Shirley MacLaine’s Out-Of-Body Experience in the mountains of Peru

Shirley OOB-J

The first few days of Shirley’s trek into the Andes mountains with David were about adapting to the altitude and letting the effects of wind and sky color their experience of the mountain views.  Hiking and resting erased the stress of California life.  The sparseness of their accommodations and food turned their focus both inward to their thoughts and outward towards their surroundings.  A kind of connectedness developed in their every moment. 




It was against this backdrop that Shirley’s significant experienced took place.  In order to explore this event this post will have three sections:

  1. What is an Out of Body Experience?

  2. An examination of Shirley’s thoughts, feelings, and action using some of her own words.

  3. An astrological view of the Out Of Body experience.

  4. The astrological signature for an Out of Body experience.


What is an Out of Body (OOB) experience?

A most simple explanation is that the subject is either at a point of rest and relaxation or is suddenly moved out of their conscious area of normalcy and routine, finding themselves in a self-suggestive state.  They perceive a change in the ‘energy’ and space around them and are willing to just let the feelings, the ‘change’ be what it is.  They become aware of a lightness in their being, perhaps a floating or disconnection, a loss of gravity’s hold on them.  They feel buoyant and realize that they can rise out of their body.  Or, they may suddenly find themselves above their body, seeing the surroundings from an new perspective.  They may even notice their own self lying peacefully below them.

As they take in and assimilate this new state of being, they may merely float higher, or they may actually travel some distance or move into another time period.  This is not frightening to them because they have a silver cord attached between them and their body which is at rest.  Depending upon this being their first or one-of-many OOBs, they may travel and view things at some distance from their physical location before returning.

Typically the first OOB will leave the person feeling amazed, contented, grappling with trying to recall and understand all of the details of their experience.  However they take all of this in, each person seems to realize that life is not ‘normal’ for them anymore.  Life become a small part of a greater perspective on who and what they are.  The actual shape and breadth of this new awareness is very individualized.  Some may merely ‘contain’ the experience as it was and keep it underwraps and away from conscious considerations.  Others may replay the experience so as to learn more, to explore more, and event to seek another similar experience as part of a quest to understand more about themselves and their world.

An examination of Shirley’s thoughts, feelings and action using some of her own words.

On the evening of July 12, 1977, after a day on mountain trails and exploring the landscape, Shirley and David returned for an evening meal.  They then went to the hut where a hot tub was awaiting them.  The water not only cleaned the trail dust from their bodies but it also eased the cramps and stress of calf muscles and backs that had finally felt burdened by the small day-packs carried for water and food.  In the dim light they both sat still.

David started talking about nature and God, how there was something ‘more’ in every part of the landscape about them.  He talked of being able to sense the structures that made up physical matter and that this was merely a part of a more-inclusive spiritual energy that was all about them and which could be sensed, even as they sat in the water.

Seeking to contribute something to the conversation, Shirley repeated what she had heard many times before, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, just transformed.”  David concurred with this but noted that science could only deal with what could be directly observed and measured.  David’s words went much further, talking of energy of the body and how it continued even after physical death.

Shirley noted the single flickering candle near the tub.  She was silent.  Her head felt light.  She felt a tunnel open in her mind, an extension of David’s words and her sense of what those words implied.  Her thoughts expanded much like a tunnel opening out into a wide cavern.  The thoughts felt physical.  She could be part of the flickering flame, there was no need of arms and legs, no physical form.  She could be a light in weight and body as the flame itself.  She began to rise and then to soar upwards.  Through the ceiling.  Floating upward into the air above.

The external landscape was visible under the night sky, the far-away mountains, the fields and paths she had walked upon earlier that day.  All were visible.  Attached to her spiritual self was a thin silver cord, her anchor to herself, her symbol of assurance.  She knew that she was physically there, up in the air, but that she was also down below in her body.  She had heard of this silver cord before in other telling’s about OOB experiences.

After awhile she directed herself downward.  She glided down, the energy field about her diminished.  Her body, upon returning, felt both comfortable and confining.  Something had changed.  She enjoyed being physical, yet she now understood that she was more than that.  She picked up the conversation with David, noting that she didn’t fully grasp what she had experienced.  Had she momentarily died?  “No, you are only dead if your silver cord snaps,” said David.   Was what she had experienced the same as what others had experienced in various writings? 

The conversation and the thoughts continued for some time.  The memory of those moments would remain forever.

An astrological view of the Out of Body experience.

Shirley’s advanced Return chart for July 12, 1977 is shown below.



This is a complex and energy-packed chart.  We will first note both transiting and natal Sun are near angles, always an indication of strong personal involvement in life’s every moment.  n/Sun is at the Descendant; she will be interacting with ‘another.’  t/Sun is near the MC angle, she will have an experience that fits with her goals and public image.  The t/Sun conjoins n/Pluto; a moment of personal power and transformation, dealing with ‘life’ in its broadest and most profound sense.  n/Sun at the Descendant angle opposes t/Uranus; being forced or led to experience upsets to the status-quo, new enlightenments are brought forth.  This is an especially powerful pattern as n/Sun is only a few degrees from n/Uranus.

This n/Uranus needs to be looked at in more depth.  Note the three planets close to each other; natal Uranus-Mars-Sun in the outer ring.  In this particular order, we can state that “These people may find it difficult to work within highly discipline or structured circumstances.  They must be able to feel free and to set their own pace.  Their efforts may be erratic, since they usually work best when inspiration strikes them.  Left to their own initiative, they can actualize their goals and objectives creatively.  All endeavors must be meaninfgul to them or they will rebel. . . ”   This is vintage Shirley.  She seeks her own answers, in her own way, at her own time.  So, we have doubled-up Suns and doubled-up Uranus’.  A powerful change in consciousness is indicated.

The astrological signature for an Out of Body experience.

The chart has been ‘marked up’ to indicate two points; the natal OOB and the transiting OOB points.  What are these?  Astrology provides us with an Out of Body signature or pattern for the Out of Body experience.  A fellow astrologer who deals with Uranian astrology provided this ‘signature.’

Ceres plus Neptune minus Poseidon equals an OOB.

Let us break this down.  Ceres is the largest Asteroid between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter — actually, Ceres has been defined as a ‘minor planet.’  Astrologically, Ceres represents the great mother, parent-child relations, rules, major life cycles, births.

Neptune is social trends, drama, spirituality, unreal situations, sensitivity.  Poseidon is a bridge between the world of spirit and physical experience.  Poseidon makes ideas real, brings refinement and can act as one’s guardian angle.   Note that ‘Poseidon’ is one of the eight trans-neptunian hypotheticals defined by Witte and Ebertin in the very early 1900’s based on the studies of many thousands of charts.  Over the last century many astrologers have been amazed to discover their impact and definition of many human experiences.  They have become a major school-of-practice in modern astrology.

The Part of natal OOB is at 27:37 Aries, conjoining natal Uranus.  A strong activation of Uranus, transiting or natal or both, can bring an Out of Body experience.  The part of transiting OOB is at 29:47 Scorpio, close to zero Sagittarius.  We note t/Mars and n/Chiron located near the opposition to this point.  Her sense of presence and tendency to jump into and to manage an experience will need to be held back. 

So, we have a lot to consider in this key blog post on Shirley’s Out of Body Experience.  Following blogs will offer discussions on this experience as well as offer a simplified astrological explanation for those who follow this blog but who are not well-versed in astrology.


This is a chart that is well worth deep study by astrologers.   Dave


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