was he/she like became a focus of her life.  And, like all things that we focus upon, something had to result from all of that energy.  This is what the next post will be about.  Dave

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Clair Sylvia: Post Operative Period & A Dream

Clair photo-1Following her heart-lung transplant, several days of recuperation in the hospital were required followed by at-home recuperation.  Five days following her operation, Clair became deeply depressed.  This seemed to counter the process of getting on a wait-list, being chosen for a transplant, successfully coming through a long operation, feeling stronger than at any previous time of her life, and appreciating the miracle of life that she had received.  What overwhelmed her were the transitions in her life; no oxygen tanks, not being confined to her bed, feeling physically strong.  She was now riding an exercise bike thanks to someone else’s heart and lungs.


This last statement may be the crux of her problem; a feeling of guilt that she was alive and doing well because someone else had died.  This seems to be a common reaction at some point for many receiving transplants.  Her doctor didn’t believe in psychologists to deal with post-op depression.  Clair had to focus on adapting to a new and healthy life by just living it.   Thankfully some of her friends introduced her to groups who had undergone similar experiences.  Sharing stories helped Clair put things into perspective.

Three and a half weeks later, Clair was released from the hospital, taking up residence at a nearby condominium.  No longer in any health danger, it was time for her to learn to live a normal life.  A farewell party at the hospital launched her into her new life.  The date was likely to be April 3rd or 4th, 1988.  Following is the Return chart for March 27, 1988.


Most notable in this t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return in the 11th house of the future is n/MC at the IC angle; the book gives the following, Choices to make changes, to modify a plan or one’s image, making a new start for the future.  This fits with the placement of the t/Moon-n/Sun in the 11th.  Note also t/Chiron at the MC.  This doubles-up the MC symbolism and indicates a total change in life’s goals and basis of strength.  Along with the t/Chiron at the MC we have note t/Part of Fortune is opposing n/Chiron, another ‘doubling up.’  t/Uranus in the 4th opposes n/Venus in the 10th; an exhilarated sense of balance and harmony in one’s life.   n/Neptune at the Asc. opposite t/N.Node-Desc. is interesting.  Neptune is often associated with a holiday, a marriage, a happy time when at the horizontal axis.  This is a happy chart!

Getting used to living and moving without first thinking about what she was doing was a big step.  She could bend, twist, walk, sit and eat without hesitation.  This took some getting used to.  Then came the first disquieting moment.  She found a liking for certain foods that she never indulged in prior to this point.  Chicken nuggets and beer!  Another factor emerged.  Her personality was changing.  She was becoming more masculine in some ways; more aggressive and assertive, a stronger form of walking and striding.  A new level and type of confidence was experienced.

Let us look at her Advanced chart for leaving the hospital to live on her own.


In the several days since the Return chart, the MC has advanced to contact n/Venus. The IC angle has advanced to contact the opposing t/Uranus.  The ‘happiness’ factor is highlighted.  Note t/Mercury on the Desc., news and travel-movement can be linked to this pattern — the move to her nearby condominium.  These angular placements form the basis for our chart evaluation for this date:  Happiness and moving.  Secondary patterns include t/Sun-opp-n/N.Node (the is advised by another), t/Moon-t/Pluto in the 2nd (a total change in her feelings and routine), and t/PoF square n/Mercury-n/Chiron (change in how one sees her medical condition).  We always look at t/Sun, t/Moon and t/PoF in an Advanced chart even if they are not angular.

Clair soon left the condominium and returned home to the Boston area.  She had a very unusual dream.  I quote, in part, “I’m in an open, outdoor place with grass al around . . . with me is a young man who is tall, thin, and wiry, with sandy-[colored hair.  His name is Tim — I think it’s Tim Leighton, but I’m not sure. . . I start to walk away from him, but I suddenly feel that something remains unfinished between us. . . I return.  Then we kiss, I inhale him into me.  It feels like the deepest breath I’ve ever taken, and I know that Tim will be with me, forever.”  Clair knew that the young man in the dream was the donor.


It is on this theme that future posts will build upon.

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Simplified Astrological Discussion of Claire Sylvia’s Heart-Lung Transplant


Discussion Invitation-J

Clair photo-5




This posting will review the previous post about Claire Sylvia’s heart-lung transplant to deal with a worsening chronic heart condition that had been first diagnosed when she was three years old.  In recent months, after alternating periods of feeling better, then worse, her condition firmly became continuously worse.  It reached the point where she could no longer move about and breath well.

Natal chart

While no birth time has been made available, only the birth date of July 29, 1940, I have rotated a “noon” based chart such that the sign Pisces is rising (the left horizontal line) and Sun (circle with a dot in the middle) and Pluto (the crescent with the circle in the bowl and the cross below) are in the 5th house segment of the chart.  These placements correlate with heart conditions.  That chart is shown here. We will look at simplified portions of this chart in this post — you do not need to puzzle over this full natal chart.

CSnewNatalHullThis also places the Moon (crescent symbol) at the bottom of the chart (the heavy ‘vertical line up and down in the chart) which represents ‘beginnings and endings.    

We will be taking a simplified look at her Advanced chart for the date of her heart-and-lung transplant.  The ‘Return’ charts that I use are calculated for the date and the time that the Moon transits or travels across the natal or birth Sun position.  The natal Sun, for Claire Sylvia, is located at 6 degrees Leo.  Every Moon-Sun Return chart cast for her will have the transiting Moon exactly on this 6 degrees Leo point or directly opposite at 6 degrees Aquarius.

The birth Sun is unique for each of us, but for everyone else it is the primary source of energy and light in our Solar System that makes an annual cycle of 365.25 days, passing through the seasonal points of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  This is a cycle, and at 6 degrees of Leo, Claire was a very specific cyclic individual among many others.

The traveling Moon contacts the actual Sun each month or 29 days and we have a new moon, followed a few weeks later by a full Moon.  By instead using not the actual Sun, but the birth Sun, we are recognizing Clair Sylvia’s unique place (at 6 degrees Leo) in the Solar cycle, and marrying the emotional, empathetic, nurturing, moody, changing Moon to that cyclic point.  This tells us how Claire will experience and respond to the changes in her life (the Moon) that affect her intentions and lifestyle (the Sun) that she has chosen for herself.  This statement is both profound and simple at the same time.


So, let us look at her Advanced chart, derived from an earlier Return chart, for the day of her operation.


This ‘Advanced’ chart is cast for March 9, 1988 in Stamford, CT where her Heart-Lung transplant took place.  We will be looking at ‘fragments’ of this chart instead of trying to grasp the whole chart’s meaning.

The natal/birth chart is seen in the outer ring of this double-wheel chart.  Note that the natal Ascendant is near the ‘two o’clock’ position in the sign of Pisces which is the two opposed crescent joined by a vertical line — shown in the very outside circle.


This chart fragment (#1) shows only the Ascendant portionFragment One of the Advanced chart.  From top-to-bottom we can see the symbols for natal Venus, Ascendant, Chiron, Mercury, Pluto, Sun and (at the bottom) Mars.

We can see the natal Sun (circle with a dot in the middle) in the outer wheel at the very left side of the chart just above the left-hand end of the heavy vertical line.  Let us look more closely at this part of the chart.  The natal Sun is at 6:44 degrees in the sign of Leo (the upright ‘loop’ symbol).  Close above the Sun is Pluto, a symbol of irrevocable change, death, resurrection. Below the Sun is natal Mars (circle with arrow), closer to the Ascendant of the chart at 21 degrees of Leo.  Do you see it?

  • The natal Sun represents our will, health, vitality, intent and decisions.  With Pluto close by we can expect a life of challenges, twists and turns.
  • The Ascendant represents what we experience right now, how we experience it.
  • Natal Mars represents how we assert ourselves, express anger, take action. 

We can blend these together and say that, for her life in general, “Life will entail many twists and turns that cause much difficulty.  Your general character will be shaped by the manner in which you choose to address these changing conditions and challenges.

Fragment Four-JThis portion of the chart shows the bottom end of the heavy vertical line.  This is the “IC”, an abbreviation of Latin words meaning the ‘lowest point.’  This represents, astrologically, the end and the beginning of something.  Note transiting Pluto at 12 degrees Scorpio and transiting Moon at 26 degrees Scorpio.  Both are in this ‘wedge’ area of the chart that is the fourth wedge from the Ascendant of the chart. 

  • Fourth house is where we find our basic resources and stability, our fortitude.
  • Transiting Pluto is where, when activated, life seems to descend upon us with a fury, looking to involve us in a catastrophe.
  • Transiting Moon is where life’s imbalances and upsets show up.  We have to deal with these in order to rebalance our life.

No matter how we choose to blend these above factors, it is clear that a serious life event has come into play for Clair Sylvia.  If we, as astrologers, knew that she was hoping to receive a transplant, we could look ahead — starting months ago — and find this chart for this date, and say today is the day.  Without knowing the context of her life, of her illness and attempts to get on a number of waiting lists, we would only be able to say that this day would be tumultuous for her.  At the top of the chart we find natal Uranus at 25 Taurus, opposite the Moon.  This indicates that on this day changes (Moon) will come quickly (Uranus).

Fragment Three-JTransiting Mercury is shown here at 21 Aquarius which is precisely on the Descendant angle.  The Mercury symbol refers to breathing, the lungs, travel and circulation among other things.  Its position on the Descendant indicates that others will play a role in today’s events.  

Fragment Two-JThe PoF represents “chance and change.”  This PoF (shown as a circle with an “X” inside it) is typically personal in nature, it seldom applies to larger numbers of people who are part of your daily life.  spiritualism and all things socially inspiring but hard-to-pin-down.   This natal Part of Fortune conjoins transiting Venus at the MC angle (7 degrees Taurus).  In Clair’s case, given the context of her operation, this relates mostly to the touch-and-go nature of this complex operation. 




Astrology is a symbolic language just as mathematics are a symbolic language.  While math seems to give us absolute answers (in terms of numbers), astrology gives us possibilities, timing, implications that can best be applied within the context of one’s life.  Math is precise, astrology is not precise except in its timing.  In one sense there are no absolutes in astrology.  In another sense, Astrologers do follow very basic guidelines.  If one does the math carefully, one can be playful with the astrological interpretation.  As can be seen, knowing the context of Clair Sylvia’s life (a chronic heart condition needing a near term solution) helps us to interpret the chart.  Without knowing that context, our interpretation would be quite different in many ways.

Questions and comments are welcome, indeed, encouraged.  Don’t be shy.  Dave

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Part Two: Life Changes Due To A Heart & Lung Transplant

Clair photo-4

Clair Sylvia’s childhood consisted of several twists and turns. She had been warned about engaging in strenuous activity due to her heart condition, diagnosed when she was only three years old.  Later, still a child, she did engage in dance but had to give it up.  Then, in high school, she was able to again participate in ballet and dance.  Once again the time came when a complete halt to such activity had to occur.  A more quiet life ensued.  Much of that life we will skip over for now and jump ahead to middle age, age 47 actually.   At this point she was really suffering, having great trouble breathing and being active on a day-by-day basis.  Consultations with doctors led her to working with the staff at a Stamford, CT hospital.  Prior to this date she had read in the Sunday Boston Globe (probably May 19, 1985) about a woman who was the first female to have a heart-lung transplant.  This was very encouraging for her.  Yet, at the same time it was very disturbing.  Let me elaborate.

Sylvia’s cardiologist had found that the right side of her heart was enlarged.  He felt that this didn’t warrant surgery.  The article in the paper indicated just the opposite.  The situation was dangerous.  She took it on herself to educate herself on these subjects.  Speaking with the lady who was the subject of that Sunday Globe article, Sylvia opened herself up to a great deal of helpful information.  As her symptoms grew worse each passing month, tests and her doctor confirmed her fears.  Her problem was fast become worse.  Sylvia was dying.  A new doctor was needed.

As the months passed, Sylvia became progressively weaker.  One doctor led to another doctor, to another hospital, then, finally to Yale’s new transplant facility in Stamford, CT.  Soon afterwards, after being accepted into their program, Sylvia got a call.  A heart and lungs were suddenly available.  It was time to act.


The chart above is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return, focused on the 12th house which can represent institutions, hospitals, seclusion and recovery.  The Ascending degree is 15:48 Leo, close to her natal Mars.  Mars represents, among other things, surgery, blood.  Transiting Mercury is opposite Mars at the Descendant angle, Mercury represents (medically) the lungs, breathing, circulation.  t/Jupiter (and t/Venus) link up with the natal Part of Fortune at the MC angle; these are three of the most popular happy and lucky factors in the chart — a good omen.  

When we consider t/Moon-n/Sun in the 12th house of confinement, and the square (90 degree aspect) to n/PoF-MC, we have to recognize the nature of “Chance and Change” that the Part of Fortune represents.  Things can go one way or the other. It is the presence of t/Venus, t/Jupiter that makes the difference, a tilt toward a good outcome. 

Whenever we deal with the natal Sun or the transiting Moon, we have to also look at the transiting Sun and the natal Moon.  Here we find t/Sun in the 8th house (this is the segment near the ‘two-o’clock’ position of the chart.  This transiting Sun is square the natal Moon.  This is a difficult and conflicting pattern with a medical implication of one’s heart (the Sun) being challenged by disruptions (the square aspect) in bodily rhythm (Moon) of fluids.  This is inherent in a transplant operation for the heart.  

Let us now advance this chart to the date of the operation, March 9, 1988.


The calculated chart time remains 10h, 11m, 29s AM just as it was in the Return chart.  All we have done on the computer is to change the date.  In the eight days since the Return chart on Feb. 29th, the Sun has moved nine degrees.  Sounds just right.  The MC, the highest point in the chart was at 28 Aries, its is now at 7 Taurus, having advanced 9 degrees in 8 days.   This is also normal.  In those eight days, the following has happened on this day of the operation:

  • The Ascendant (the left point on the horizontal line of the chart) has advanced several degrees beyond natal Mars but is now exactly opposite t/Mercury. 
  • t/Venus and n/Part of Fortune are now close to the MC angle, representing one’s goal in life.  
  • With n/PoF so strong at the MC angle, we have to also look at the transiting PoF.  t/PoF at 29 Aries squares n/Chiron, n/Mercury, n/Pluto.  Chiron signifies adjustments to correct past difficulties.  Mercury relates to breathing, lungs and the ability to move about.  Pluto relates to irrevocable change, upheaval, death and resurrection. 
  • t/Moon in the 4th house opposes n/Uranus in the 10th; suggesting changes in bodily rhythms as one set of organs is replaced with another set of organs.
  • With n/Mars at the Asc., we need to look also at transiting Mars.  t/Mars is opposite n/Asc.  So, we have a ‘doubling up’ of Mars-Ascendant symbolism. This brings power and energy (Mars) to the physical body (Ascendant).

In order to better share this ‘new to many astrologers’ method of using t/Moon-n/Sun Return and Advanced charts, it is my decision to note the aspects and their generic meanings as an educational focus.  I’m hoping that the astrologers who follow this site will fit the patterns into the context of the story-line.

This practice is so very different from what I do when giving a non-astrological client a reading.  There, I skip the “astro-babble” and just talk in the context of the person’s life.  I may point out, on the computer screen, the astrological symbols that are the basis for what I say.  This gives the client comfort in the fact that I am not making things up, and that the patterns behind what I say will indeed change over the next several days and that different times and situations will come to them.

In the coming blogs we will learn that this heart-lung transplant is not the end of Sylvia’s story — it is just the beginning.  Dave








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Current Status


I have received several messages asking that I either leave this blog site up so that others may study the material, or, to continue with postings on this subject of achieving Conscious Awareness and coming to know one’s soul-self and purpose in life.  Since I have much of the material already researched and, in some cases, already written, I will continue for now.

What I would suggest to those who like this site is two things: first to not visit-and-like the announcement page on FaceBook called The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily (this site just announces a new blog, it does not offer any material), and second that visitors to this actual blog site make a comment (simple, extensive or “I just like this”) once in awhile so that I can see the visits and be encouraged to promote the site.

This is a sophisticated subject.  Readers have to work with a ‘new’ charting method, have to be open to the religious or spiritual views of the subject-person, be willing to accept each story as real or possible, and deal with the philosophical and faith issues that arise.  Is there life after death?  Is this merely physical life as an interlude between a series of ever-continuing spiritual-consciousness existence? Is there indeed an astrological pattern associated with these experiences?

For those interested in this overall subject, these are important questions to think about.  You need to invest some demonstrable interest in this site if you want it to continue.  Dave


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