An “Astro-lite” Summary of Dr. Eban Alexander’s Story.

A summary essay using minimal astrology to explore the Near Death Experience of Dr. Eban Alexander.

This summary essay addresses the Near Death Experience of Dr. Eban Alexander while living in Lynchburg, VA.  This blog site, The Green Snake Retold is an astrological exploration of spiritual discovery, recognizing our continuing consciousness, and finding our soul-self’s life purpose.  The impetus for this exploration comes from the life of German Philosopher and Writer Johann Wolfgang van Goethe (1749–1832).  Goethe suffered a severe illness at age 18 and was introduced to spiritual teachings during his two years of recovery.  Later, at age 45, he was inspired and had a sudden cognition of his spiritual self’s connection to his physical self.  This startling revelation resulted in his immediate conception and writing of his only fairy tale, The Green Snake and The Beautiful Lily.  This fairy tale illustrates a path to achieving Conscious Awareness.

The story of Dr. Eban Alexander’s Near Death Experience (NDE) was chosen because of the Doctor’s professional integrity, extreme nature of his ordeal, and the extraordinary story of his experiences in heaven while lying comatose in the hospital as an infection literally we destroying his brain.  One has the impression that some published authors claiming such types of experiences may be doing so only to fund a lifestyle of celebrity, book sales, speaking tours and helpful ministries as a way of life.  Alexander has not followed those paths.  He has written a couple of books, available for free online, and does spend some of his time helping others.  He has not commercialized his story.

Astrologers study the natal chart to understand what shapes and tends to drive the life on a given individual.  Some simple astrological insights can be offered for thos who are new to astrology or are in the early-studies stages.

EA-Fragment MC-URThe small fragment of Alexander’s natal chart at the right side shows the symbol of the planet Uranus (an ‘H’ with a vertical line and circle) near the vertical line in the chart which represents one’s conscious intent and goals in life.  Uranus at this point suggests one who loves excitement, is open to sudden changes in his life, and is open to new ideas.  The MC is located at 23 degrees of Cancer (the symbol of the two circles with tails going in opposite directions).  As a zodiac sign (a division of 30 degrees in the sky above us) Cancer is said to bestow sensitivity, a love of one’s home and family, a reliance on familiar settings and routines.  Obviously, Alexander is open to rebelling against these conditions, finding a different life path.

EA-Fragment Asc groupThis second segment of his natal chart, shown at the right side, features a horizontal line to a point at 20 degrees of the sign of Libra, the symbol of a line with a ‘humped’ line above. Libra is the sign of balance and harmony.  There are three planet symbols in this area of the chart encompassed by the wedge shaped area — called the first house.  Mars (a circle with an arrow pointing upward) represents strength, action, a sense of presence.  The second symbol is Neptune (the trident or upright fork) symbolizing illusion, drama, visionary involvement as well as self-deception).  The third and lowest symbol is for the planet Saturn (looks like a lower case ‘h’ with a cross on the top).  Saturn is discipline, lessons to be learned, slowness and patience. 

The astrologer synthesizes these and more complex meanings, along with some 1800 basic patterns in the chart to arrive at a statement of one’s character and life potential.  In the limited example of these three planets at the Ascendant we might state that the Doctor is assertive and active, understands subtleties and inferences, and exercises patience and professionalism in his adult life.

Alexander’s early life was marked by a love of flying and the sense of freedom that it gave him.  Remember that Uranus at the MC mentioned above.  From flying he moved on to take up sky diving.  One day his sky diving club was having a group jump session.  The new-to-sky-diving man that jumped just ahead of Alexander did two things wrong; he opened chute immediately upon leaving the plane and he did not first drift off to the side towards where the others were continuing their falling phase before opening their chutes.  Alexander found himself plunging at a high rate of speed directly above a chute that was opening up.  In such a case, both sky divers would collide, their chutes would tangle, and both would perish upon completing their fall to the ground. 

In some inexplicable manner within the split seconds before a collision, Alexander was able to react and direct his plunge past the other sky diver.  Physical reaction time and the mathematics of motion and distance indicated that this was totally impossible.  Yet, it happened.  Alexander was deeply affected by this realization.  Following this event he gave up sky diving and took up his studies for the future.

Alexander’s sudden contracting of bacterial meningitis of the brain occurred on November 10, 2008.  He awoke early on that Monday morning experiencing sharp pains. Within a short time he was hospitalized where he worked as a neurosurgeon and was comatose.  Over the course the following hours and days it was determined that he had contacted a rare E-coli type of infection of the brain.  There was no known cure for this fatal condition. 

EA-Fragement Nov 10 MCThe chart portion at the right side is an ‘Advanced’ chart for Nov. 10, 2008.  Previously, Alexander had a type of astrological event in which the transiting Moon contacted his natal Sun position, setting up a cycle that resonated with a portion of his life for the following two weeks.  Here we note the group of symbols and the natal Ascendant mentioned earlier. They are, in this cyclic chart, grouped near that chart’s MC line (slanted slightly left) and in the segment of the chart called the tenth house.  With his Ascendant group (how he approached and experienced life) in this upper part of the chart, he can be said to be dealing with a life-defining event or condition.

EA-Fragment Nov. Asc.The chart fragment at the right portrays his chart’s Ascendant on this date.  The circle with the dot in the middle is his natal Sun symbol, representing his lifestyle and character.  The symbol of the circle with the X in the middle is his “Part of Fortune.”  This is mathematically a projection of the relationship between his natal Sun and Moon positions.  I have a term for this point, “Chance and change.”  Combining the Sun-Fortune-Ascendant, we might say that is life’s situation and self-character is being challenged.  Now, note the other two symbols that are within the pie-shaped wedge just below the horizontal Ascendant-line.  Venus is the symbol of a circle and cross below it; representing balance, love, spiritual connection and many other things.  The other symbol o a small circle within a cup and cross is for Pluto, mythological god of the underworld.  Pluto symbolizes destruction, that which is hidden or which can emerge, irrevocable change.  Since the chart rotates downward a degree or so each day, in several days these symbolic meanings for Venus and Pluto will become stronger.

From just these two isolated portions of the Doctor’s daily chart for this event we can sense the challenge to his life, his consciousness, his vitality and personality. 

While the doctors and family were dealing with a minute-by-minute progression of his deteriorating brain and a lack of indications of having any functionality, Alexander was journeying to what he described as ‘Heaven.’  He met a beautiful young woman who served as a guide and explained many things for him.  Sounds of music and singing were ringing through the air, everyone was joyous.  He was told that he was deeply loved, that he could do nothing wrong.  During the time when he was comatose he made several trips to this wonderful place.  His book and U-tube recordings describe this place in great detail and clarity.

On the following Saturday morning, as the family and doctors were discussing the need to pull Doctor Alexander off of life support systems, and while his young son was praying that his father wouldn’t die because he needed him, Alexander opened his eyes. The family and doctors found him alert and fully conscious.  Upon removing the tube from his throat he managed a “Thank You.”  The brain which had been eaten away by the disease was functioning normally and seemed unaffected.  Over the following days he regained motor control, speech and memory.  His incurable condition was cured.  His story was even more miraculous.

As he wrote and studied about his Near Death Experience one condition bothered him.  He had not met anyone in heaven that he knew in life.  This was uncommon in all of the NDE stories he had reviewed.  A half-year later he received a photograph from a family member of a much older sister who had died prior to his own birth.  The photo was clearly the young woman who had served as his guide while visiting Heaven.

Dr. Alexander has gone on to provide helping sessions and counseling to others.  He has two books explaining his experiences.  He has not availed himself of the commercialization that others have seized upon.  His story and conduct has integrity.  I would urge those interested in this story to go to the Internet and look up a U-tube video of Dr. Alexander talking of his experience.  His book, Proof of Heaven, can be found at many bookstores, a local library, ordered on line.  A PDF copy can be downloaded for free from the Internet.

The longer multi-part blog series of Dr. Alexander’s story resulted in a comparison of various features in his astrological charts with those of Johann Goethe’s charts for the date of his inspirational introduction to his spiritual self and soul-self’s live purpose.

If you found this greatly shortened version of Dr. Alexander’s story and the brief astrological explanations helpful relative to the more detailed explorations of the seven part blog series, please consider leaving a comment.

At this point in time, March 21, 2017 — we are now in the “spring” season, the basic outline of this blog site has been portrayed.

  • Each story of someone reaching a point of Conscious Awareness, recognizing their spiritual self, will be explored using charts.  There are a number of stories that will be presented over time, each unique and interesting.
  • Each story will be compared to “Goethe’s Conscious Awareness Profile.’  This will enable us to understand which astrology-chart patterns are present in this type of experience.
  • Each story will be summarized with a minimal amount of astrological charting and exploration.  This is to address the needs of blog-visitors who are new to astrology or who are in the ‘early-studies’ stage of learning about astrology.
  • Using the fairy tale The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily as a reference, various comments will be presented for discussion on how we seek, find and experience various forms of moving towards our individual forms of ‘spirituality.’
  • Reference material will be added from time to time to the menu selections.

Again, please feel to join in discussions or to present your own story for review.  Your story should first be e-mailed to me at  We will, together, review and edit it for presentation.  If you wish to keep it private, that can also be done. I will be happy to help you astrologically understand your experience.  Dave.












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