Part Six: Comparing Goethe’s & Alexander’s Conscious Awareness Profile

Part Six:  Comparing Gothe’s C.A. Profile for Dr. Eban Alexander

eban-photo-5Dr. Eban Alexander had a near death experience (NDE) after falling into a comatose state on Nov. 10, 2008.  Four days later, while still comatose, he had a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return and then awoke two days after that, Nov. 16, 2008.  On March 3, 2009 he received a photograph of an older sister who had died before he was born.  He realized that this deceased sister was the person who had repeatedly guided him around heaven or the spiritual world he said he visited several times during the six days of being unconscious and brain dead.

This gives us us at least two charts to consider relative to his having similar astrological patterns to Goethe’s ‘conscious awareness’ event.  First, the chart for Nov.10, 2008 when he entered a coma, and the chart for March 3, 2009 when he realized his deceased sister was the angelic-like being who escorted him about his spiritual adventures.

Alexander’s “Goethe C.A. Profile” comparison for the Nov. 10, 2008 chart.

AE Goethe Profile comparison-J

Dr. Eban Alexander’s earlier crises was a sky-diving incident involving him and a new student to sky-diving.  The appears to have happened on Aug. 30th, 1975, thirty-three years earlier.  In that dive the other sky-diver had departed the plane just before Alexander jumped.  Hd didn’t wait long enough to deploy his chute and he did not veer off towards his designated descent zone.  When Alexander dove out of the plane he was traveling at high speed and found the other diver directly in his path without enough time and distance to avoid him, plunging both to their deaths.  Miraculously he did manage to react and miss the other diver’s parachute.  This impossible event stayed with him.

We can compare a table of similarities between the charts for these two dates.


Sky-Diving, Aug. 30, 1975                  Illness, coma, Nov. 10, 2008

MC @ 21 Sag.                                    Asc. @ 19 Sag.

n/PoF-n/Sun @ MC                           n/PoF-n/Sun @ Asc.

t/PoF @ 27 Sag.                                 t/Venus-t/Pluto @ 27 Sag.

t/Moon @ IC angle                            t/Moon @ IC angle

t/Mars-square-t/Sun                          t/Mars-conj.-t/Sun


As can be clearly seen, there are many significant connections between these two events. 

The transiting Moon at the IC angle of each chart marks each event as an inflection point in that life would greatly change.  After the sky-diving, Alexander initiated his studies and became a doctor.  After the coma and his NDE, he devoted his time to spreading his story and helping others to understand that dying is not the end, but is another beginning.

The Mars-Sun combinations in each chart highlighted the physical challenges that he had to overcome.  The Part of Fortune placements (PoF) point to his readiness to be challenged. 

Most interesting are the zodiac placements of the MC, Asc. and Venus at 21 Sagittarius.  This is a personal experience (Ascendant) in which he can bridge (Venus) between two worlds and be transformed and changed (Pluto).  With the 1975 chart’s MC being brought to the Asc. of the 2008 NDE chart, we can simply state that his sky-diving life’s status (of being miraculously saved from death) is now being faced and personally experienced in a protracted manner.

Alexander’s ‘problem’ about not meeting a loved one while in heaven.

Eban worried, after reading a number of books on the Near Death Experience, about why he had not met a loved one while in heaven.  That was the one ‘constant’ that each NDE recounting had that was missing from his experience.

The receiving of a photo, sent by a sister, of a deceased sister which he had never met, cleared up his worries.  The photo depicted the women who had escorted him on his several trips to heaven while in a comatose state. 

The chart for this March 3, 2009 receiving of that photo is shown below.  Notable is the Sky-Diving chart’s MC angle of 21 Sag., which was virtually the same as the illness-coma chart’s 19 Sag. Ascendant angle, is now at the Photo- chart’s Desc. angle; 21 Sag., near the n/PoF.  The person he had actually met in heaven, the Ascendant of the coma chart, was now before him in a photograph, representing the Desc. angle for that date.

All three charts are linked together.

AE Goethe Profile for photo-J

The March 3, 2009 chart for the date Alexander received the photo of a deceased sister whom he had never met is shown below.


From the chart and the table above we can surmise that this event was an ‘assurance’ event, that any doubts he had about his heavenly experience were unwarranted.  He could feel sure that his NDE was very real and fit an established profile.  I am disappointed that Venus, as a symbol of bridging the divide between the physical and spiritual world, is not prominent in this chart.  This will need to be explored in follow-on blogs.





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