Abridged Version of Carol Parrish’s Story

This is a more recent photo of Carol Parrish-Harra. The portion of her life story that we are most interested in occurred when she was a young mother, about to have her sixth child.  At that time she was deeply depressed and unhappy about her family life, burdens of motherhood, and her unfaithful and mostly absent husband.  How she came from that point to the situation this photo represents is a long and unusual story to say the least.  Look at that smile and the warmth of this woman which comes through her photo.  

Carol’s story is viewed here through several astrological charts.  This shortened story focuses on the amazing events surrounding the birth of that sixth child.  We will then compare her chart for that experience against the “Goethe Conscious Awareness Profile”  

Carol had a transiting Moon to natal Sun Return on Oct. 19, 1958.  She was 23 years old at that time.  She was physically worn out from caring for five young children, keeping house, dealing with a cheating and mostly absent husband, and trying to “keep up appearances” she felt were necessary to fit in with the community and to please her mother.  Depressed, desperate to be rid of her life, Carol wanted relief.  Below is this Return chart.


t/Moon (inner circle is for transiting planets) conjoins n/Sun (outer circle is for natal planets and angles) at the MC of the chart.  The MC is the upper end of the vertical dark line.  The n/North Node of the Moon (the upside down ‘U’ is also there. This pattern will be repeated every month and provides an imprint of trying to look at the world with fresh eyes and seek to be engaged with others.  In order to fully assess this we must also look at the natal Sun’s counterpart, the transiting Sun, the transiting Moon’s counterpart, the natal Moon, and the natal Moon’s North Node counterpart, the transiting North Node.  It isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

  • t/Sun at 26 Libra squares n/Pluto (24 Cancer) and n/Ceres (23 Cancer) in the 3rd house.  Serious life-changing challenges await Carol (Sun-Pluto).  These changes affect parent-child relationships (Sun-Ceres).
  • n/Moon at 22 Leo is conjoined by t/Part of Fortune (circle with an ‘X’ inside).  Carol’s daily routine is likely to be upset during this period — the next two weeks.  This pattern squares n/Jupiter (19 Scorpio) at the Desc. angle (the R.H. side of the horizontal axis of the chart).  Carol’s sense of confidence and well being will be both shaken up and altered for better or worse.
  • t/North Node (at 21 Libra) is close to the t/Sun, just as it is in the natal chart.  An associate of some kind will make an impact on her life.  This t/North Node also squares that Ceres-Pluto pairing which indicates major life changes for her.

These are the major considerations in this chart.  It is enough to confirm, astrologically, her story of being besieged within her home, community, even her own body.  What happened next for Carol is extraordinary.  It is not something that others can wish for themselves and have it “just happen.”  This young mother was in an anguished state.  Let us look at Carol’s Advanced chart for Nov. 1, 1958, the date of her 6th child’s birth.


This chart has a one hour difference in its calculation time because Daylight Savings Time is no longer in effect.  In the almost two weeks since the Return chart, the MC angle has advanced from 01 Aquarius to 14 Aquarius.  Let us look at the major patterns in this chart.

  • t/Mars at the Ascendant (the LH end of the horizontal chart axis).  This is the classic ‘hurt, anger, blood, surgery’ factor.  It fits well with a birthing condition. This Mars squares n/Saturn at 27 Aquarius, indicating problems dealing with conditions at this time.  This t/Mars also opposes t/Mercury, an unusual pattern for a birth chart.  We need to look at this:  Mars is action, surgery, hurt, anger.  Mercury is talk, messages, movement, travel.  Keep this in mind as it will be explained shortly.
  • t/Uranus is at the IC angle, the bottom end of the vertical axis of the chart.  This planet opposes t/Chiron at 17 Aquarius and n/Mercury-n/Venus.  Uranus is the planet of personal upsets, cognition, surprises brought about by oneself.  Chiron is a major asteroid associated with adjustments and dealing with past hurts, burdens.  Mercury-Venus as a pair relate to creativity and visualization.  This will also become clear in a moment.

According to the book’s narrative, and to the charts which also portray the story, young Carol’s prayers and hopes for a way out of her situation were heard.  Another soul was chosen and given the mission to take her physical place and complete her life’s mission.  Young Carol would be received warmly back into a spiritual place and given the love and support she needed.  Yes, a “soul swap” had been arranged.

Because this event where a “soul-swap” was made is so unusual from the earlier people and charts that have been examined, and also so different from those that we will be looking at in coming months, we need to carefully consider just what these charts have shown us.

  • The birth event of Carol’s sixth child, Nov. 1, 1958, was preceded by a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return at the MC angle of the Return chart. This was most auspicious.  This Return chart was diurnally advanced from Oct. 19th to that date of giving birth.  It is this Advanced chart that marks the congruence with the Goethe Conscious Awareness Profile.
  • None of the other event-related charts examined in the full set of postings about Carol’s full life provide the similarities that are defined by ‘Goethe Profile,’ not even the Blessing chart with Bobaji in India several years later.
  • An examination of that Nov. 1, 1958 birth chart for 5:54:50 PM (calculated chart time, not the birth time) showed no angular Sun placement.  This new Carol had already received her mission from the light-spirit and all of the support that she would need — she was already more consciously aware then most others might ever be.   It would seem that the Sun was not needed for this chart.  Young Carol was rescued and brought into the light and care of the spirit world, most likely due to unconscious prior considerations.  It was her assumption of a ‘Conscious Awareness’ at that point in time that this Nov. 1, 1958 Advanced chart reflects.

Let us review what young Carol’s chart shows us.  Both Carol’s natal and transiting Sun’s in this cyclic chart were behind the chart angles (the one o’clock and four o’clock positions).  These represent the thinking and understanding areas of the chart.  Everyone was carrying out a prior-planned routine.  In the Advanced chart the t/Moon closely trines (facilitates) the transiting Sun’s mission.  Acceptance and mission merge.  

The interlocking of t/Venus to n/Chiron, t/Chiron to n/Sun, and t/Sun trine n/Venus indicates decisions and guidance (Sun) in making adjustments to rectify past situations (Chiron) such that a form of harmony and balance (Venus) could be achieved.  This is a very appropriate interlocking pattern for this unique situation.

In this Advanced cyclic chart for Nov. 1, 1958 both the vertical axis and horizontal axis were populated and activated by planets.  This shows an involvement of the physical (feeling) world and mental (thinking-awareness) worlds, a necessary blending if one is to find true conscious awareness.

The other factors were discovered as applicable as I initially started researching more and more charts of those having Near Death Experiences, accidents, inspirations, Out of Body experiences, etc.  For example, the involvement of the natal and transiting Part of Fortune might be overlooked by many astrologers who seldom use it in modern practice.  Yet, it is an important measurement of the Sun-to-Moon relationship and how it might be fully expressed by the Ascendant.  This is especially true if the natal Ascendant has no planets.  The position and connection of the PoF is an important indicator of how we might seek or bring about changes in our life.  “Change” is also associated with Uranus.  The change that Uranus might bring is often associated with cognition and sudden clarity that seems instantly clear to us.  “Change” associated with the Part of Fortune is more likely to be felt and experienced as a change in what we encounter and experience, our life situation is changed or altered.

The effect of “doubled up” planets in a Return or cyclic chart was discovered early in my studies and formulation of workable methods with this charting approach.  Doubled-up planets add great emphasis to an interpretation and can often dominate the interpretation with their strength of expression.  The presence of Pluto, recently demoted from its “full” planet status, is a solid transformation indicator.  I have recently found Chiron to be very present in meaningful Return charts when adjustments are needed to show that one has dealt with past damages, crises and hurts of various kinds.  Chiron is so common in many of these charts that I have ascribed the keyword “adjustment” to Chiron.

And finally, we have to consider the presence of a past crises as a common part of any event or experience when one reaches conscious awareness.  Something is often required in human experience that conditions us to be open to spiritual truth at some key point when that is needed to serve our life’s purpose.   Below is the “Goethe Profile for Conscious Awareness.”

Listing Profile Carol Parrish-J

The only deviation from the Goethe Profile is the first item

These views are what guide us in this exploratory series.  Please take them to heart in your own astrological explorations.  Dave.

Edited to add . . .

The successor-Carol went on to have more children, which was a small part of her life’s mission.  She started taking business courses, adjusted her daily routines as the children grew older, and went to work in the business world.  This was short-lived as she gravitated to spiritual studies.  She became an ordained minister and found her focus in spiritual healing.  A spiritual community was established in the Clearwater, FL area.  She later remarried and went on to establish a retreat-town for spiritual renewal in the west.  She made a trip to the Himalayan foothills in northern India and met the reincarnated saint known as Bobajai.  His ability to telepathically communicate directly into her mind, and his instructions raised her self-confidence and plans to a higher level.  With his blessing, she returned to the U.S. to continue and expand her work.