Carol Parrish: Sequel One, Message

Photo light beingUp until this point we have followed the routines established in the first few subject-postings.  We have 1) provided some background and reviewed the natal chart, 2) we have noted any crises in the subject’s life that may have had a bearing on his/her later achievement of conscious awareness, 3) we cover the event and charts of the dates when the subject did achieve their form of conscious awareness, and 4) we evaluated the charts relative to how they matched up with certain criteria related to Goethe’s charts.

The story of Carol Parrish offers additional opportunities to explore just what conscious awareness may entail.  Carol, as a successor-spirit to the former-spirit of the young Carol Parrish who chose to abandon her life as a mother to six children, presents what I might term a “Continuing Awareness.”  If we study several charts for milestone points in her life, we might uncover more understanding of the awakened spirit consciousness in a human counterpart.

Referring to her book, Messengers of Hope, Chapter Three, Carol remembers her early days when she was beginning her spiritual pursuit while still attending to a family of children moving towards and into adulthood.  This was during 1979, two decades after she “walked in” to young Carol’s life.  The children born to her after that point still had not left home.  Carol was still a mother, still making a living in the business world, but also well along on her spiritual studies. 

At this point in time, she recounts the changes that were sweeping through the New Age world.  Reincarnation was becoming a popular topic in some circles.  Carol had visions of being with a group of people who had both helped her in past lives or who had been helped by her.  A short time after this vision, while as a guest at a friends home, she answered a knock at the front door and met a man she recognized as having been a part of the earlier vision.  They, seemingly strangers, greeted each other warmly.

Carol takes up the study of eastern philosophies.  Within time, she is giving psychic messages and teaching early-studies groups.  The ‘human potential’ movement was growing.  The examples of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi has their great impact on the minds of many.  The expansion of consciousness became popular along with Buddhism.  Meditation was ‘in’ along with Silva Mind Control.  Then, many things became the norm or were abandoned for other interests.

Carol ends Chapter Three with an inner message that she received on June 16, 1979.  I will quote this almost completely, as we will look at her chart associated with this event date and message.  Our purpose is to compare a life event of importance to the subject with the subject’s astrological charts.

Can you see the Christ within yourself and life? This is the challenge, for until you do, the Christ-Within cannot awaken.  If I say, imagine the brightest light-being you can, what occurs within?  Do you see it?  If I say to you, imagine the most beautiful woman and you give time for it to emerge, you will se a creation of great beauty, a lovely woman with the graciousness of love and light about her.  If I say, create the strongest, most handsome man you can image, a picture will come to mind.  Even if you begin with a thought of another living being, if held in the brightest love, it will alter and improve.

From where do these images come?  They rise from the resource of yourconsciousness because they exist within you.  So it is with the hard-to-create Light Being.  The exercise to create the Being of Light forces you to reach to that level of self where that awareness arises.  You call it into action.  When you reach to find the loveliest woman or the exemplar of masculinity, you are sifting through yourself and finding that consciousness, even as once upon a time you pulled your personality into being.

The operative phrase here, for me, is “The exercise to create the Being of Light forces you to reach to that level of self where that awareness arises.  You call it into action.”

Let us now look at the charts behind this informational jewel.


 This is an 8th house Moon-Sun Return.  It’s generic theme is “Managing investments brings conflict if one strays from areas of capability.  Confidence in the face of competition.  Emotions are kept in check  Others may show stre3ss, you have to show assuredness.  Drawing upon one’s own resources.  Team player.”  Carol had her own conscious memory of being with, and being able to reconnect with, the Light-Being.  With all of the many advocates, some with actual knowledge and some riding a popular wave, she received this message and was firm in how she remembered it and shared it.

We find n/Ascendant at the MC angle: She is a spokesperson for a cause or message.  With n/Saturn also at the MC, she will be a dutiful messenger.  With t/Saturn at the IC, this responsibility is shared by her and her in-spirit connections as an important teaching element.

Note t/Sun-Asc. opposite t/Neptune-Desc.  This indicates a strong spiritual attraction to her core self-understanding.  For Carol, Neptune is not confusing or diffused in meaning.  It is an ideal within reach.  Note n/Neptune-t/N.Node in the 4th.  The message will be shared anew with others.

This is enough to give us the key thrust of the chart.  Let us look at a chart for the day she received this message, June 16, 1979.


The t/Sun’s movement is keeping pace with the Advance of the Ascendant in this three day interval.  The t/Moon and t/PoF are visiting the MC and n/Ascendant.  Carol will strongly resonate and react to this message that defines her current role as a speaker for the light-Being.  t/Neptune is more closely aligned with the Descendant angle.

We can look at a lot of non-angular placements in this chart, all of which add supportive interpretations but do not add to the thrust of the angular planet’s meanings.

  • t/Neptune-Desc.
  • t/Sun in the first house.
  • t/PoF-n/Asc.-n/Saturn-MC.
  • t/Saturn-IC.
  • t/N.Node-n/Neptune in 4th.
  • t/Moon in the 10th.
  • n/MC 5 degrees behind the Desc. angle.

         (natal Angles at t/Angles or Advanced Chart angles are always significant)

This is a powerful chart indicating that a strong message is being given.  This is first suggested by the n/Asc. at the MC angle, supported by the n/MC being near the Desc. angle.  Having the two Saturns (natal and transiting) near the vertical axis points to serious stuff being presented.  The t/Part of Fortune at the MC suggests that this message is intended to cause change in the minds of those who receive it.

And, that last sentence is very important.  Read it again.  If one is on a spiritual path, once something is learned it cannot be forgotten but lies there within you waiting to be used.  You can only go forward with knowledge.  You cannot go backward.

The message given to Carol, and shared with you, is that you have a tool for self improvement now in your hands.  You can imagine a better, higher, different situation.  This causes you to advance to fulfill that dream, that image.  Enlarge your view, see more opportunity.  Enrich you sensitivity, and more can be obtained.  This message has been given at other times, in other words.  Yet, its importance is never diminished.  Dave




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Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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One Response to Carol Parrish: Sequel One, Message

  1. dadsnook says:

    Carol’s message involves the benefits of imagination, of visualization, and of creating a future goal beyond what one’s current life path promises. The books by Jane Roberts concerning the Seth Material contain many such references. ‘Seth’ includes the premise that one can visualize a future use of a skill or device or awareness that has been established in the future’s past (the current ‘now’) so that what is needed will be suddenly available. All of this is just the introductory lessons that we can create our own reality. Carol is putting these broad truths into a context of pushing oneself on the path of spirituality by visualizing a greater awareness, a greater involvement, and a greater affinity with the Light Being (your name for this awareness of spirit). Once visualized and kept before your consciousness, this visualization will happen. Once started, there is no going back. Self-disappointment is a great motivator to going forward. Dave


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