Bringing . . .Not Seeking . . . Conscious Awareness


The narrative and information used in this recounting and astrological exploration is based on the book, Messengers of Hope, written by Carol E. Parrish-Harra.

birth mothers-J

In the last blog-post we left Carol Parrish at the point of childbirth.  This was to be the sixth child for this tired, discouraged twenty-three year old mother.  She was very unhappy with her life, her marriage, being a constant mother with no relief to live her life as she wanted it to be. 

At this point she was living in Clearwater, Florida.  It was on Nov. 1, 1958 that she was to give birth.  Her tired body was having difficulty with the birth process.  She was given sodium pentothal.  This was harmless for most women, but not for Carol.  She had an allergic reaction, her lungs collapsed.  Doctors and nurses rushed to deal with this dire situation.  Carol’s consciousness found it self floating above the operating table, looking down and seeing a silver cord connecting her to the body below.  She found this impossible to grasp.  A sudden awareness grips her and then she is rushing upwards into space, far away from the frantic operating room.  She knows she is leaving a life of pain, sadness and impossible tasks, to directly quote the book.  This awareness helps to sweep her off into the heavens.

The entity who has written the book, Carol Parrish Harra, is standing just behind Carol who arrives before a magnificent presence of soft and penetrating light.  With great tenderness, Carol is given to understand that death is of no consequence to the world that she has left behind, all that was to be will still continue.  She passes into the care of this light.  The light now speaks to the entity who will be Carol Parrish-Harra.  Great amounts of information is given to her.  Great support in her mission is also assured.  An intense rush of energy infuses her as she is whirled downward into the sudden darkness and heaviness of a human body.

The voices and hands of the doctors come though to her awakening consciousness.  She opens her eyes and embraces a new life in a physical body.  Her words, “It was wonderful, beautiful.  I am fine.”  No one wants to hear her words.  All of the medical team is focused on here recuperation, the baby, and the procedures that must be taken care of.  This all occurred around 7:10 AM that morning.

Let us stop for a moment and consider these words from the book.  A woman has just died or passed on while giving childbirth.  A woman has just reclaimed a physical body and the life-conditions of another, having just left a place of far greater consciousness and possibilities, a place of great support and love.  The woman who left has gone to a place of great peace and understanding to recoup.  The woman who came has entered into a challenging life.  We do not yet know what those challenges are to be beyond the life situation she has assumed — a family, the raising of many children, a place within a new community.

We will, in this post, only look for now at the transiting Moon to the natal Sun chart prior to Carol’s childbirth event.  For those not familiar with astrology, it is necessary to take this extraordinary story at a slower pace so that all can appreciate it and evaluate it for their own reasons.


This chart finds the daily Moon at the very top of the chart, which is called the MC point.  Here, the Moon conjoins the natal Sun and the Moon’s North Node.  If all of these factors existed in one actual time (instead of being separated by 23 years) this would mark an eclipse of the Sun — a momentous focusing of energy and life force.  In this chart, we interpret this to mean that one’s highest goals, public image and decisions will be the focus over the next few weeks.  One will make changes in one’s life. 

(The natal Sun is in the outer chart wheel, shown as the circle with a dot in the middle. The traniting-daily Moon for this date is the double crescent shown in the inner wheel.  The Moon’s North Node is the upside-down U symbol.  This point marks where the Moon in its tilted orbit crosses the Earth-Sun plane which is called the ecliptic plane. This signifies that one’s emotional view of life is heightened relative to one’s logical views.)

This important Moon-Sun-Node point squares (makes a 90 degree angle) the grouping of transiting Sun, transiting Neptune, transiting Mercury and transiting Jupiter (all shown in the right side of the chart in the inner chart wheel).  This whole grouping can be said to represent one’s intentions (Sun), sensitivity to the social community about them (Neptune), their views and thoughts about their work and tasks there (Mercury), and the opportunities for growth (Jupiter). 

(Neptune is the three-pronged pitchfork symbol.  Mercury is the circle with a crescent above and a cross below, and Jupiter is like a “four”.)   Carol would experience her second return of transiting Jupiter to natal Jupiter in the following year.  Such a ‘return’ event marks one’s growing awareness of what lies ahead in the adult world.  The effects of this long 12 year cycle’s second conclusion would become more conscious as this point in time neared.  From this event we can assume that Carol was thinking along these lines — what would life be like with a sixth child, school work, maintaining a household, dealing with an often-absent husband, pleasing her mother’s expectations, etc.

At this point we can take note of other characteristics in this chart.  At the lower right note the Part of Fortune and Mars (the circle with a cross in it, the circle with the arrow above it).  She has a tendency to jump into life, be impulsive when she can.  Now, note the same Part of Fortune near the bottom of the chart in the inner ring.  It is lined up with the natal Moon.  During this two week period, Carol will be increasingly impulsive.  This statement fits with the Sun-Moon-Node pattern at the top of the chart — she will make incisive decisions that affect the direction her life takes.

One more point of interest.  Note the Mars symbol at the left side of the chart (inside ring, circle with an arrow).  This joins up with the major asteroid Chiron (‘K’ with a circle) and squares (90 degree angle) the transiting Pluto at 3 Virgo (Pluto a crescent with a circle in its ‘bowl’ with a cross below).  This Mars is retrograde, appearing to move backwards from our view point on Earth as it moves along its orbit on the far side of the Sun.  This retrograde motion is due to our greater relative orbital speed being closer to the Sun which makes it appear that Mars is slipping backwards for a few months.  This motion of Mars suggests that this is a poor time to take actions to adjust circumstances (Chiron) in order to make big changes (Pluto). 

So, we have all of this to think about over the next several days before we examine more charts relating to this extraordinary event.   Comments and discussion are invited, particularly since this can be controversial or unbelievable to some, understandable to others, just somehow ‘strange’ to others.  Dave.











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