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The Youth-Prince; a work in progress

The Youth-Prince enters the fairy tale from the Land of Dreams on the same side of the river as the Land of Spirit.  He is found on a path leading from the Ferryman’s dock by the Old Woman.  He is … Continue reading

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Goethe experiences a culmination of insights

On October 26, 1794 in Wiemar, Germany, Goethe had finished reading Schiller’s words and put those words and his own life’s thoughts and conclusions together in such a way that we might say he experienced a sudden conscious awareness.  In … Continue reading

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The Role of Will, Will of the Wisps

  Will, of the Wisps, is a strange little man with one peculiar talent; he sheds gold. Of course he also has to restock the gold that he sheds, but that is another story.  Will is liked for his free … Continue reading

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Goethe’s Illness at Age 18

Johann Goethe had started his studies at Leipzig University.  Shortly before his 19th birth day he came down with a severe illness, hemorrhaging of the lungs.  This condition was hard to treat.  There was no specific protocol for treating this … Continue reading

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