Part 4: Dead, but still conscious !


Eban Alexander, surgeon and scientist, suffered a severe form of bacterial meningitis, was taken to the hospital, pronounced dead and hopeless in terms of recovery. While in a coma he visited heaven and was, upon waking a week later, able to recall in great detail all of his very exciting experiences and observations there.  This  blog covers those recountings and offers charts for that period.


This chart was posted in Part 3.  It is displayed for reference.  The situation this chart represents is briefly reviewed now.

  • At 4:30 AM Eban Alexander awakened with severe back pains.  These intensified and resulted in him being taken to the hospital where he lapsed into a coma.
  • Spinal taps revealed a severe case of bacterial meningitis.  His thinking functions of his brain were literally being eaten away.
  • Ascendant conjoined n/Sun-n/PoF; his vital signs and character were undergoing drastic changes.
  • t/Moon-IC pointed to changing conditions; these can relate to bodily fluids, blood-serum and the lymph system.  This keeps the interpretation within the context of his situation.
  • Interestingly, if we look at the midpoint of t/Sun-t/Moon, we find t/Chiron.  Sun-Moon balance is what life is all about.  In this pattern, Chiron signifies ‘adjustments’ in how one deals with balance and imbalance.  Interestingly, if we look at natal Sun and natal Moon, that midpoint is at the natal Chiron position.  We have a doubled-up pattern here.  Experience with these cyclic charts has shown that any doubled-up pattern which brings great emphasis to the interpretation.
  • n/Jupiter-Desc. activates the natal pattern of Jupiter-Sun-PoF.  This is tough to assign a meaning to within the context of the chart and situation.  Perhaps “opportunity requires the interaction of others acting on one’s behalf, taking chances to affect change.’

The medical team was at a loss of how to treat Alexander’s condition.  Everything they tried did not help in the least.  During the time that this hospital drama was going on, Eban Alexander was experiencing another reality.  I will briefly review the highlights of that recounting.

The reader can refer to Chapter 5 and following chapters in his book, “Proof of Heaven, a Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.”  This book can also be found on-line as a .pdf download.

Eban became aware of a darkness and a very deep, repeating pounding noise.  He became aware of root-like tangles above, around and below him.  Unpleasant smells and faint images made him uncomfortable.  He detected a faint light in the distance.  As he focused on this he seemed to move rapidly towards it.  He emerged high above a lush country side.  He was amazed to see that he was sitting on the wing of a butterfly with a beautiful girl sitting nearby.  He received three thoughts from her:  “You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever.  You have nothing to fear.  There is nothing you can do wrong.”

The girl was both herself and also an “orb” of light that focused the thoughts and presence of a vast being comprised of love and support.  He saw this light as being God.  Understanding of many issues became immediately apparent to him.  Eban came and went from/to this place while his physical self lay within a hospital bed, deep in a coma with a “dead/dying” totally unresponsive brain.

The book provides a deep and interesting narrative of his experiences in this ‘other place.’  It is not the mission of this posting to repeat that in any detail, only to note it as part of our astrological exploration.


The Advanced chart for Nov. 10th, 2008, a Monday, shows n/Sun-n/PoF-Asc.-t/Venus-t/Pluto-opposite-n/Jupiter-Desc.  The horizontal axis is an “experience” axis.  We might choose to see this as an enlightenment (Sun).  In this particular case note that this grouping at the chart’s Ascendant is also the midpoint of n/Asc-n/Mars-n/Neptune and n/Moon.  The natal Ascendant represents the way we choose to act within and experience one’s physical environment.  Eban is having a major (to say the least) experience at this time. 

Wednesday, two days after being admitted to the Emergency Room, was the day doctors expected to see a change in Eban Alexander’s condition if their various treatments were to have any effect.  Wednesday came and went.  No change, the infection was advancing without pause.  Things were looking very bad.

This narrative is instructive because in the midst of this severe situation we shift from the cycle of a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return cycle into a new cycle.  On that following Friday, Nov. 14, 2008, Eban’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return occurred.  That chart is shown below.


Notice that the very-close location of planets to chart angles in the earlier chart are largely absent here.  t/N.Node-Desc. (4 degrees), n/Saturn-IC (5 degrees) are the closest angular factors.  The N.Node-Desc. pattern represents a strong appreciation of interpersonal contacts.  (These would be demonstrated by later comments on the support given by his family while in a coma).  The relationship of this t/N.Node to the angular n/Saturn-IC indicates a structure and a lesson is somehow involved.  Let us examine t/Sun, t/Moon, and t/PoF as these often represent driving forces in the chart when angular planets are less present.

  • t/Mercury-t/Sun-t/Mars in 4th. This ordered grouping suggests an ingenuity in doing things or of finding alternatives.  One’s mental persistence helps to reach goals.  t/Sun-square-t/Neptune requires a struggle to keep focused on one’s ideals and intentions.
  • t/Moon (11th)-n/Jupiter-opp-n/Sun-n/PoF. Whenever Alexander has a Moon-opposite-Sun Return he activates his n/Jupiter-n/Sun-n/PoF pattern.  This is very much a natal-ingrained upbeat and happy pattern that brings a positive bent to his life.   In this chart a Grand-Square pattern is created with t/Saturn (2nd) opposite t/Uranus (8th).  The “status-quo” is broken, a change in the environment and a clarity (the full moon pattern) is found as to what one’s life-purpose (n/Sun) has to be is now to be achieved.  
  • t/PoF-square-n/Venus. Alexander will work/struggle to obtain a balance between change and what needs to remain a stable platform for his life.


Let us now move to the Nov. 16, 2008 chart which occurred on a Sunday.  The family had been praying consistently for Eban’s recovery.  Their church community and friends had joined in this effort as well.  This fits with the previously mentioned t/N.Node-Desc. pattern in the Return chart.  On Sunday morning as the doctors had gathered the family for a meeting to discuss their recommendation to stop all life-support efforts and accept that Eban would not be able to recover, Eban opened his eyes and looked around his hospital room.  He was back, fully conscious.

The angles have moved closer to t/N.Node and n/Saturn.  Most notable is:

  • t/PoF square t/Venus.  In the Return chart, t/PoF squared n/Venus.  It is the time to restore balance in one’s life.
  • t/Moon-n/Uranus-n/MC-opposite-t/Jupiter-n/Chiron.  Change (t/Moon) is now triggering his unique and personal life-status and life-goals (n/MC-n/Uranus)  and seizing (opposition) opportunity (Jupiter) to make big adjustments (t/Jupiter-n/Chiron) in his health and physical resources.
  • t/Sun-square-n/Pluto.  This is a transformational crises point.  One might choose to see this as Eban’s Creator (transiting Sun-God) bringing about a personal transformation (n/Pluto).

Upon opening his eyes, the whole family went to his room.  A tube was taken from his throat so that he could speak.  He was conscious, lucid and felt ready to rise from his bed and go home.  Of course, it wasn’t that easy.  He was weak.  Not all of his memory and logical facilities had yet returned.  It would take several days before he could leave the hospital.  Yet, a miraculous situation had happened.  Alexander’s brain had been subject to a total bacterial attack.  He had been brain dead.  The attack had actually destroyed his ability to have consciousness at any level.  Only his brain stem had partially functioned to keep basic body functions going along with help.  When he was later able to relate his unique visits to other places, nobody wanted to believe him or even listen to him.  We will address this post-sickness portion of his life in the next post.








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