Goethe’s Profile for Conscious Awareness



Goethe looking right

Certain notable astrological factors were taken from Goethe’s Advanced chart calculated for the date of his ‘Conscious Awareness’ event, the date he conceived of his transforming Schiller’s brilliant essay into a fairy tale.  The fairy tale, he reasoned, would make Schiller’s concepts more accessible to the German public.

The reading of Schiller’s essay, followed by the conception of the fairy tale, took Goethe to a realization that he suddenly saw the world and his place within it in an entirely different way.  All the pieces clicked.  All of his self-discoveries, all of his beliefs and his writings made life seem so clear and obvious.  He sensed his soul-self’s life mission, became aware of the vibrating energy of everything around and within him.  He understood all that had been not seen or not understood moments before.

What his chart showed for patterns has been used as an initial profile for comparison to the charts of others having broadly similar experiences.  Their charts seem to have the same profile!  This is statistically impossible for the mathematician to consider.  This is just what an astrologer would expect for similar events — they should have similar factors.

Later study found that this profile remained consistent in the charts of current day subjects who had various ‘conscious awareness’ experiences of their own.  The statisticians would say that finding a dozen or so factors to be consistent for the same number or more subjects has to be impossible.  Astrologers would hope that similar events would reflect similar patterns.

The table below notes twelve factors that seemed significant to me.  I will refer to these twelve factors as Goethe’s Conscious Awareness Astrological Profile.  As other subjects and their own ‘conscious awareness’ charts are studied we may find other factors to add.  For now, let us look at each of these factors and its significance.



The following explanations of the above noted factors, #1 thru #12, are not intended to be interpretations of Goethe’s charts.  The factors are astrological patterns and placements that are found in Goethe’s charts and in the charts of others who have had broadly similar awakenings in their consciousness and spiritual perceptions.

Factor #1: The natal or transiting Sun is angular in the Advanced chart. The conventional Sun represents the integrating force of the chart, lending importance to all planets that it aspects.  The natal Sun is said to represent one’s character, vitality, sense of presence and the adult’s life-style, males and general attitude.  The transiting Sun indicates self-interests, intent, how we project ourselves into the current environment, authorities that come into our life.  An angular placement gives force and involvement to the Sun, necessary if one is to be fully aware and able to be decisive.

A spiritual Sun must be an expanded awareness and presence, able to coordinate the mental conceptions and the physical-emotional feeling forces that are felt and employed at times in one’s life to their fullest extent.  This spiritual Sun is not just the self’s awareness but the self-within-a-greater-whole, the full physical self plus the contact with one’s soul self and possibly greater soul environment which some call heaven, others call the spiritual world.


Factor #2:  The natal or transiting Moon is angular in the Advanced chart.  The Moon has many assigned attributes;  emotional state, environmental changes, our response mechanisms to changes and unbalances, feeling expressed, empathy, nurturing and given support, fears, retreat, women in general, mothers.  The natal Moon takes some or many of these attributes as other planets give their influences to the receptive Moon.  Because of this receptivity it can be difficult to fully understand the Moon’s role in a chart.  The transiting Moon represents the current surprises and the nature of the challenges that are presented.  The Moon’s house and aspects clearly depict the nature of those changes, plus the natal Moon’s condition lends its typical reactions.

A spiritual Moon opens up a sense of past reincarnations or at least their major influences if not the details.  An integrated emotional power can intensify the logical mind’s awareness and ability to better appreciate and utilize its newfound connection to a greater self grounded in expanded memory and perceptions.


Factor #3:  Venus is significant.  Natal and transiting Venus represents harmony, beauty, self-indulgence, one’s assets of a tangible nature, and love or lust.  Natal Venus has these attributes plus the ability to associate information with desires and to reach conclusions. Transiting Venus notes our current desires, how we balance self-interests and the interests of others, and love-patterns.

A spiritual Venus links our physical-conscious self to a greater sense of self, and our spiritual values.  We might see this as a ‘bridge’ between the physical world and one’s greater soul-self providing access to one’s fuller knowledge.  Venus seeks to insert balance into our physical life and it guides adjustments needed to smooth our passage into the spiritual world.  Venus, particularly natal Venus, is often angular in death charts.  A sensitivity to Venus’ values will smooth relationships in the physical world, helping others to find their own path to greater levels of consciousness.


Factor #4:  The vertical and horizontal axis is active.  These factors are critical.  The horizontal axis, the Asc. and Desc. angles, represent our physical, feeling experience. The vertical axis, the MC and IC, represent our logical, decision making and sense of achieving progress.  To become consciously aware of the physical and spiritual, of the feeling and the logical selves planetary placement at/near these angles seems essential.

Spiritual view of the horizontal and vertical axis.  Think of this ‘cross’ as our target for entry into physical life.  Think of it as our reference within life, within any cycle that we want to identify with.  It is touch-point and the launch-point to and from the physical world.  As a symbol of location and time, it has no value within the spiritual world alone other than to provide a special link or bridge to the physical world.  However, when populated or activated by transits, this cross brings in a greater energy which can be directed at will.


Factor #5:  The natal or transiting Part of Fortune.  The natal PoF identifies where we prefer to take chances and how we deal with unexpected change.  The transiting PoF shows us when (by contact) and how/where change can intrude into our life.  Either version can be effective in a Return or Advanced chart, but both of them together or in hard aspect can signify chaos.  “Chance and change” are the common keywords for PoF.

Spiritual function for the PoF.  The other major symbol of sudden change is Uranus.  Compared to Uranus, the PoF can manifest just as fully and suddenly, but the initiating drive behind the PoF might be limited or focused in its scope.  In other words it affects one facet of life.  On the other hand, Uranus can be ‘wider’ in its impact area, affecting more than a single part of one’s life and more than just the subject themselves.  The t/PoF is our day-by-day indicator of where chance and change can show up or be sought.


Factor #6:  The natal or transiting Moon makes a closing square to the natal or transiting Sun.  The tenth-house square signifies accomplishment, full awareness and the making of a milestone moment.  This factor can be a personal achievement or be a role-model for the benefit for others.  Perhaps the confidence or self-recognition of one’s own power is a necessary part of reaching a conscious awareness breakthrough.

Spiritual issues:  It is hard to assign or postulate any spiritual relationship of this Sun-Moon pattern.  It might just be a physical phenomena.  However, a natal opening square (challenge to find one’s place and skills in the world) or a natal closing square (challenge to lead and be a role model) can preoccupy a person such that they can more easily by-pass an breakthrough into conscious awareness.


Factor #7:  The birth or relocated MC or the Return/Advanced charts MC conjoins a natal or transiting planet.  ‘Conscious Awareness’ requires a planet’s presence at the MC.  This is the focus of decision, of awareness of a goal or abstract process.  This is the mind at work, the mind in ‘power’ mode.

Spiritual issues:  On the spiritual side the MC becomes our focus of ‘awareness.’  We see, we learn, we ‘take in’  a knowingness to one degree or another that can be retained and utilized in the physical world.  Any support from Venus will amplify this ability to retain and apply knowingness within the physical world.


Factor #8:  One or more planets are angular.  “Angular” is very strong if the horizontal and vertical axis is closely populated by a planet.  The angular houses, as sectors, holding planets are also strong to a lesser degree.  The astrologer has to assess this ‘strength’ based on the number and selection of planets at the cusps and within the angular houses.  For some charts, some planets will be inherently stronger than if they were in another chart.  The more the number of angular planets the stronger, and more complex, the chart and event will be.

Spiritual considerations.  We can view angular planets as both energizing factors and as ‘timing’ factors.  The planetary patterns act as a ‘train schedule’ that integrates one’s personal experiences with those of other people with whom we share karmic goals and supportive networks.  With a larger number of planets we can expect the involvement of others in our experiences.


Factor #9:  In addition to being just angular, the Part of Fortune needs to also contact (or to aspect) a planet.  A planet shapes the PoF’s expression, gives it a focus  The placement of the PoF at an angle is not an issue in this case — just a planet and the natal or transiting PoF.  Some people will have a natal planet tightly aspecting their natal PoF, providing them a proclivity to taking chances or experience in dealing with frequent changes.

Spirituality:  At this time I see no clear linkage to the spiritual world for this pattern.  Yet the natal Sun and Moon phase, the aspects linking each of the lights to other planets or the angles are reflected in the location of the t/PoF.  I just can not yet define a spiritual explanation.


Factor #10:  Doubled-up Angular Planets.  ‘Doubled-up’ refers to both the natal and the transiting versions of the same ‘planet’ participating in an angular or angular house positioning.  There are three basic levels of strength in this ‘doubled-up’ situation

  1. Both the natal and transiting planet are at angles; this is a very strong.
  2. One of the natal or transiting versions of a planet is angular, the other is in an angular house or is in hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) to the other.
  3. Both natal and transiting versions are in angular houses but not at an angle.  They may have one in an angular house, the other in hard aspect to it.


Doubled-up planets need to be interpretively emphasized.  They become powerful in their expression.

Spiritual:  Doubled-up planets can be seen as ‘enablers’ of achieving conscious awareness.  Two or more pairs of doubled-up planets seem to amplify the value, knowingness and focus of one’s spiritual breakthrough.


Factor #11:  Pluto is involved as an agent of change or transformation in some way.  Pluto, being an outer planet, seems to imply that ‘other’ events or experiences, the flow of society bringing pressures and change, and prior crises points in life will play a role in instigating the opportunity to achieve conscious awareness.

Spirituality.  My sense from my chart studies is that this is best explained as a karmic experience that sets us up for a follow-on opportunity.  That ‘time’ to find an opportunity can be many years later or it may be an overwhelming current event or experience that, in itself, changes us.  Transiting Pluto at an angle can mark the time for a karmic application to manifest.


Factor #12:  Is there a past, recent or current crises that drives this conscious awareness experience?  Almost without exception, some form of crises seems linked to the nature of one’s conscious awareness experience.  In Goethe’s case, he suffered a severe and life threatening illness at age 18.  During the extended recovery he was schooled in spiritual issues by his nurse.  These teaching had a profound effect on his life.

Spiritual:  This has to be a karmic situation, a major life experience of dealing with change and uncertainty such that it leaves an indelible imprint upon us that shapes our life in some manner.  This may become a ‘driving’ component of our life and purpose.  While it is easy to look into past months or years to find such an indelible event, it is harder for many to look into past lives.


Note that not all of the planets or chart factors are noted in this profile.  For instance, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and the North Node are not included in these factors.  It is not that they never are involved — they are.  But, as individual components they are not consistent from one person to another.  What I am looking for here is factors that appear in every chart where actual conscious awareness occurs.


As a speculative effort, the following ‘spiritual’ attributes are considered.


Mercury.  The intellectual or mind focus is governed by Mercury’s zodiac placement relative to the Sun.  Ahead of the Sun, Mercury is curious and discovery-oriented. Behind the Sun Mercury is ‘ordered’ along the Sun’s intent and principles.  In the first case, self-discipline can shape the effectiveness of one’s thinking freedom.  In the latter case, the influence of principles affects the depth and range of thought.  Judgment must be honed as to the value of taking on those influences.


Mars.  The assertiveness of the personality in terms of active engagement in life is part of this symbolism.  This is a fundamental factor in physical life.  Will fight or flight be one’s focus.  Or, at the other end of the scale, will enthusiasm, being present, management be the focus.  It is the old ‘Kung Fu’ situation; one’s capabilities and willingness to act can deter ineffective rage and anger in others.  Or, one’s assumed skills can attract or find opportunities to confer or suffer harm, creating benefits for nobody.


Jupiter.  As part of the ‘social’ group, Jupiter opens up and enlarges contacts, involvement and opportunities for personal expansion and growth.  As always, there are two broad sides to this function.  How we open up ourselves to share in growth, or how se seek advantage for our own sake.  Society works best when maturity and sharing is involved.


Saturn.  Father time has a reputation for rigidness, caution, slowness and discipline.  As a spiritual factor, these implications have long been recognized.  Saturn is our first and most obvious ‘karmic’ influence to contend with.  Saturn applies its attributes such that we have opportunities to learn to work within a social system, and once learned, becomes a guide for patience and achievement.  If one does not learn, the test is reset and the consequences are presented.  Consequences of depression, self-perceived limits, and a blindness to opportunities are common.


Chiron.  Dubbed the Wounded Healer, Chiron in a Return, Advanced or Cyclic chart alerts us to the advantage of making adjustments.  Prior hurts or limitations of any sort cannot always be carried forward in a positive manner.  Adjustments is a key word to being able to deal with old-past-perceived hurts and limitations associated with others.


Uranus.  Our personal place within wider circles may not always fit well, may place us in a perceived rut or on a unproductive path.  Uranus, when triggered by personal planets, can explode our current path and situation, opening  us up to exciting or corrective action that changes us.  Uranus may or may not respond to any particular trigger.


NeptuneThis socially sensitive planet can ply us with promises, hopes, illusions or deceit.  It can show up in daily life in any disguise; a movie or story, a distraction, a promise, a misguided view of another, addiction or medications.


North Node.  It may require a few books to comment on the Moon’s nodes.  They are recognized as gateways for the soul’s coming or going to/from the physical world.  The Nodes point to our proclivity to function in cooperation with others (North Node) or to be more reliant on our own inner skills and resources (South Node).  When active, the nodes do point our attention to the interactions and impact of associations that can be utilized or avoided.