Shirley MacLaine; Curiosity-in-Chief & Actress


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The Shirley MacLaine that we all know and love lives in Malibu, California.  Her chart, relocated to Malibu, is shown below.  Now, for those not well-versed in astrology, we need to talk about ‘relocated’ astrological natal charts.  The earth and our clocks are each representative of each other.  The Earth is a giant 24 hour clock.  In the day we can tell the time, roughly, by visually seeing where the Sun is in the sky.  If we could see through the Earth at night and see where the Sun was located, we could tell the time at night, as well.

When we move some distance from our birth place, we change location and we also change where our birth-clock is positioned.  Since Shirley moved from Virginia to Malibu, she was in effect, born earlier in that same day according to local time.  Look at her chart below compared to the chart in the last posting.


When a natal chart is relocated to another location, all of the planet positions as measured in zodiac position remain the same.  However the new location shifts those planets to other areas of the sky relative to the horizon.  In the Virginia natal chart Shirley’s Sun (the circular symbol with a dot in the middle) was near the top of the chart in a ‘clock-like’ 2:00 or 3:00 PM position.  Moving the chart west-ward to Malibu shifts the Sun to a ‘clock-like’ 12:30 PM position.  This also moves the east point of the chart, known as the Ascendant which is at the left-hand horizontal point of the chart, from the sign of Virgo (the diligent ‘do-er’ of the zodiac) to the sign of Leo (the leader and showman of the zodiac).  This placement is seen as more fitting for an actress.

We also have to note that the planet Saturn is now located opposite the Ascendant at 26 Aquarius.  Saturn looks like a lower-case ‘h’ with a cross bar at the upper stroke.  Saturn is a disciplinarian, an advocate for caution and stability, a focus for where one has to challenge oneself or else lose out on valuable life-lessons.  Shirley will need to learn from others through relationships.

Now, to go beyond simple astrology, we can look at the Sun in the 9th house relative to the Moon-Neptune in the 1st house.  First-house Moon’s love attention.  Her wish to indulge in fantasy and role-laying to gain attention is well served with this placement.  This Moon is close to a ‘trine’ relationship (120 degrees or a third of a circle) with the Sun; meaning that Shirley will make it her life struggle to determine her own values.  She will be at ease in taking this personal stance.

The close association of Uranus-Mars-Sun (in that order) has its own significant astrological meaning.  I will quote from a book on this subject (Planetary Containments by Sandbach and Ballard) to avoid placing my own interpretation on this key factor.  “These individuals may find it difficult to work within highly disciplined or structured circumstances. They must be able to feel free and to set their own pace.  Their efforts may be erratic, since they usually work best when inspiration strikes them. Left to their own initiative, they can actualize their goals and objectives creatively. All endeavors must be meaningful to them, or they will rebel, wrecking havoc along the way.  They should try not to limit their goals or objectives.”  This singular statement beautifully describes much of Shirley’s basic nature.

So, how does this quote fit with Saturn at the Descendant?  First, we must recognize that astrology is first a series of discreet statements.  Then, each factor must then be blended and fit with other statements.  Shirley’s acting and free-life-style has to be carried out within a structure.  ‘Structure’ is another Saturn meaning.  She will find this structuring through movie scripts, through guidance by a director, through her network of friends and work associates.  In all of this she will adopt a very professional attitude in working with others.  That is not to say they will not be a ‘free spirit’ on a personal level and in her personal life.  

This Uranus-Mars-Sun group has a ‘trine’ (120 degree) relationship to the Part of Fortune (circle with the X within it) indicating that she will act in an open way to embrace change and chance as those factors come into her life.   Now, we begin to see this chart come to life in the image of Shirley MacLaine.

In following posts we will track her adventure to the Andes mountains of Peru and her Out of Body experience.



















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