Introducing Shirley MacLaine

Conscious Awareness: Shirley MacLaine via an Out Of Body Experience

SM photo-3 This series of postings will center upon Shirley MacLaine, the popular film-star and writer of books concerning the diverse interests in her life.  Shirley is one of those people who throw themselves into every project and interest wholeheartedly.  What makes her somewhat different from other busy and adventurous people is that she shares her life openly.  She seldom apologizes for her views and her actions.  She just experiences life to the fullest.

Shirley MacLaine is known for her interests in spiritual matters, UFOs, the occult.  Her many TV and radio interviews, her books and her participation in these areas generates a lot of public interest.  One of her experiences that will occupy our attention will be an OOB — an Out Of Body experience.

We can quote from Wikipedia about OOB:  “An out-of-body experience (OBE or sometimes OOBE) is an experience that typically involves a feeling of floating outside one’s body and, in some cases, the feeling of perceiving one’s physical body as if from a place outside one’s body (autoscopy).  The term out-of-body experience was introduced in 1943 by G. N. M. Tyrrell in his book Apparitions,[1] and was adopted by researchers such as Celia Green[2] and Robert Monroe[3] as an alternative to belief-centric labels such as “astral projection“, “soul travel”, or “spirit walking”. OBEs can be induced by brain traumas, sensory deprivationnear-death experiencesdissociative and psychedelic drugs, dehydration, sleep, and electrical stimulation of the brain,[4] among others. It can also be deliberately induced by some.[5] One in ten people have an OBE once, or more commonly, several times in their life.”

We have many charts and events to discuss before we reach the point in her life-journey when Shirley had this remarkable experience.  It can be observed that this experience opened her up to other experiences later in life.  We will, at some point, follow those experiences through astrology as well.


Shirley was born April 24, 1934 at 3:57 PM in Richmond, Virginia (077w2738, 37n3313), EST.  Her natal chart is shown below.  For those who are not fully familiar with astrological symbols and understanding charts, I recommend that you read the “Astrological Basics” series provided in the menu section of this blog site.


We note the following factors in Shirley’s natal chart:

  • Sun in Taurus and 8th house points to a warm and sensuous person who will pursue and obtain any goal she sets for herself. Her life interests will focus on relationships and their values, and how to manage them.
  • The closeness of Sun and Mars will provide her with ‘presence’ and energy. She will stand out among her peers.
  • The Moon is in Virgo, the 12th house. Feelings and emotions need to be understood in order to be appreciated.  Response times to the demands of others may lag as feelings and understanding is reviewed before answering.  Many do not understand this factor with those who have a Virgo Moon. 
  • Moon conjoining Neptune, also in the 12th, provides an aura of, and an interest in, the role of drama and vision in her emotional life. While a 12th house position tends to be associated with hiding things, for Shirley this became the need to hide behind a role for exploring drama and fantasy.  With time, the Sun-Mars combination took this away from the need to hide behind a role and allowed her to just be herself.  This is also seen in the close ‘trine’ aspect (120 degrees) between the Sun and Moon.  This phase for the Sun-Moon relationship points to an active nature as one pursues their own definitions of the lifestyle.
  • I should also point out the square aspect (90 degrees) between the Sun and the Part of Fortune (PoF is the circle with the X within it). The PoF represents where and how we choose to experience how change and chance will affect our life.  For Shirley this means a direct challenge to her intentions and lifestyle will always get her attention.  As we can see from her public career she was always up to any challenge in terms of the roles she took on in the movies or the adventures she pursued.

Let us now review some aspects of her early life and see how they may relate to this natal chart.  Shirley was named after the then-popular child movie star Shirley Temple.  Wikipedia notes that Shirley had weak ankles as a child and would often fall down while walking about.  Her mother put her into a ballet class when she was three years old, hoping that she would develop more strength as well as learn to dance.  Shirley enjoyed the dance lessons and eagerly played leading roles in the school’s various productions.  As the tallest girl in the class, she typically played male roles as there was a shortage of boys in such classes.  We can note the Sun-Mars conjunction in her chart.  At one point she broke her ankle just before a performance while warming up.  She tightened the ribbons on her shoes and danced her way through the performance.

Ballet was a strenuous pursuit.  Further, she was tall and did not have the ideal body for ballet.  She moved on to other artistic pursuits.  Note also the Moon-Neptune pairing favorable linked (through the trine aspect) to her Sun-Mars combination.  She could do anything she set her mind to.  Following a variety of artistic pursuits while in high school she went to Broadway and landed a position as understudy to Carol Haney in the play The Pajama Game.  Haney broke her ankle at one point and Shirley took on the role.  This brought her to the attention of Producer Hall Wallis who signed her to a contract with Paramount Pictures.



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  1. dadsnook says:

    With weak ankles as a young child, we can note that Aquarius is associated with the lower legs and ankles, and that Saturn represents bones, among other things. With the pre-natal eclipse so close to Saturn’s position, the Sun is involved. While one can make the case that this symbolism does represent weak ankles, who would look at this chart and predict this ‘fact’ without knowing this before hand?


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