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Lilly talking to Snake

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily is a fairy tale written in 1794 by Johann Goethe, a German Philosopher, writer, playwright and influential figure who is revered to this day.  This imaginative tale is associated with Goethe’s own journey toward ‘conscious awareness’ and his desire to help others to become better humans and citizens, to find their soul-self’s life purpose.

There are four writings that are suggested for your first reads.

  • The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.  There is a lot of astrological symbolism in this fairy tale.  All of Goethe’s dialog is included in this retelling.  Additional or expanded scenes and words have been added for the purpose of enriching the characters and better presenting the astrological characteristics included.
  • The Role of the Characters.  Each character’s role and nature are summarized. For those not versed in symbolism, this writing may clarify the tale’s details and plot.
  • Conscious Awareness via Inspiration:  Goethe.  The life of Goethe, his birth chart, the charts relating to his Conscious Awareness experience, and charts relating to a prior crises in his life are presented.  Over time, under the Menu “The Stories”, many contemporary charts will be presented and examined wherein the subjects have gained conscious awareness, a spiritual awakening, and a point of great change in their life.  The people’s charts all have similar patterns to Goethe’s relevant charts.
  • The astrological charting method used.  There are a great many charting approaches used in astrological examinations.  The method used for this blog post and project is ideally matched to the nature of these deeply personal and significant experiences.

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This blog site is intended to be an astrological examination of Goethe’s charts reflecting his experiences and pathway to becoming ‘consciously aware’ of his soul-self’s life purpose.  Those charts reveal strong patterns relative to his experience — and those same patterns show up in the charts of current-day persons who have had their own awakenings and ‘conscious awareness.’  

While an extensive body of writings and analysis exists concerning Goethe’s life, work, his fairy tale, and his impact on modern day thought no study seems to have been made on the remarkable astrological symbolism of his fairy tale and his charts reflecting the creation of that work.  Accordingly, the astrological study of Goethe and the Fairy Tale cannot be made in isolation from those scholars and their works who have contributed to our understanding of this remarkable man.  Selected material will be offered to support my astrological work.  It is not my intention to be bound by the definitions and consensus found in those scholarly works — instead, I will focus on purely the astrological features of Goethe’s life and work and let others deal with contradictions to scholarly discussions on theosophy, antroposophy or other ‘spiritual’ schools of thought and practice.