The Story of Dr. Eban Alexander; A Near Death Experience — Part 1


eban-photo-4 Background

 Eban Alexandar was and is a neurosurgeon with many years of operating upon and repairing brains of patients with a variety of problems.  He was a scientist, an assistant professor at Harvard Mecical School as well as a surgeon.  At age 55 he became quickly ill and lapsed into a coma within hours.  This coma lasted seven days and was caused by a form of bacterial meningitis.  His outer brain was being eaten alive and had such a severe display of infection that the doctors could not offer any hope of recovery nor any form of treatment that would affect his illness.

While younger, Alexander was fascinated with flying and skydiving.  He had logged some 365 jumps.  One of them resulted in an almost fatal accident.  There is no date given for that event.  In 1976, at age 23, he gave up skydiving to concentrate on his studies.  Dr. Alexander devoted the beginning of his book to this flying experience, giving much detail to the near-miss with death that occurred on one jump in particular.  That issue will be addressed later.

Dr. Alexander’s natal chart


Let us look at his natal chart, located at Winston-Salem, N.C. where he spent his childhood and younger years, and where he did his flying which had, according to him, had an impact on his later career and Near Death Experience.

  • Uranus-MC;  One’s individuality is partly defined by the out-of-the-mainstream hobbies and interests one develops in life.  A unique lifestyle will include exploration and the adoption of advanced or new practices, plus a curiosity for whatever intriguing situations that arise.
  • Mars-Neptune-Asc.;  The pursuit of one’s dreams, being very present within uncertain situations where self-assurance is required.  Aggression and sensitivity will need to become partners in any personal endeavors.
  • Sun-Part-of-Fortune (PoF);  Risk taking, seeking out change, enjoying a challenge, is part of a promised lifestyle with this combination.
  • Sun-sextile-Moon;  Dr. Alexander will, while young, seek to establish his own identity and place within the family on his own terms.
  • Mercury-Venus in the 2nd;  His values and self-esteem is as much intellectual as it is the physical value that is accrued in life.  The appreciation of others, and by others, is much considered and noted by him.  Venus’ square to Pallas will likely display as an attempt to always accomplish something in the best way possible.  Self-esteem is linked to personal satisfactions.

From these few observations we can summarize the likely development of this subject’s chart into a lifestyle expression.  Eban Alexander will exhibit exceptional and different qualities that place him outside of the mainstream.  He will aggressively pursue his visions and dreams, mixing hard work and effort with a sensitivity to the needs of others.  Challenges are his spice-of-life, he can hardly resist them.  Seeking to establish his own identity at an early age, Alexander seems to have never stopped defining himself in new ways.  He has and will exhibit a solid blend of good taste in his surroundings with an appreciation for consistently proving himself as a worthy person.  His drive for both accomplishment and personal value related to what he does helps to build his self-esteem.

Looking ahead, we know that he had two big things happen in his life time outside of his medical career.  First, his parachuting almost cost him his life.  A near-miss averted a mid-air tragedy between parachutists.  Second, he actually died from  an infection by a bacterial meningitis which left him brain dead and in a coma for a week.  Can we see these events reflected in his natal chart?

In subsequent posts we will examine the two events; the parachute jump and the sudden illness that killed him.



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