A Big Milestone In Carol’s Life

babaji_in_sepiaWho is this man who would make a big contribution to Carol’s life?  Following her ordination as a minister, Carol spent much of her years studying with spiritual teachers, developing her seemingly nature ‘healing’ abilities.  She was unsure of this life path until a daughter pleaded with her to help heal her.  Unsure of herself, Carol worked with her hands and prayers over her daughter’s body.  The next day she was cured.  Carol proceeded with her work with even more enthusiasm after that.

As time passed Carol heard about a very special person in India who was said to be a living saint who radiated the essence of Jesus and Buddha.  He lived almost continuously in one reincarnation after the last, each life coming only a few years after the previous one ended.  He lived near the Himalayas and was deeply revered by every spiritual person in India.  No matter which life he was in, he was referred to as Babaji.

Carol wished to meet this man.  She traveled to India in 1980.  This is where this portion of our story starts.  Carol travelled with several other women, touring parts of India as they made their way north to an area called Haldwani.  This town and area was int the foothills of the Himalayas, a wooded and wild area, but still heavily populated.  They were constantly amazed by the seemingly poor nature of the people, their colorful garments, the crowded conditions, and the open and welcome nature of the population.

The group hired a car to take them on the last portion of their trip.  They learned that this holy man would appear from the jungle and hold meetings for several days at a time to which many people would flock to see and hear him.  They wait at their ‘hotel’ for this Babaji to appear.  One night at 3 AM they are awakened from their sleep; the holy man is to appear very soon.  They  journey by jeep to an ashram (meeting place) a short distance away.  The jeep goes up mountainside, through jungle brush.  A festive atmosphere is evident.  Carol notes that “none of us enjoy the dirt, the discomfort, or the confusion. . . . wrapped in white muslin saris, one step removed from bedsheets, none of feels like a beauty queen.”  People join the procession, seemingly coming out of the woods in droves.

Once they stop, a figure clad in green descends from a truck at the head of the precession.  A man runs to a stream and returns with water for the tall man in green to wash with.  A towel is given to him.  Finished with his cleaning he turns and walks toward the jeep that Carol is in.  The driver falls out the door and prostates himself before this tall man.

I will quote a few of Carol’s own descriptive words.  “To describe the face, the expression, is beyond words.  His eyes examine me.  Hot tears pour down my face as his eyes explore the inner, as well as the outer.  He does not mind staring, with the piercing sccrutiny of the Indian people.  His clear, brown eyes are steeped with love.  I think, I bet Jesus’ eyes were like this, such compassion and complete acceptance.”

The precession then continues back down the mountain to an Ashram prepared for his coming.  People are blessed, they sing and shout.  Carol notes that Babaji’s face is always changing, first appearing young, then old.  Yet there are no lines in his face, no grey in his hair.  He interacts easily with everyone in the crowd.  After a person bows, asks a questions, receives an answer and a blessing, the next person is considered.  Letters and disputes are shared.  All are received and responded to.  After entering the Ashram, Carol sits at the rear wall so that her height does not block the view of others listening to Babaji.  A messenger approaches Carol with instructions; “Babaji wants Swami to talk to you.”  Carol and her friends go to an adjoining room to meet a white-haired man in an orange robe.  He has been asked by Babaji to tell Carol of many things.  Several hours each day their receive instructions and background on Babaji.

On one particular day, sitting in the room where Babaji is, a voice speaks within Carol’s head, “Look at me.”  In surprise, Carol opens her eyes.  Babaji is smiling at her.  She closes her eyes, not sure what to think of this phenomena.  Again, the voice ‘speaks’ in her head, “Look at me.”  I open my eyes.  He tosses me an apple.  Then, “Look at the door.  A woman with a child is going to come through door.”  The walls are solid, there are no windows, no outside view.  A mother carrying an infant soon enters.  Over the next few days, Babaji continues to show this telepathic ability to Carol.

At this point, let us look at the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for the date of October 3, 1980 prior to the special “blessing” that Carol was to receive from Babaji.


This chart is characterized by n/Moon, t/N.Node, t/Venus at the Ascendant opposing n/Venus at the Descendant.  A meeting within an aura of love and harmony comes to mind, given the context of this story.

The position of t/Moon-12th opposite n/Sun-6th offers a generic theme, taken from my book Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, “Being tugged in two directions: personal needs and goals versus helping others.  Anxiety over balancing life’s issues.  Two jobs, helping or mentoring a child, training others, charitable work and fund raising, making plans for one’s future.”  Relative to typical everyday issues, the 6th house can be very difficult to deal with.  Here, a whole new context is at work.  All of the confusion, the balancing, the many considerations arising in Carol’s mind are all about her focus.  The background of this setting is for her to wipe all of that away and just be open.

Note that t/Chiron is near the MC and opposes t/Uranus-t/Mars in the 4th house.  t/Mercury is closest to the IC angle, a few degrees behind in the 3rd house.  Note also that n/Mercury is near the 7th angle, just a few degrees behind that angle and near n/Venus. Clearly, Carol is to think about this situation.  t/Chiron means she has to ‘adjust’ her idea of what her goals and future vision is.  t/Uranus-t/Mars will strongly express cognition and awareness of a new path in life for her.  n/Jupiter in the 4th promises grown and opportunity for her life path to unfold for her. 

The role of t/Chiron as an indicator of adjustments needed in her life is amplified by the presence to t/Part of Fortune near n/Chiron-n/MC.  What clearer statement does one need than this?  Her career path will change.  We can jump from t/PoF to n/PoF which opposes n/Neptune-t/Jupiter; another will facilitate a change (the opposition by n/PoF) in Carol’s spiritual vision (n/Neptune) and opportunities (t/Jupiter).    So, this is a very nice Return chart related to the context of Carol’s situation.

Carol notes in her book the simple teachings of Bobaji.  1) Treat all others as God.  2) Feel empathy for others.  3)  Know that all have God in them.  4)  Serve those about you as you would serve God.  He further noted that we should love God in our own way.

On Carol’s last day, the group arrives at 4 AM.  All chant in the cool night air.  Trays of blessed treats are passed among the crowd.  As the crowd sits and meditates, Carol ‘hears’ that voice again in her head; “Come up here.”  Her eyes pop open in shock.  Babaji is sitting at the front of the room.  Carol closes her eyes and just sits there.  “Come up here.”  She keeps her eyes tightly shut.  A third time, “Come up here.”  She opens here eyes.  Babaji is smiling at her.  She struggles to stand up.  A path is made for her progress.  He takes a garland of flowers from his neck, places then around Carols neck while he speaks in Hindi.  In a gentle voice he says, “I bless you, and I bless those you bless.”  These powerful words sink into Carol’s mind as the crowd cheers.  Carol has the presence of mind to note the time of this blessing so that she can later cast an astrological chart.

I will not present that event chart for that time that Carol noted for this day of blessing.  We will instead explore the Advanced chart for this date, derived from the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return of Oct. 3, 1980.  This date is Oct. 9th, 1980.


Those with sharp eyes will note that the data indicates that the inner chart is a ‘transit’ chart and not diurnally advanced.  I was having a computer software calculation glitch in which the Return chart would not correctly diurnally advance.  This problem is easily resolved the same way I advocate in my book for those without advanced software to cast Return and Advanced charts.  I created a day or transit chart for the day in question (six days after the Return chart) and set it to the same time (1:58:52) as the Return chart.  Presto, we have an Advanced chart.

On this powerful day in Carol’s life we find the following in this chart.

  • t/Chiron-MC.  Adjustments and changes in Carol’s life goals are to occur.
  • t/Mercury is closer to the IC; a message is given and received.
  • n/Jupiter at the IC; a growth opportunity arrives.
  • t/PoF-Asc. and opposing n/Venus; change arrives on a personal level wrapped in love and harmony (n/Venus-Desc.).

Given the narrative that I have taken from Carol’s book, and the chart and interpretation given here, we can see that the chart fits very well with the context of this powerful personal story.  From the brief description given, the impact on Carol personally must have been totally lfie-changing.  Although she continued through life broadly on the same path, she was now infused with both purpose and a direct power-source to her faith.  The examples that later occurred in her life only confirm this.

I strongly urge the readers of this posting to enjoy her book, Messengers of Hope by Carol Parrish Harra.  Dave.


About dadsnook

Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at ninthhouse.wordpress.com A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at dadsnook@charter.net Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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