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Lilly talking to SnakeThe Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily is a fairy tale written in 1794 by Johann Goethe, a German Philosopher, writer, playwright and influential figure who is revered to this day.  This imaginative tale is associated with Goethe’s own journey toward ‘conscious awareness’ and his desire to help others to become better humans and citizens, to find their soul-self’s life purpose.

There are four writings that are suggested for your first reads.

  • The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily.  There is a lot of astrological symbolism in this fairy tale.  All of Goethe’s dialog is included in this retelling.  Additional or expanded scenes and words have been added for the purpose of enriching the characters and better presenting the astrological characteristics included.
  • The Role of the Characters.  Each character’s role and nature are summarized. For those not versed in symbolism, this writing may clarify the tale’s details and plot.
  • Conscious Awareness via Inspiration:  Goethe.  The life of Goethe, his birth chart, the charts relating to his Conscious Awareness experience, and charts relating to a prior crises in his life are presented.  Over time, many contemporary charts can be presented and examined wherein the subjects have gained conscious awareness, a spiritual awakening, and a point of great change in their life.  The people’s charts all have similar patterns to Goethe’s relevant charts.
  • The astrological charting method used.  There are a great many charting approaches used in astrological examinations.  The method used for this blog post and project is ideally matched to the nature of these deeply personal and significant experiences.

This blog site will be built up, expanded and enriched over time.  Visitors may watch this, read the comments or write their own comments.  If you find this unique site interesting please like the site and let your friends know of your interest.  Dave




About dadsnook

Dave has been exploring cyclic astrology since the mid-1970's. CYCLIC astrology utilizes both Return charts and planetary-pair cycles for short-term prediction. These practices and four years of archived material are available for study or reading at A new book, Personal Prediction ISBN 978-9-615-63033-5, has been published and the MC-Solar Cycle technique is now supported through a recognized software provider so that all students and practicing astrologers can apply these techniques for their own use. Recently, Dave has been exploring a new charting format:, transiting Moon to natal Sun Return charts. These moon-sun returns show how see seek to maintain or deal with change in our lives. A book is expected to be released in 2015. Contact Dave for details at Dave is a retired business systems analyst and automation systems engineer, enjoys woodcarving and tarot in addition to astrology.
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