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Part 5: Recovery, Discovery; the Wonder Of It All.

Following his Nov. 16, 2008 awakening from a coma, and a week of recovery to get most of his memory and motor functions restored, Eban went home on Nov. 25th, two days before Thanksgiving.  He was anxious to share his … Continue reading

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Part 4: Dead, but still conscious !

Eban Alexander, surgeon and scientist, suffered a severe form of bacterial meningitis, was taken to the hospital, pronounced dead and hopeless in terms of recovery. While in a coma he visited heaven and was, upon waking a week later, able … Continue reading

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Part 3; Sick Like You Wouldn’t Believe !

There comes a time when the ‘doctor is in’ but not as the doctor; instead — as the patient.  In the early morning hours of Nov. 10, 2008, Eban Alexandar awoke.  He was not feeling well.  As events later proved, … Continue reading

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Definitions for ‘Spiritual’ Planets

  As we launch ourselves into an astrological exploration of people’s lives and their achieving conscious awareness, as an event of great impact upon them, we may need to see our planetary symbols in a different light.  I have read … Continue reading

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Happy Endings

  Every story seeks to provide a happy ending.  Certainly Goethe’s fairy tale brought a satisfying conclusion to the ending.  The Prince and Lily came to a common place and commenced a life-love experience.  The Old Man with the Lamp … Continue reading

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Defining “Spiritual” Planets

Astrologers know the interpretive meanings of the planets.  When dealing with issues of Conscious Awareness, Perpetual Consciousness, Spiritual charts, etc. how do we view the meaning of a planet in a chart?  This is a separate question from ‘what type … Continue reading

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Part 2; Parachuting Isn’t A Walk In The Park

Playing detective to find a significant Saturday in the ‘autumn’ of 1975.  In making an effort to find a particular Saturday within a span of a few months time that presented factors relating to excitement, chance, danger, flying, death, etc., … Continue reading

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