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This posting will review the previous post about Clair Sylvia’s heart-lung transplant to deal with a worsening chronic heart condition that had been first diagnosed when she was three years old.  In recent months, after alternating periods of feeling better, then worse, her condition firmly became continuously worse.  It reached the point where she could no longer move about and breath well.

Natal chart

While no birth time has been made available, only the birth date of July 29, 1940, I have rotated a “noon” based chart such that the sign Pisces is rising (the left horizontal line) and Sun (circle with a dot in the middle) and Pluto (the crescent with the circle in the bowl and the cross below) are in the 5th house segment of the chart.  These placements correlate with heart conditions.  That chart is shown here. We will look at simplified portions of this chart in this post — you do not need to puzzle over this full natal chart.

CSPiscesAscThis also places the Moon (crescent symbol) at the bottom of the chart (the heavy ‘vertical line up and down in the chart) which represents ‘beginnings and endings.  Astrologers also look at Solar Eclipses prior to the birth of an individual.  For Sylvia, such an eclipse occurred on April 7, 1940 at 17:51 Aries, almost three months before her birth on June 19, 1940 in Hull, Massachusetts.  These eclipses are believed to mark a ‘fated’ point that comes into play when later triggered.  

We will be taking a simplified look at her Advanced chart for the date of her heart-and-lung transplant.  The ‘Return’ charts that I use are calculated for the date and the time that the Moon transits or travels across the natal or birth Sun position.  The natal Sun, for Clair Sylvia, is located at 6 degrees Leo.  Every Moon-Sun Return chart cast for her will have the transiting Moon exactly on this 6 degrees Leo point or directly opposite at 6 degrees Aquarius.

The birth Sun is unique for each of us, but for everyone else it is the primary source of energy and light in our Solar System that makes an annual cycle of 365.25 days, passing through the seasonal points of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  This is a cycle, and at 6 degrees of Leo, Clair was a very specific cyclic individual among many others.

The traveling Moon contacts the actual Sun each month or 29 days and we have a new moon, followed a few weeks later by a full Moon.  By instead using not the actual Sun, but the birth Sun, we are recognizing Clair Sylvia’s unique place (at 6 degrees Leo) in the Solar cycle, and marrying the emotional, empathetic, nurturing, moody, changing Moon to that cyclic point.  This tells us how Clair will experience and respond to the changes in her life (the Moon) that affect her intentions and lifestyle (the Sun) that she has chosen for herself.  This statement is both profound and simple at the same time.

The ‘Advanced’ chart for the date of her transplant.

So, let us look at her Advanced chart, derived from an earlier Return chart, for the day of her operation.


This ‘Advanced’ chart is cast for May 29, 1988 in Stamford, CT where her Heart-Lung transplant took place.  We will be looking at ‘fragments’ of this chart instead of trying to grasp the whole chart’s meaning.

The natal/birth chart is seen in the outer ring of this double-wheel chart.  Note that the natal Ascendant is near the ‘two o’clock’ position in the sign of Pisces which is the two opposed crescent joined by a vertical line — shown in the very outside circle.

Fragment Five --- Asc.

This chart fragment (#1) shows only the Ascendant portion of the Advanced chart.  From top-to-bottom we can see the symbols for natal Chiron, Mercury, Pluto, Sun and (at the bottom) Mars.

We can see the natal Sun (circle with a dot in the middle) in the outer wheel at the very left side of the chart just below the left-hand end of the heavy vertical line.  (fragment of the Asc. area).  Let us look more closely at this part of the chart.  The natal Sun is at 6:44 degrees in the sign of Leo (the upright ‘loop’ symbol).  The Ascendant of the chart on this date is one degree above it at 5 degrees Leo.  Natal Pluto is just above the Ascendant at 2 degrees Leo.  Do you see it?

  • The natal Sun represents our will, health, vitality, intent and decisions.
  • The Ascendant represents what we experience right now, how we experience it.
  • Natal Pluto represents how we deal with change and upheaval that seems to just happen.

We can blend these together and say that, for her life in general, “Life will entail many twists and turns that cause much difficulty.  Your general character will be shaped by the manner in which you choose to address these changing conditions and challenges.

Fragment One--fourth houseThis portion of the chart shows the bottom end of the heavy vertical line.  This is the “IC”, an abbreviation of Latin words meaning the ‘lowest point.’  This represents, astrologically, the end and the beginning of something.  Note transiting Pluto at 10 degrees Scorpio and transiting Moon at 14 degrees Scorpio.  Both are in this ‘wedge’ area of the chart that is the fourth wedge from the Ascendant of the chart. 

  • Fourth house is where we find our basic resources and stability, our fortitude.
  • Transiting Pluto is where, when activated, life seems to descend upon us with a fury, looking to involve us in a catastrophe.
  • Transiting Moon is where life’s imbalances and upsets show up.  We have to deal with these in order to rebalance our life.

No matter how we choose to blend these above factors, it is clear that a serious life event has come into play for Clair Sylvia.  If we, as astrologers, knew that she was hoping to receive a transplant, we could look ahead — starting months ago — and find this chart for this date, and say today is the day.  Without knowing the context of her life, of her illness and attempts to get on a number of waiting lists, we would only be able to say that this day would be tumultuous for her.

Fragment Two --- PoFThe Part-of-Fortune (PoF) symbol is a circle with an “X” in the middle.  The PoF is not a planet.  It is a calculated point in the chart that defines the spatial (degrees of arc along the chart circle) relationship between the Sun and Moon.  This number of degrees from Sun-to-Moon is then applied to the Ascendant.  In this chart the distance from the Sun to the Moon is 156 degrees.  When we add this to the Ascendant position at 5 Leo, we arrive at 11 Capricorn.  Those who understand that each sign represents 30 degrees may want to work out this simple math in your head.

The PoF represents “chance and change.”  This PoF is typically personal in nature, it seldom applies to larger numbers of people who are part of your daily life.  What do you think TWO PARTS OF FORTUNE represent when the transiting PoF meets up with the natal PoF?  Chaos, danger, big upsets in one’s life.  Here we see this ‘doubled-up’ symbol located close to transiting Neptune — the symbol that looks like a trident or pitchfork.  The planet Neptune symbolizes dreams, deceit, drama, drugs and medicines, anesthesia, creative arts, the endless sea, spiritualism and all things socially inspiring but hard-to-pin-down.  In Clair’s case, given the context of her operation, this relates mostly to her anesthesia and the drugs that are required to stabilize her body and transplanted organs.

Fragment Three --tSun-nMoon

When we look at the 11 o’clock position in the whole chart we find transiting Sun at 8 Gemini and natal Moon at 6 Gemini.  Gemini is the sign that represents the lungs, chest and arms of the body.  The Sun represents one’s strength, decisions, wisdom, intent, life style.  The Moon takes on the feelings, basic needs, fears, reactive processes, and ability to deal with change. 

This Advanced chart is derived from the transiting Moon reaching the natal/birth Sun position.  Here we have the opposite; the transiting Sun has reached and just passed the natal/birth Moon position.  This is like a mirror, it restates that the actual Return chart is important to consider when evaluating this daily chart.  So, what is so important about the Return chart and the natal chart that we are overlooking?

Fragment Four --- eclipse

Earlier I had noted that a Solar Eclipse had occurred prior to Clair Sylvia’s birth.  Astrologers place great importance on a Solar Eclipse.  An eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon align or oppose each other near the point where the Moon’s nodes appear in a chart.  The nodes are shown as a “U” (upside, or upside down) and are merely the points where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the Earth-Sun orbital plane.  Since the Moon follows a tipped path relative to the Earth-Sun path, these crossing points, the nodes, are the only place where an alignment can occur and a shadow be projected onto the Earth.

A pre-natal Solar Eclipse is believed to mark a ‘fated point’ in the chart.  This point is likely to be activated once or several times in one’s lifetime.  At those points in time we need to carefully watch all things related to the Sun’s symbolism.  Since the Sun represents health, vitality levels, vigor, life style, basic character, etc., this eclipse point would be critical if activated at this point in time.

Fragment Four --- eclipseIn this case, the Advanced charts MC point, the highest point in the chart, is very close to this pre-natal Eclipse point.  Such a point, whenever it is activated in some way, marks a potential “BIG” day in one’s life.  So let’s review what makes this Advanced chart so special on this day.

  • The pre-natal Eclipse point is at the chart’s MC.  One’s life and status is open to change.
  • The natal and transiting Part of Fortune have come together, indicating potential chaos and changes in her life.
  • Natal Sun and Pluto are at her Ascending degree in the Advanced chart.  Wholesale life changes will be experienced on this date.
  • Transiting North Node of the Moon is at the natal chart’s Ascendant.  Remember, the nodal point is where eclipses can occur if the Moon and Sun are also aligned there.  In this case, the presence of the transiting Node is merely a mirror image reminding us of the eclipse point.

Since this daily Advanced chart’s key MC angle, “one’s life goals and status”, has contacted the pre-natal Solar Eclipse point, Clair’s life status is being decided today.

Astrology is a symbolic language just as mathematics are a symbolic language.  While math seems to give us absolute answers (in terms of numbers), astrology gives us possibilities, timing, implications that can best be applied within the context of one’s life.  Math is precise, astrology is not precise except in its timing.  In one sense there is no absolutes in astrology.  In another sense, Astrologers do follow very basic guidelines.  If one does the math carefully, one can be playful with the astrological interpretation.  As can be seen, knowing the context of Clair Sylvia’s life (a chronic heart condition needing a near term solution) helps us to interpret the chart.  Without knowing that context, our interpretation would be quite different in many ways.

Questions and comments are welcome, indeed, encouraged.  Don’t be shy.  Dave


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Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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