Blog 7; Assessment of Ganagi’s Goethe Awareness Profile.

Gangaji photo 1

Gangaji’s experiences, especially those while in India with her teacher Papaji, differ significantly from some of those we have previously examined.  With the exception of Goethe and Shirley MacLaine, we were dealing with those who had a physical challenge which led to a contact experience with something greater and outside of themselves.  Goethe had a culmination of portions of an evolving philosophical discovery that brought him a sudden clarity.  MacLaine had an out-of-body experience that both opened a door to continuing discoveries and proved to her that her prior conclusions were real and concrete.

Gangaji was much like Goethe and MacLaine in that she both had a prior personal crises that sensitized her to a greater self-awareness and a continuing life path of discoveries that brought a ‘culmination’ experience of recognizing a point of significant ‘conscious awareness.’  This came in the period of May 28th to May 31st, 1990.  Papaji was told that she loved him and wanted to thank him in some way for helping her.  In response, he surprised her by asking her to give him her life, to go and teach and share with others what she, herself, now knew to be true.  She was shocked, but she answered with a quiet ‘Yes.” 

Be told that she was to be the teacher of others initially shocked her.  Her husband was the ‘teacher’ in her mind.  Yet, she had been charged with the task of leading others towards their point of self-awareness.  She wanted to rebel against this but she was molded in her mind to act purely on her thoughts, not on her desires.  How could she be true to herself and say ‘No.’  Yet, she tried to forestall this acceptance of Papaji’s directive by wanting to stay with him.  He was quite firm.  He demonstrated this by immediately taking out a train schedule for the first step on returning home, and sent her on her way.  He also acted on his thoughts.  Gangaji was ready.

Looking at her charts for this period, as was done in the previous posts, and at the Goethe Profile for Gangaji’s t/Moon-n/Sun Return for May 25th, 1990, we find that she did not fit the set of conditions that we had come to expect!  The form is shown below.

Ganaji Profile form

What stands out, from the ‘to-be-expected’ patterns, is transiting and natal Venus both being in the angular 4th house of endings and beginnings.  In my suggested ‘list of spritual attributes for planets’ I note that Venus represents the faculty of ‘connectedness and harmony, of balance, and of love.’  What Ganagaji had previously felt to be her Venus-qualities had ended and been replaced by a deeper, more profound set of Venus-qualities.  We see this in her comments about following Papaji on a tour through the dirty, squalid market place of Hardwar, India.  Her first thoughts were about how this scene contrasted so drastically with quiet peacefulness of Papaji’s home and presence.  She then came to realize that this same acceptance and peacefulness could still be seen and felt just below the surface of the noise, dirt and chaos of the marketplace.  What she saw could be replaced by what she felt and saw through her inner spirit.  Suddenly, all became beautiful and understandable. 

She also came to realize acceptance and peacefulness after she returned home and got over the shock of not being in Papaji’s direct presence.  He was still with her in so many ways, she was able to transition to the teacher that she had become and to start to find her voice and audience.  Some of this ‘directive’ can be seen with t/Chiron-t/Jupiter in the 7th house of her chart.  Jupiter is associated with socialness and expanded opportunities that can be had.  Many say that Jupiter brings this ‘luck’ to one.  In this case, at least, Jupiter provides the opportunity but one must choose to take it for their own.  t/Chiron might represent the ‘hurt’ of leaving Papaji, it might also represent the life time of hurts and disappointments that she had carried to India, and had now left there. 

So, back to the Goethe Profile and Gangaji.  If it doesn’t fit our expectations, what do we do?  Can we ‘weasle word’ the profile to make it fit.  That doesn’t seem appropriate.  We can go back to a technique that I advanced in my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, in which we view the houses of the chart in their most basic form.

  • Angular houses, 1, 4, 7, 10 are ‘action houses. Planets there indicate how we take action to serve our needs in our daily life.
  • Succeedant houses, 2, 5, 8, 11 are feeling houses. Planets in these chart areas seek to enjoy and maintain comfort and stability in the face of life’s many challenges.
  • Cadent houses, 3, 6, 9 and 12 are thinking houses. Planets in these locations lead us to first conceive of, dwell upon, and formulate ideas and needs that we might choose to bring into physical fruition.


Gangaji had completed a process of learning, of becoming sensitive and aware of the world, her world, in a very new and exciting way.  Life had become clearer, simpler, more rewarding because her mind and heart had melded into one intellectual force.  She had become very much ‘cadent’ house oriented.  So, in that light, let us change our view of her chart just as she had changed her view of her life.

We will shift the MC back to the cusp of the Ninth House, the Asc. back to the cusp of the 12th house using the faculty of my software program to do this.  This chart is shown below.


In doing this ‘spiritual-intellectualized’ chart, we find the natal-relocated angles are located now in the chart’s natural angles — in other words we have a realignment of the cycle with the natal chart.  Gangaji has been reborn!  t/Sun is at the Descendant angle, her orientation is directed outward to others.  Her t/Moon is in the 7th, she empathizes with others.  The fact that t/Moon-conjoins-n/Sun is a factor of this being a Return chart.  All of the other planet patterns remain the same, only our viewing orientation has changed.  t/Venus-n/Venus is in the 5th house of love and speculation and resk-taking.  t/PoF is in the middle of the cluster of t/Uranus-t/Neptune-t/Saturn in the 2nd house of self-esteem.  This is an important outer-planet pattern:

Feeling separated from society and experiencing a sense of alimentation from others.  Difficulties in empathizing with others at first.  One must learn to honor their own uniqueness and define the practical role they can play for others.  One can be strongly independent and creative in helping others.

These three planets defined, for some people at that point in time, a special role that they could take upon themselves within the world.  Gangaji’s t/PoF along with the opposition to t/Chiron and t/Jupiter, activated this pattern within her.  She rose to the opportunity and the challenge.

Since this is an unconventional approach for most astrologers, I leave to you to consider these thoughts.  If you accept them, then Gangaji’s graduation to self-realization is very understandable. If not, then perhaps you can suggest alternatives or decide that this charting method is not quite right for understanding this woman, this situation.

In any case, it is interesting from an astrological point of view.



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Blog Six; Gangai Grudgingly ‘Graduates’ To Teacher Status

Gangaji photo 3After several weeks with Papaji in Hardwar, India, while experiencing many inner revelations, Gangaji has reached a point where she expresses great gratitude to Papaji and asks what she might give him in return for what she has received.  He simply tells her that she now has a life mission to go and share with others what he has shared with her.  Gangaji is astounded, totally caught off-guard.  Her husband, Eli, is a teacher.  She is not.  Oh, yes, she is a teacher.

Under the clarity of Papaji’s gaze and with her love for him, she simply agrees.  Still, she is reluctant to actually leave his presence.  Below is an Advanced chart for May 31, 1990, derived from the May 25, 1990 Moon-Sun Return.


Following our practice for investigating Advanced charts, we will look for 1) angular planets, 2) t/Sun position and aspects, 3) t/Moon position and aspects, 4) t/PoF position and aspects, 5) any doubled up planet patterns, and 6) the expanded meanings provided by playing astrological hop-scotch (looking at natal or transiting versions of transiting or natal planets).

Angular Planets:  t/Uranus-Asc. opposite t/Jupiter-Desc., both square t/PoF. Converting this astro-pattern to english, we might say:  A surprising development (Uranus-Asc.) forces (opposition) Gangaji to accept an opportunity (Jupiter-Desc.) that will challenger (square) her by changing-upsetting (PoF) her plans for her life (4th house — the end and start of things).

transiting Sun:  t/Sun (intentions, direction, self-esteem) opposes the n/Ascendant and is at the n/Desc (others are part of your decisions) and conjoins n/Saturn (one’s sense of duty, responsibility).  Both are challenged (square) by her emotions and reaction to this sudden turn of events (t/Moon) brought to her (conjunction) by her association (natal N.Node) with Papaji.

t/Moon:  Feelings (Moon) are amplified (conjunction) by the association (N.Node) she has with Papaji and his sharing of his mission and commitment (eighth house) to a goal (Leo).

t/Part of Fortune:  Chance and change (t/PoF) is fueled by strong action (t/Mars) through decisions and communication (third house).  Papaji has totally galvanized Gangaji’s views of her role in life and ability to teach.

There are no doubled-up planet patterns.

Astrological hop-scotch and alternative planets:  n/Sun squares the n/MC.  Any change in her perception of herself will immediately challenge her to set and/or modify her life goals.  She lives and acts according to her mind-set.  Natal Moon doesn’t play an overly active role in this chart, although it has supportive influences.  n/PoF conjoins t/Pluto; Gangaji is prone, at this phase of her life as transiting Pluto moves through this area of her chart, to accept change in her life.

So, let us review these few days of time as she prepares for, and actually leaves India for her new life as a teacher.  Gangaji told Papaji, on the date of this chart, that she did not want to leave his presence.  Papaji immediately took out a train schedule and told her what train to catch so as to be able to reach the airport in time to catch a flight back to her home in Hawaii.  This was an abrupt decision — Gangaji was not the only one who acted as she thought.  She and Eli left India.



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Blog Five; Gangai Completes Her Lessons

Gangaji and Papaji photo

About two weeks after arriving at Papaji’s home in Hardwar, India, Gangaji became very ill.  When she asked for treatment, Papaji told her to endure the fever for a day before taking an effective local remedy.  That process worked out well.  The change in her environment such as the crowded conditions and the heat, the different food, and changes in her personal routines and attitude may have all contributed to her discomfort.  A range of charts for that period do not show anything definitive in terms of illness. 

In the days following, Gangaji enjoyed a lot of group time and personal time with her teacher.  A close friend who accompanied her on the trip expressed jealousy over her recognition by Papaji.  When asked about this jealousy, Papaji answered, “It is to be expected.”  With all of his experience in the army, as an engineer and businessman, he was very well grounded in reality.  He recognized, and wanted Gangaji to also know this, that people always wanted to be close to their teacher.  There was to be no favorites, as such.  If a student progressed further and faster, that student would be given the help required.  Any others would be helped as was possible. 

Gangaji learned many lessons.  One such lesson came from her walks through the town’s crowded marketplace with the food stalls, beggars, crowded conditions and squalid nature.  How could one be ‘spiritual’ under such noisy and crowded conditions with to many clamoring for help to survive one more day.  The lesson, of course, was that there was no such distractions within oneself.  With this realization, the beauty that lay underneath the squalid conditions, the beggars, the busy market place burst through into her consciousness.  What one saw depended upon where one was coming from.  It may be hard for each of us, reading this, to grasp this.  I recommend reading Gangaji’s book, Just Like You, chapter twelve.  Let us look at her t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for May 25, 1990, a few days before she left India.


t/Moon-to-n/Sun is in the sixth house.  This squares t/Mars (3rd) which opposes n/MC, n/Neptune in the 9th.  The Moon-Sun-in-6th tells us that personal adjustments are needed in order to deal with relationships — the 6th house has a 12th-house relationship to the 7th house which represents relationships.  Think about that if it doesn’t make sense at first.  The t/Mars-opposite-n/MC-n/Neptune suggests that one’s guiding vision and expectations (n/MC-n/Neptune) has to be worked at, is a challenge that needs effort to reach.  Being square to the t/Moon-n/Sun  position means that her mindset and her vision of where she is going and how she will conduct herself will need an outpouring of effort and work.

If we play astrological hopscotch and jump from n/Neptune to t/Neptune, we find that t/Neptune-conjoins-t/Part-of-Fortune.  To accomplish her change in career and direction, some big change will be experienced.  What might that be?  The three days from May 28 to May 31, 1990 are important to answering that question.  Let us Advance the Return chart from May 25th to May 28th.

GangajiADV 5-28-1990


t/Sun, now in the 5th house (due to angular movement forward) moving away from Saturn.  Inhibitions, limitations (Saturn) will fall away and free up Gangaji’s intentions and life direction (Sun).  t/Moon has just passed n/Mars (emotions peak and will now subside a bit) as n/Pluto is conjoined.  As emotions fade, the recognition of inner change will replace anxiety.  Gangaji will, obviously, pass from uncertainty into a knowing that she has changed and can deal with these changes.   Next, we look at t/PoF; this ever-moving point in the chart is approaching the n/South Node and will square the t/Sun.  We might say of this that 1) dealing with ‘change’ will require her to go within herself (S.Node) and use her acquired skills and knowledge to help affect change.  The square to the Sun will require a re-orientation of her self-image and accepted direction in life.

So, how does this interpretive view actually fit with Gangaji’s life in India in this period?

Gangaji had reached a point near her planned departure date.  She did not want to leave.  In panic she rushed over to Papaji’s house.  Ignoring her panic, he asked her to go back to the West and share his message.  She assured him that that was a big mistake, she was not ready to be a teacher.  “I know nothing about teaching.”  Eli, her husband was the teacher, not she.  She had not read any books, knew nothing of Indian culture and teaching.  “Just right,” was Papaji’s answer. “Only speak from your direct experience.  Simply speak from your realization.”  After some thought, Gangaji replied, “All right.”  His answer was, “Don’t worry.  You will have help.”  “You now have a life where you have to speak the truth, live the truth.  A life in which there is not room for the lie.”

On the 31st of May, Gangaji and her husband, Eli, returned to Hawaii.  Her new life would be prepared for and initiated. 



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Blog Four; Gangaji Goes To India, Meets Her Teacher

Gangaji photo 1Note:  The charts portrayed in this posting utilize an astrological charting program called ‘StarFisher.’  StarFisher is a ‘free-to-download’ and ‘easy-to-use’ program.  Instructions for its downloading and use to create Moon-to-Sun Returns is provided in the menu selections.  For those who do not have their own software or find it difficult to use on-line software, the use of StarFisher is recommended.


Our first chart is a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for April 1, 1990, several days before Gangaji was to arrive in India, travel to Lucknow, and then onward to Hardwar, India where the teacher that Eli had found made his summer home.  Let us look at that chart now.

NEW Gangaji ADV 4-08-1990

Of immediate notice is t/Saturn-Asc. and t/Pluto-t/PoF-MC.  Saturn on the Ascendant suggests experiencing something sobering, requiring attention and concentrated effort.  Pluto-MC points to a transformation of her life goals and self-image that she projects to the world.  The inclusion of the t/PoF with t/Pluto-MC highlights the personal impact of this cycle/period upon her.   t/Moon conjoins n/Sun-n/Mercury in the fifth house; the focus is being “an actor or one who enjoys the temporary situation they are part of, promoting a new program, having a strong love nature and high confidence.  Being true to one’s self.”  We can also take note of n/Venus close behind the IC angle; this supports the self-balance and love nature she is experiencing at this time.

With t/Pluto at the MC, we have to note n/Pluto-n/Mars near the Desc. angle, this transformative process indicated by this Return chart will involve the efforts of another person (the Descendant).  Mars represents a challenging energy from another.  Note that n/PoF is near the t/PoF-MC-Pluto pattern, highlighting the ‘changeful’ nature of this cycle in a big way.

  • We should take time to note the role of Pluto and the role of the Part of Fortune in this chart.  First, n/Pluto (placed in the 7th house here, natal 8th house) is a personal trigger point which might be actuated at any point in our life.  The impact-scale may be negligible, significant or even overwhelming if other factors in the chart and in the context of our daily social life support it. 
  • Second, t/Pluto in a Return or Advanced chart, when angular, is likely to signal a life-change of some significance.  When the n/Pluto and t/Pluto are ‘doubled up’ at/near the angles, change is more than “in the wind,” it is coming on strong.
  • Third, t/Part of Fortune (PoF) brings change into one’s daily routine.  Whereas Pluto can signify big change on a wider social scale, PoF is more focused on one’s daily flow of life.  We can view these two as ‘big changes’ and ‘small changes’ if we wish.
  • Fourth n/PoF is where (in our chart) we are most receptive or sensitive to change.  Gangaji’s natal PoF, located in Hardwar, India, is near the cusp of the 12th house; she will find her private beliefs and needs subject to change and revision.
  • Fifth, when the n/PoF and t/PoF are doubled up, chaos, chance and change are very much likely to occur.  It is unavoidable.

Upon arriving in India, Gangaji and Eli, and others who journeyed with them, went to Lucklow only to find that the guru that Eli wanted them to meet had moved north to Hardwar where the summer heat was more tolerable.  Hardwar is another typical Indian city-town, located on the River Gangi, crowded and seemingly chaotic and very poor.  It was late afternoon when they arrived at a small modest home.  They were greeted by a smiling man whom they would come to know as Papaji.  Let us look at the chart for this date, April 8, 1990.

NEW Gangaji ADV 4-08-1990

The horizontal axis as moved on, the Descendant now in contact with n/Pluto, with t/Pluto-n/PoF still at the MC angle.  So, the doubled-up Pluto emphasis is maintained.  There are many other aspect patterns to take note of.  As is typical for Advanced charts, after looking at the angular activity we take note of 1) t/Sun, 2) t/Moon, 3/t/PoF and any doubled up planets.

  • t/Sun, on the cusp of the 3rd house of learning and communication, squares t/Neptune; Gangaji will be challenged by new ideals and visions.
  • t/Moon will contact the n/MC on this date; she will feel an important recognition. Since n/Neptune is close to the n/MC in this Indian location, we have a doubled up Neptune.  Her spiritual views will be rebuilt and tested.
  • t/PoF opposes t/Venus from the seventh to first houses; Gangaji will be changed by the love received from another person.

In the last posting it was noted that her new teacher, called Papaji, was an older Punjabi man, very tall with the biggest smile one could imagine.  She and her party were made welcome and invited into his home.

In the next posting we will review her experiences there, as related in her book, Just Like You.


For those who study and wish to use this form of charting (Returns and Advanced charts), the simple techniques noted in this posting should be carefully studied.  No complex interpretations are needed, only simple keyword phrases are need to explain planets in aspect.  The angles provide added meaning: the Asc. is what we experience, the Desc. is what other bring to our life, the MC represents our goals and public image, the IC indicates what is ending or starting.  Putting several such statements together brings a more sophisticated or combined meaning.  We look for both supportive statements (like Pluto at the MC, and PoF doubled up, for example) and for those patterns that don’t fit with each other.  Those things that don’t fit are indicative of the complexities in our individual life, the multiple paths that twist through our life which must be dealt with.


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Sick computer iconAn update.  My computer software has a bug in its calculation routine for some forms of charting — such as Advanced diurnal charts.  This should be easy to replicate but my software provider can not duplicate the problem.  Software corrections have been sent, work for a moment, then revert to not working.  Strange.  I will attempt to have the software developer remote connect into my computer on Tuesday to see what is going on and to fix it.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience to all of us.  Thanks for being patient.  Dave.

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Software Issues

I am currently experiencing software issues.  It may take a few days to resolve the errors that the software is producing.  I will try to work around these issues if I can.


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Blog Three: Gangaji Goes Searching

Gangaji photo 4

Following her physical collapse, Gangaji was deeply fatigued.  It took some time, hours and days, to recover and feel more normal.  She and Eli took that time to reflect, to ask, “What have we done?”  That answer was obvious, they had built a lifestyle that perfectly suited their interests and then let that lifestyle totally dominate the hours in each day. 

Acupuncture, enneagrams, neurolinguistic programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and dance were their interests.  Eli had created the Pacific Center for Sacred Studies as the basis for offering these diverse subjects.  Gangaji was doing less, but always doing what interested her most in those area.

The whirlwind had to slow down.  Being so busy that one had to eat out every night after a long day of interaction was not allowing them time to be themselves and to be part of each other’s life.  That fall they closed Eli’s Center and moved to Maui in Hawaii.  Here, Eli reopened the Pacific Center for Sacred Studies.  The pace of life was slower in this setting.  At night there was no traffic on the roads, all was quiet except for the sounds of nature. 

KauaiRiverGroto 044On a stormy day, Gangaji and Eli were married in a large mountain cave (this may have been the Kuai River Grotto),  Many guests were not able to make the event due to the weather.  Those that did and a few who just happened by joined in the celebration.   A photo that I took during a 2005 trip to the Grotto is shown at the right.  We took a short river cruise to reach the cave which is more like a huge hole in the side of the cliffs (which can be seen extending upward at the top right of the photo.  The Grotto may be 75 feet or more high and a few hundred feet deep at the most.  Large terrace-like steps lead up to it.  Many parties are held here with bands.  The natural shape of the grotto amplifies the sound wonderfully.

While the activities and setting of their new home was perfect, there was still something missing.  All of the questions to herself didn’t provide an answer as to what was missing.  She needed a teacher, the first teacher she would have.  In Maui, a friend came to visit.  His nature was very relaxed, seemingly enlightened.  Conversation revealed that he had spent time with a man who had returned from India in a much-changed condition from his previous personality.  He had spent time with a guru of some sort.  Gangaji made up her mind, she would visit this man.  Back to the mainland from Maui.  This new man was indeed very different.  Gangaji sat with him for a month.  Eli had travel commitments and could not stay. 

Gangaji’s new mentor would not say who he had spent time with in India. While helpful, and sharing of much of his experience, not all was revealed or imparted.  Gangaji was a bit disappointed. Meanwhile Eli had come across a lead while in India.  With some luck and persistence he found someone who knew of the person Gangaji was studying with, and who he had learned from while in India.  Tracking him down, Eli stayed five days with him and then returned to tell his wife of his discovery.

Gangaji was soon to go to India. 

Web Page for StillnessBefore we get to Gangaji’s trip to India, the reader may wish to get a sample of what is to come.  Go to http://www.gangaji. org.  You will see a large photo at the top of the page with an arrow at the right side.  Use that arrow to scroll over to the photo shown here.  Click on this video link to hear and view Gangaji talk about discovering stillness.  This is at the core of her teachings.  After many tries at meditation I was unable to follow what other had written about that practice.  Once I heard Gangaji talk about stillness and the word “stop” I was able to completely clear my mind.  I hope to pursue some of what she presents.  This web site is rich in additional resources.  I think you will enjoy it.

There is no astrology for this blog session.  The story is so interesting and different that I don’t wish to take away from it.  Gangaji book, Just Like You, confirms that she has all the same doubts and joys and challenges that we all have.  Yet, she also has a different inner strength and peace.  Those who have been in her company note the energy that radiates from her.  We will learn more in time.

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