What Is ‘Death?’ — What Is ‘Birth?’

Two Paths-J

This posting utilizes two charts; an Advanced chart from the prior t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return which marks the combined death-departure of one woman and the arrival of another soul who was to continue the life-mission of the first.  I had not heard before what is called a “walk-in” — a situation where one chooses to leave their body and life while another ‘moves in’ to continue that life.  The drawing at the left depicts two women, two paths.  One woman walks forward to a destination, the other is still sitting, contemplating before rising and starting down the other path.  Who is to say who is better off?  Does the lady who is walking represent the departing soul who is returning to a world of spirit or is she the one who is setting off to address the challenge of raising a young family and then finding her way to her overall mission?  Is the lady who is sitting the one who has given up her quest for life and meaning in her family?  Or, is she the one who is taking a moment to gather her thoughts and step into the life of a young mother.  It is all a matter of perspective and attitude.

Following is the Advanced chart for the Nov. 1, 1958 date and birth of young Carol’s sixth child.


Looking selectively at this chart as a ‘death-transition’ chart for the young Carol, I first note and consider these factors, numbered for commentary reference:

  1. t/PoF-n/Sun-n/N.Node in the 9th;
  2. t/Uranus-IC-n/Moon:
  3. t/Sun-t/Jupiter-n/Jupiter in the 6th:
  4. t/Moon-trine-t/Sun:
  5. t/Saturn-n/MC in the 8th:
  6. t/Chiron-MC-n/Mercury-n/Venus
  7. t/Mars-Asc. and n/Mars-n/PoF

Factor #7, Mars at the Ascendant clearly reflects the discomfort and energy expended during child-birth, and also reflects the assault on her life by the many burdens that have totally tired her body and mind.  Carol’s natal Mars, conjoining the natal Part of Fortune normally translates as one who doesn’t hesitate to take on challenges and go to great lengths to succeed.  Being in the natal chart’s 7th house, we can see this as making an effort to please others.

Factor #1, on the other hand, brings the t/PoF into contact with n/Sun-n/N.Node in the 9th house of travel to foreign lands or distant discoveries.  Change comes to Carol’s Sun (developed style of living and intentions) and is facilitated in concert with another or others.  This ‘Sun’ could also be seen as an authority figure or life-guide for Carol.  We have to remember that symbols try to express themselves in as many ways as possible.

Factor #3.  Sticking with the Sun symbol, note that the t/Sun conjoins Carol’s ‘Jupiter Return.’  This 11.5-to-12 year cycle is approaching its second completion point.  Jupiter represents expansion, social opportunities for personal growth, life’s circumstances seeking balance. This placement is in the 6th house.  In this house, the Sun has to face choices about what is asked and what one willingly wants to give.  Adjustments are needed, skills levels need to be worked upon. The stress of daily life’s demands are behind every possible relationship.

When we talk of adjustments we also need to look at Factor #6.  Chiron represents those adjustments we need to face from time-to-time relative to on-going or prior difficulties and ‘hurts’ of various kinds that we carry forward.  These may be physical or bad memories that we can’t let go of.  Chiron conjoins n/Mercury-n/Venus (the creative joy of life), which seems to be something that Carol has always wrestled with.  Her children represent those joys of life as well as the burdens of constant attention to the detriment of personal time to unwind.  At this time, in this cycle as she undergoes giving birth to her sixth child, we find Chiron in the first house of one’s direct experience, one’s attitude towards life and view of her life.

So, it would seem that many factors are unbalanced or in flux in this chart.  The original Return chart of some eleven days ago had found the t/Moon and n/Sun in the 9th house, indicating the openness to searching for different experiences and a new perspective.  One would not take this as an indicator of ‘death.’  So, let us look at this dates’ life-balancing indicators.  Factor #4 points to the transiting Moon making a closing trine aspect to transiting Sun.  This is a phase that asks us to be honest with ourselves and to be a role model for others by our efforts.  This same transiting Moon, relative to the natal Sun, is in a ‘sixth house’ adjustment phase — Carol may not feel up to making any adjustments to suit others or to cope with the current situation. 

We can be comfortable with this view when we also take note of t/Uranus-IC-n/Moon.  Uranus at this angle indicates sudden revelations that affect one’s place in life.  By combining with the natal Moon, we suspect that all of life’s daily routines are headed for a multiple collision. 

The bigger picture.

In one sense this does not seem to be a typical ‘death’ chart.  It is a chart involving change.  The t/Sun contacting the two Jupiter’s points to opportunity and hope, the placement of natal Mercury and Venus near the MC points to a found sense of former joy.  The angular placement of both natal and transiting Chiron suggests that adjustments are to be experienced in both her physical life and her goals and hopes for life. 

On the other hand, is this a ‘birth’ chart for the new Carol, the new soul who would pick up the pieces of the former Carol’s life and put that life back on track to grow and help others?  No!  This chart is a ‘cyclic’ chart, marking a day-point in a cycle.  That cycle starts with 1) the exact position of the Sun in the Zodiac.  This is a marker point in both the annual cycle, and that Sun position relative to all the other solar system elements such as the planets in their orbits, the Moon relative to the Sun, the other bodies that make up our solar system.  Cycle point 2) is the transiting Moon’s return to the natal Sun’s position.  This Return marks one’s specific reactions to changes that affect one’s (Sun) adult-developed life-style, character and intentions.  This Return also places the Sun and Moon in a particular chart house-sector that summarizes or focuses the current changes within a specific ‘house’ or life-expressional area.  Because the Return of the transiting Moon to the natal Sun can occur at any time of a given day, the rotational position of the Earth determines the natal Sun’s and transiting Moon’s house position(s).  The cycle point at 3) is the Advanced chart which keys in on the Return charts ‘calculated time of the day’ and then diurnally follows this timing forward day-by-day.  This act like a tuning feature, showing us the interaction of the cycle’s angles (angles of the chart) with natal and transiting planets.

But, this above described cycle cannot be a birth chart as it does not reflect the actual time of the event.  It reflects the cycle for that day’s period.  How do we arrive at a chart that could reflect a birth?  The answer to this question takes us to step 4) in the cycle!  The entry of the successor-Carol occurred about 7:20 AM of this date, Nov. 1, 1958.  The Return and Advanced chart’s times are for 5:54 PM. 

The ‘Double-Diurnal’ chart.

Using the Advanced chart’s date and time, we treat the chart as a clock (which it is) and then rotate it backwards from 5:54 pm to 7:20 am.  Note in the first chart, set for 5:54 PM, that there is an indication of the center ‘hour hand’ moving backward along the dotted line.   Now, most of the chart will remain the same in that the planets maintain their positions relative to one another.  The Moon’s position will shift back to an earlier position, the Moon advancing about one degree every two hours or so.  The movement of the other planets will be quite small and can be ignored.  We end up with the following timed chart for the birth of the successor Carol entity.


Advancing a chart forward from a Return chart is done using a ‘diurnal’ factor that relates to the Sun’s daily rate of advance for a given day or given number of days to the adjustment made to the Return chart.  Retarding or advancing an Advanced chart to a specific time of the day, for the same date, is a process I term a “Double Diurnal” chart.  An examination of this chart will show that it is much the same except that it is rotated almost opposite the Advanced chart, and the t/Moon is at its earlier position at 2 Cancer.  The transiting Part of Fortune also changes to a point almost opposite its earlier position, now located at 22 Cancer.  Let us examine the differences in this chart to see how it relates to the ‘new’ Carol’s sudden ‘life-assumption’ or birth into an adult body.

  1. t/Mercury-Asc. opp. t/Mars/Desc. square n/Moon (the ‘old’ Carol’s Moon):
  2. t/Pluto-MC square n/Chiron-7th (the ‘old’ Carol’s Chiron).  Further, t/Chiron conjoins the ‘old’ Carols n/Venus-n/Mercury (which was true in the Advanced chart but which is now emphasized in this chart.
  3. t/PoF-n/Ceres-n/Pluto (the ‘old’ Carol’s Ceres and Pluto).  Note that t/Ceres conjoins the pair n/PoF-n/Mars which is now emphasized due to the two Pluto combinations.

Factor 1) might be interpreted several ways.  “One travels into a body/person (Mercury-Asc.) and has to fight or struggle with another (Mars-Desc.) to prevail.”  Or, “one has to mentally align oneself to the mental and neurological workings of a body (Mercury-Asc.) while making an effort to ‘fit in’ with the ‘other.’ 

Factor 2) is quite complex.  First we have a transformation of goals and intentions.  The ‘new’ Carol was infused with a mission, support and understanding while in the spiritual dimension. (This is the Pluto-MC combination).  This had to worked out in terms of relating to the ‘old’ Carol (the 7th house, Desc.).  Combine this with t/Chiron (the present construction of adjustments and changes needed) to adapt to the “joys of the old Carol’s life (n/Mercury-n/Venus) — her children.

Factor 3) is perhaps the most persuasive pattern in this chart.  Ceres symbolizes both the ‘Great Mother’ and parent-child relations.  Ceres comes into play at ‘milestone’ moments in one’s life.  Here, Ceres ties in with both natal and transiting Pluto, the symbol of transformations, death and irrevocable change.  Although Ceres is an ‘asteroid,’ don’t shrug Ceres off.  Ceres is the biggest asteroid of them all and is actually bigger that Pluto. Ceres and Pluto have been called “dwarf planets.”  

This is a most remarkable chart and clearly reflects the ‘walk-in’ of a soul into a departing adult mother’s body at childbirth.  Child-birth, when you stop to consider it, is a most significant time to change body and soul.  Everything starts anew. 

We will pick up these details in one or more ‘Discussion Blogs.’  Dave




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Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at ninthhouse.wordpress.com A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at dadsnook@charter.net Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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