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As she approached the point of having her sixth child, Carol was having a tough time trying to be a mother to the five children she already had.  Her husband had earlier left her to be with her best friend — he and her had moved out of their respective houses to be together, had later felt guilty and reconsidered their actions, and had moved back to try and patch things up.  This wasn’t going well.  How does a harried mother of five, expecting a sixth child, find the means to understand, settle, and start to accept the man who devastated her life?

On top of the infidelity issues and child raising issues, Carol had been bombarded by her husband to more diligently follow her church’s guidelines in dealing with all of their family issues.  He was the breadwinner, she was the mother and housewife.  She had to do a better job at everything she was responsible for.  On top of that she, Carol, had her own views on what was expected of her by her mother, her family, her place in the school community, how her kids reflected her values.  It was all just too much for her.

All of this was behind her approach to childbirth.  The Advanced chart for this date is shown below.


Again, this chart will be examined step by step so that those with less Astrological skills can follow the discussion.

  • t/Mars (transiting meaning the current sky-position of Mars on that date) is on te Ascendant angle (the Ascendant is the left-hand horizontal line/point in the chart where we see the eastern horizon).  This position for Mars indicates the expenditure of a great deal of energy.  Carol was conditioned to some degree by her natal Mars in the 7th house of relationships to ‘work for others’ and bring value/effort to maintaining those relationships.  With the natal Part of Fortune (the circle with the X in the middle) joining Mars, she was too ready to make these efforts.
  • Close by t/Mars and the Ascendant is n/Chiron (K with a circle below).  Chiron indicates a present effort and feeling (the nature of this first house segment of the chart) to face the need for making adjustments in her life.  Of interest is the placement of the then current t/Chiron at the MC angle (top of the chart), which indicates that adjustments are indeed needed to affect the goals in her life and firm up her public image relative to those goals.  In effect, we have a ‘doubled up’ Chiron symbolism here; very significant changes will need to be made.
  • Along with this t/Chiron at the MC is n/Mercury and n/Venus.  A great sense of creativeness and mental freedom is suggested.  t/Mercury is found five degrees below the Descendant angle (at the right side of the chart).  This ‘doubles-up’ the Mercury symbolism.  Mercury relates to travel, communication, learning and agreements.  We can apply many variants to these primary meanings such as trading and swapping, manual efforts and skills, etc.
  • t/Uranus is at the IC angle (the bottom of the chart).  This bottom angle and the house-segment that follows it represents the home, changes related to starting or ending something, security.  Uranus (the planet) represents revelations, sudden cognition, surprising happenings, upsets to the status-quo.  With natal Moon nearby (how one reacts to changes around them), we can view this Uranus which opposes the t/Chiron-n/Mercury-n/Venus noted above as presenting Carol with sudden awareness of the possibility of changing her life’s situation.
  • The t/Part of Fortune conjoins n/Sun-n/N.Node.  This is an important set of symbols-meanings to consider.
    • t/PoF to n/Sun;  one’s intent and lifestyle is subject to change.
    • t/PoF to n/North Node of the Moon; Associations with others can be reevaluated at this point.
    • t/PoF opposite n/Ceres, n/Pluto, square n/Uranus;  (Ceres is the question mark symbol and represents mother-hood and parent-child relationships)  Pluto is the cup with a circle in it and a cross below it, and represents death, transformation, rejuvenation, irrevocable change, power).  The motherhood-parenting issue is to be turned upside-down.  With n/Uranus square this oppositional pattern, and t/Uranus at the IC angle, there is room in this interpretation to expect all kinds of surprises.

Finally, we have to note a clump of transiting planets in the 6th house.  The 6th house is the pie-shaped segment to the right side just below the horizontal line.  This segment represents a portion of the zodiac defined by the time it takes for that segment to rise above the Ascendant due to the Earths rotation.  Because of the tilt of the Earth, and the mathematics of spherical geometry, different spans of degree-distance can rise within similar time periods.  This house segment, the 6th, represents work, health and how we adjust to balancing demands made on us by circumstances and other people.  With all of these personal planets, plus Jupiter, Neptune and Ceres grouped there along with the natal Mars, a complex and tremendous intermixing of energies are involved.  Almost too much to evaluate neatly.

While a lengthy number of details could be cited, my impression is that a decision about one’s ideals, how one relates those personal ideals to others, what one needs from motherhood and family, and a sudden opportunity to find personal growth in some other area is all part of this planetary equation.  Any of the readers may wish to take on this rats nest of complexity and arrive at a different conclusion.

Summary for this chart:  There is a great need to establish a better balance in how one (Carol) moves forward in a way that helps her (t/Moon, n/N.Node, n/Sun at the MC).  This a time, a rare time, when an opportunity for personal growth and relief to occur (t/Jupiter, n/Jupiter at the Desc).  The ‘doubled up’ Chiron in angular houses (10th and 1st) indicates a desire to force adjustments of some kind, any kind.  Carol’s intentions and deepest wishes are to experience a sudden and irrevocable change in her life (t/Sun opposite n/Uranus, square n/Pluto, and t/Part of Fortune contacting natal Moon).

Carol got her fervent and long-standing wish.

Comment on the religious and spiritual tone of this reported experience.

Carol was a practicing Catholic.  Her adherence to the many tenants of that faith seems to have been due to her husband’s badgering and manipulation of those beliefs to serve his own needs and to shape his family’s image without him having to do much of the work.

The other Carol, who would take the name of Carol Parrish Harra, was a sould-form who was present in an undefined spiritual place under the guidance of an illuminating presence who brought the former Carol into a caring and supportive place, and gave the latter Carol specific missions, guidance, and support.  She was to enter, as an adult, the adult body of the former Carol and then to reshape that life so as to achieve certain goals. We will learn of those goals later.

With these postings, and the story as given in the book, Messengers of Hope, we are offered views of humanity, reincarnation, a spiritual world, a supreme guiding figure who is not in the image of a human, and other challenging statements.  Readers will have to take these as they are given, for the sake of the story, and make up their own minds as to which portions of this story they wish to accept or consider.  Dave.

We are not done with looking at this birthing and transformative process. That will continue in the next posting.  We need to understand as much about this event as we can if we are to make sense of the whole story as it unfolds.








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