Carol Parrish’s Profile for Conscious Awareness


We have a unique opportunity with Carol’s situation; we have the Advanced cyclic chart for Nov. 1, 1958 when she gave birth to her sixth child and then transitioned to the spirit world, or we can consider the Double Diurnal cyclic chart for that date and the actual time the soul-swapping took place with the successor-Carol.  Which chart would better fit the Goethe-Profile for attaining Conscious Awareness?

Compare Four-J

It turns out that the Advanced chart is strongly matched to the Goethe Conscious Awareness profile.  The Double-Diurnal chart for that date portrays something else.  I will post both the Advanced chart and the Profile Check List so that all may follow along.


Listing Profile Carol Parrish-J

Up until now, using Goethe’s Advanced chart for the date he recognized his attainment of Conscious Awareness (Oct. 26, 1794), we have found that Dr. Eban Alexander and Shirley MacLaine both followed the Goethe C.A. Profile.  With Shirley’s chart we found that Chiron seemed to also play a role; a condition that was found present in the other two subjects, and which is now provisionally included in the Goethe C.A. Profile.  There is only one deviation in Carol’s Advanced chart which we will discuss as we go through each profile factor.  Capable astrologers will easily grasp the following explanations.  For early-studies students and those interested in astrology I will post a simplified summary version of this posting later.


1)  n/t Sun is AngularThis is not directly so in Carol’s Advanced chart.  As I read the story (Messengers of Hope), the early-Carol’s anguish and despair was deep and genuine, she truly wished to die.  She apparently had a life-purpose that she felt unable to address or complete.  The book tells us that she was welcomed back to the spiritual world with great love, support and assurance that all would work out as intended.  This was apparently worked out ahead of time without her conscious awareness. 

At the time of her transition Carol was approaching her second Jupiter Return, a time when one finds or recognizes their place in society and the shape of opportunities that might seek.  Carol’s t/Sun was coming up on t/Jupiter, soon to follow with a link-up to n/Jupiter.  Opportunity was knocking.  Then, we have t/PoF conjoining n/Sun, indicating a change in life’s plans.  Both natal and transiting Suns were in cadent houses (behind the angles).  These are “thinking” houses unlike the angular houses which are attributed to “action.”  So, which are ‘aware’, if any?  How do we ‘see’ awareness; through the Sun or through thinking or action houses?  In any case, Carol’s transition does not fit an expected pattern of encounter, cognition, awareness and change.

2) Venus is significant.  n/Venus-MC, t/Venus squares conjoins t/Sun and squares n/Sun. Venus is a symbol for bridging, harmony, peacefulness, love, relating.  Venus is very powerful in this chart.

3) Both the vertical axis and horizontal axis is active.  All four angles are conjoining planets.  Mercury is doubled up (MC and Desc.) as is Chiron (MC and Asc.).  Through the ages, the angles of the chart have always denoted activity, events and personal involvement when activated by planets.

4) n/tPart of Fortune (PoF) is angular, aspected.  With the involvement of the PoF, a crises of some kind, change for better or worse, is expected.  t/PoF-n/Sun-n/N.Node and n/PoF-n/Mars is found in this Advanced chart.

5) n/tMoon in a closing square phase (270 to 315 degrees) from n/tSun.  Here we find the n/Moon having a closing square to the t/Sun, the separation being 283 degrees.  The closing square represents achievement, attainment of one’s goals, a leadership role by an involved and aware person. 

6) n/tMC is significant (a planet in conjunction).  n/Mercury-n/Venus and t/Chiron are conjunct the MC angle.  Joy, surprise, creativeness, harmony of feeling and thought combine with Chiron’s attributes of making adjustments to the past and present difficulties and hurts that have or are being endured.

7) n/tMoon is angular.  n/Moon is in the 4th house, 8 degrees past the IC angle.  Feelings and emotions are what drive human experience.  This Moon’s opposition to n/Mercury and square to t/Mercury indicate the role of thinking and awareness that pair up with feelings to make human experience meaningful.

8) One or more planets are angular.  Some of these attributes may seem redundant for this chart or any particular chart.  Yet, it is important for ALL Advanced charts to meet all or most of these criteria.  In this case there are planets at every angle.

9) n/tPoF is significant.  We are looking for more than an angular PoF, we want the PoF to play a significant role in representing changes within the subject’s life.  The PoF marks a relationship to the chart’s Ascendant that is equal to the Moon-to-Sun relationship as measured in degrees.  It seems to coincide with unexpected courses of action or reactions to seemingly exterior changes in life.  With n/PoF-Mars being conjoined, the presence of t/PoF with n/Sun-n/N.Node indicates that one’s basic attitude, life style, association with others will all be subject to sudden change.

10) Doubled up planets present?  Both n/Mercury-MC and t/Mercury-Desc., and t/Chiron-MC and n/Chiron-Asc. are doubled up.  This puts great emphasis on choice, thinking, arranging and understanding the effects of sharp and crucial adjustments in how one deals with challenges such as those that were overwhelming young Carol.

11) Pluto involved as a transformation agent.  n/Pluto-n/Ceres-opp-t/PoF-n/Sun-n/N.Node points the motherhood and parenting (Ceres) being subject to change (PoF) of one’s life and intentions (Sun) relative to who one associates with (husband and family).  If we look at t/Pluto we find that it squares n/Chiron-Asc.; Past hurts and burdens that have been endured will need to be put aside, left behind.

12) A past life crises related to this event?  While the book does not delve deeply into young Carols early life, we know she married young, had a dominating husband who used her church teachings to manipulate her, and endured her husbands love affair with her best friend, while trying to raise five children and live up to her view of her mother’s expectations for home and family.  It was an impossible task and had everything to do with this crises.

13) Chiron played a strong role in the chart relative to dealing with past burdens.  This was discovered when doing Shirley MacLaines Out of Body Advanced chart, and was found to be important in Goethe’s chart and Alexander’s chart.  Here, n/Chiron-Asc. represents past burdens and t/Chiron-MC represents her solution to those problems — a fortunate escape.



So, with the exception of #1) attribute, young Carol’s Advanced chart for the birth of her sixth child and her transition to the spirit world meets all of the criteria very strongly.  Because of the unique nature of this event it seems that the first factor is critical to understanding the different situation here.  Why were not the natal or transiting Suns angular.  We have to note that n/Sun was exactly trine the Ascendant.  ‘Trines’ are soft, easy to deal with aspects.  We can note that t/Juno (the ‘asterisk’ symbol with a cross below) at 2 Libra is also trine the n/Sun and Asc.  Juno relates to husband-wife interaction, personal freedom, and the end of associations.  Perhaps all of these three elements in combination point to Carol’s spirit and intentions (Sun) being acted upon (the Ascendant) and supported (the trine aspect between the three factors) relative to the hopeless marriage and family situation which had to be ended (Juno).  I’ll end this posting with that thought. 



We have yet to examine the Double Diurnal chart for the transition and assumption of the successor Carol into young Carol’s life, and the Summary for our new-to-astrology readers. After that we will explore what the successor-Carol did with her life, how she adapted to her family, the changes she made, the wide-ranging accomplishments that followed her early years.  An inspiring story in itself.








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