Shirley and Her 2nd Day In The Andes

Shirley MacLaine has arrived in Peru/  Her friend, David, met her at the airport in Lima and they departed immediately from the city, heading into the highlands.  When they ‘arrived’ Shirley found herself at a wide spot in the road.  There were a few mostly stone low buildings.  One was where she and David were to sleep.  The native women who were to take care of them in terms of meals assumed that they would sleep together as any man and women would do.  This unsettled Shirley, but she was never one to shy from having to adapt.  Let us look at her chart for July 9, 1977 which is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart.

SM photo-4

For those not familiar with transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns — a brief explanation. The natal chart seems to leave an ‘impression’ on us wherein the placements of the Sun, Moon, Planets and other points remain sensitive to being triggered for the whole of our life.  Each month the transiting Moon that we each see moving day-by-day through the sky reaches a point where it either arrives at the natal Sun’s position or at a point directly opposite the natal Sun’s position.  When the transiting Moon reaches either of these points at some time during some day, we calculate a chart for that moment.  We call this a ‘Return’ chart.  These charts seem to provide a temporary, short-term impression upon us.  This ‘impression’ can be summed up by an Astrologer by considering the position of the Moon and the Sun in the Return chart.  In this case t/Moon (crescent within the inner ring) is contacting or conjoining the n/Sun (Circle with a dot in the middle) very near the right-hand end of the horizontal line that divides the chart.  This right-hand point is called the Descendant and it marks a pie-shaped segment that is located just above the Descendant and is labeled as the ‘7th’ house.  The placement of the Moon and Sun in this sector has a theme, “Engaged with others, actions taken on behalf of another.  Social/partner issues contend with career issues.  Surface agreement may prove false.  Negotiating.  Meeting with friends.  Offering or receiving support.  Others impose situations upon you, you upon them.”  (This statement is taken from page 51 of my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2)  


So, the theme talks of relationships and all of the give and take that is involved.  The level of give and take is more acute in this situation since the two of them are somewhat isolated from others like themselves.  Their only social contact is mostly with the native women who clean their hut, do any wash, and prepare some meals for them.  

There is a grouping of symbols at this Descendant angle of the chart.  Let us look at each of them.

  • Chiron (the ‘K’ with a circle below it) symbolizes past hurts and sensitivities that one has to deal with.  When the asteroid orbiting between Jupiter and Saturn is contacted within a chart, adjustments often have to be made to deal with these inner sensitivities that we harbor.  In this case, we need to view two situations, A) the contact and position of transiting Chiron relative to the transiting Moon and natal Sun, natal Mars (circle with an arrow above it), and natal Uranus (the ‘H’ with a vertical line and circle in the middle).   B) We also will note the natal Chiron (outer wheel in the 8th house segment) and its contacts.  For ‘beginners’ in Astrology this already seems complicated.  I will break it down into small bits.
  • Relative to ‘A’ above:  Mars is excitable, action-oriented, expressive.  Sun is one’s character and intent.  Uranus is quick decisions, sudden happenings, spontaneity, surprises.  These qualities are a the core of Shirley’s personality.  Moon and Chiron combine to heighten sensitivity to any emotional issues.   
  • Relative to ‘B’ above:  Natal Chiron is in the 9th house of foreign affairs and exposure to wider-than-our-local-world issues.  This natal Chiron is contacting transiting Venus (how we love, what we desire, the appreciation of beauty and  harmony.  Shirley had intense affairs with overseas notables among her random associations with others in the U.S.  She was a free spirit, so to speak. We might assume from these combinations that she had to make some small adjustments in terms of how she felt about existing relationships and how she would deal with her friend, David, in this unexpected more intimate-than-planned situation of sharing a small sleeping hut.
  • We note transiting Sun and Mercury (circle with a crescent above and a cross below) at the top of the chart bracketing the vertical axis.  The top of this axis is called the “MC”.  This point represents our image, public image, reputation, and goals.  Note also natal Pluto near this MC (Pluto is the circle-crescent-cross symbol).   Sun is our intent, Mercury (circle with a crescent above, cross below) is our perceptions, thoughts and organization of data, how we talk and understand others.  Pluto is our sense of alone-self, intensity, struggle to gain power over our environment.  Put this altogether and we might say, “Shirley is highly focused, attentive upon her experience and is taking it all in such that she can better manage her thoughts and experiences.
  • Having both the Sun’s, natal Sun and transiting Sun, located at the key angles of the chart indicates that this is a highly charged and personal experience for her.  We should also note that the transiting Uranus is near the opposite angle called the Ascendant.  The Ascendant is our immediate, ‘now’ personal sense of environment and actions.  Uranus is excitement.  Shirley is practically ‘wired’ and alight with excitement over this adventure. 

Andes photo-1So, we can easily create a mental picture of Shirley.  Eagerly bounding over rocky trails, wondering at the vista of high mountains and deep valleys, savoring the fresh and somewhat thin air, the mountain winds, the sharp difference between standing in the sunlight and being in the shade.   One is either conversing with the other or lost deep within their own thoughts and observations.  This is an almost Andes photo-2shockingly different environment from living in the midst of California society and phone calls.

The next posting will take us towards her experience in a hot tub and her unique ‘excursion’ that showed her that she was more than she might have thought she was.    Dave. 









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Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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