Lori’s Own Words . . .

The following are Lori’s own words describing the accident and her NDE.  This is a story that any of us could experience.  Following these words, I will again post her Advanced chart for the date of her accident so that we may ‘see’ her life within her chart.

My life came to a startling halt when a large truck smashed into the driver’s side of my small car. The impact crunched my vehicle like aluminum foil. The initial force thrust my seat to the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Rescue workers used the jaws-of-life to extract me from the wreckage. Notified of the accident, my husband sped wildly to the hospital.

The accident resulted in extensive swelling to the left side of my brain, broken ribs and a collapsed lung, and lower back injuries. Being in good physical condition at the time of the accident, I was spared internal injuries.

The doctors stated to family that if I did not regain consciousness and the brain’s swelling continued, they would have to operate to relieve the pressure. Brain damage or neurological impairments were possible.

Family remained at my bedside, hoping that I would regain consciousness. While friends and family prayed for me, my spirit traveled to a vividly colorful yet familiar place – my grandparents’ house (both had passed away prior to the accident). Their environment was lucid, tranquil, appreciative and loving. All the flowers, environment and people radiated this intense saturation of love and communicated telepathically.

In this dreamlike encounter, I was again an animated child of five soaring on my favorite swing set. Grandpa was close-by working in his garden. Grandma was on her way to walk the grassy, wooded trail along the creek that Grandpa kept neatly manicured. For prayer time, she referred to it as her rosary path. As I stood at the base of the rosary path next to the St. Francis statue surrounded by roses, I was no longer a child of five but a woman. As Grandma looked down to me from her path, she asked me to come with her in her strong Czechoslovakian accent. In a melancholy yet courageous voice I told her that I had to go now.


We would pay greater attention to the recent Lunar Eclipse near her natal Mars.  Mars can equate to accidents, hurt, blood, surgery. This Lunar Eclipse squares n/Neptune and t/Pluto.  Neptune equates to drunkenness, anesthesia, medicines, unconsciousness.  Pluto equates to irrevocable change, devastation, life-death-rebirth.  Together, these two outer planets also relate to spiritual and paranormal experiences.

If we look at n/Mars then we also have to look at t/Mars which squares n/Pluto — this, in effect, ‘doubles up’ the Mars-square-Pluto pattern — a dangerous pattern indeed.  Lori’s words of the doctors concerns about brain swelling and lasting damage were well founded.  

In our next posting the ‘Goethe Conscious Awareness Profile’ will be compared to Lori’s chart.  Dave.



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Part 4: A New Life

Lori book photo

I have been re-reading Jane Roberts book on the Magical Approach to Creative Living, which is a “Seth” book.  Seth, speaking through Jane, talks of the rational or logical mind and how it perceives life and attempts to find solutions.  The ‘magical’ approach to living is intuitive and trusts the universal-creative-All That Is energy and cosmic connections to explore the past-present-future probabilities for us and to then bring together the events and experiences that will lead our life forward in the most creative and productive manner.  In that light, let us consider Lori’s life before and after the accident and NDE that she had.

1)  Married to the second alcoholic husband which was not working out for her.  2)  The husband traded in a pick-up truck for a small compact car to save money during her long commute to work each day.  3)  A week later she was hit broadside by a drunk driver.  4) Unconscious, she had a NDE and visited her very recently departed grandmother.  5)  During the visit she made a conscious decision to return to life.  6)  Sometime later she divorced her husband and 7) assumed her family name — Lori D. Carlson Marchell.  8)  Lori became more involved in her spiritual life.  (9  Lori took up a musical career, playing keyboard for a gospel and faith-based band, 10) wrote a book (pictured above).  All of the elements needed to change an unproductive life were put into place and experienced.  Think about this.

Edited to add:  Point 7 was an important symbolic step, affirming a new identity and life purpose.  The book provided a solidification of that purpose, sharing her intentions with many others.  Her artwork and her music unleashed creative and intuitive powers that enriched her life.  Neptune in the fourth indicated a foot in both the physical world and the spiritual-cosmic-solul world.  How wonderful!







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Part 3: After It Happened

Lori photo-1

We need to keep in mind the circumstances of Lori’s life before and immediately following her accident.  We can post her advanced chart again as a reference tool.


n/Neptune was in her natal 4th house.  We learned that Lori had married twice, both husbands were alcoholics.  The recent Lunar eclipse very near n/Mars (square her Neptune) opposed n/Moon and n/N.Node was a message that it was time (Moon) to act (Mars) concerning her present husband.  This pattern seemed also to relate to her accident; a drunk driver attacked (ran into her). leaving her unconscious (Neptune) during which time she visited (associations, unions) her beloved, deceased grandmother (spiritual, other world Neptune).  The t/Moon-n/Part of Fortune and the t/PoF-n/Asc. combined to trigger these events.  The earlier Solar eclipse near the n/Asc was also likely a major influence in terms of sensitizing Lori to fully experience the full impact of Sun, Moon, Part of Fortune (Moon-expressing-the-Sun, male-female) symbolism.

So, how did Lori’s life change after this seemingly tragic event?  Lori regained consciousness shortly after the accident while in the hospital.  Her parents were there.  Her ‘spiritual’ visit with her grandparents, the decision to return to the physical world, the retained memory of her visit gave her much to think about.  A short time later she divorced her husband, became more spiritually aligned in her thoughts and outlook on life.  Music became a bigger factor in her life (Neptune).  She became involved in gospel and religious musical groups.  The lead photo shows her at the keyboard — she plays with a band.  Lori also wrote a book, using her dog as the foil for illustrating her belief system and the experience and application of life[s many lessons.

As I write this, I am on vacation on Cape Cod.  The internet service is slow, my ten year old laptop is even slower.  I have much more material on Lori’s story but I cannot presently retrieve it.  As it is, it has taken me almost two hours to put this posting together.  It will likely be several days before I can successfully post again.  Dave 

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Part 2: The Day It Did Happen!

Lori photo-2In the previous posting the charts noted a earlier Lunar eclipse close to 14 Aquarius and a pre-natal Solar eclipse near 15 Aquarius.   By definition and astronomical rules, the Lunar eclipse was near a node, in this case both the natal South Node and transiting North Node.  Note also that n/Moon was opposite at 10 Leo.  This is a lot of Moon-and-Node energy all lined up at this axis of the zodiac.  How might this have played into Lori’s experiences?

Note that the photo to the left may not be representative of Lori near the time of her NDE. In any case it shows a happy and confident lady in her middle adult years

First, we will look at a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, dated Sept. 16, 1990, almost two weeks prior to her NDE.  For all such Return and Advanced charts we start with planets at/near the angles.  The angles represent the places of power in our chart — planets there can more easily be expressed.  As the angles of the Return chart, and the advancing angles of the Advanced chart, come into contact with natal or transiting planets, things tend to happen.  So, what have we got here?  t/Uranus-MC; sudden happenings can redirect the goals in your life and your self-image.  n/Pallas is now fading into the 12th house side of the Ascendant; its linkage to generational ties is diminishing (this may relate to the recent loss of your grandmother).  Nothing else is closely angular except for n/PoF in the 10th — if anything, this seems to back up t/Uranus in terms of changes coming in 10th house matters.

The second thing we look for is t/Sun and t/PoF, even if these are not angular.  For angular planets, in this case t/Uranus, we look for the natal version of that planet.  t/Sun at 23 Virgo is in the 6th house, mostly devoid of major aspects.   The t/Sun represents one’s self-identity, character, decision-making and intentions.  With no major aspects one can assume that Lori will take a pragmatic approach to life in this period, dealing with whatever comes up.   t/PoF (n/PoF in the 10th, square the n/MC) conjoins n/Venus-n/Chiron and opposes t/Venus-t/Ceres-t/Mercury-n/Pluto.  This is a lot to understand.  We have ‘change’, ‘talking-travel’, major life cycles or events (Ceres), ‘finding balance,’ and a need for self-transformation.  (I’m just using keywords for each planet symbol).  Out of this string of words we get the sense things will work out such that new ideas and values will come to her in various ways that will help her re-shape her life.

What we have to not forget is that Solar Eclipse of a couple of months earlier at 29 Cancer, near her n/Asc.  After a ‘darkness’ a ‘clarity’ will emerge that she can take action upon.


If we, as an astrologer advising Lori, were to advance the Return chart day-by-day to see what might happen on whatever day, we would come upon the Advanced chart for Sept. 27, 1990 — shown above.  What might we note about this day in particular?

1) The MC angle had moved into contact with t/Neptune and n/PoF.  Lori’s natal chart had n/Neptune-square-n/Mars — where is t/Mars in this chart?   Now, keep your mind flexible; t/Mars squares n/Pluto, and t/Pluto-conjoins-n/Neptune.  All of this links into t/Neptune-MC-PoF !   It is just the way that astrology works in these natal charts.  Natal and transiting planets both are part of the game.  So, let us play the keyword game again for each of these planets:  ideals-chance-transformation-spirituality-anger/hurt- irrevocable change.  A frightening grouping of words. 

Perhaps a rational astrologer might simply say, “Hey, look, there is a lot of heavy stuff likely to happen today.  We’ve got eclipse affecting you on a personal level (natal Ascendant) and affecting actions that you take and mechanical things that you touch (n/Mars).  Other people will play a role in this (n/N.Node opp. n/Mars) due to what they say, where you go (n/Mercury-t/N.Node).  If you can stay home and play ‘sick’ you might avoid today’s consequences.  You can pay in cash before you leave, please.”  

Lori NDE-JSo, let us look at the day’s events.  Lori commuted an hour to work each day, driving a pick-up truck.  Her husband swapped the truck out for a manual-shift small car, hoping to save a lot on gas money.  While approaching a left turn, Lori was hit by another vehicle on the drivers door, knocked unconscious, and taken by ambulance to the hospital.  There was no blinding light, no tunnel, no heavenly singing, no visit to the place of angles.  Somehow she sense being held protectively, then visiting her recently-deceased grandmother and grandfather.  Her grandfather was tending his garden at the home they used to live in.  Her grandmother was up along a path the rose up to the top of a small hill.  Lori was thrilled to visit the favorite people in her life.  The grandmother mentioned for her to come up the hill.  Lori declined, “I have to go back.”  She awoke in the hospital with her parents standing over her.

This is Lori’s Near Death Experience.  It is likely to be more typical than many of the highly dramatized tellings we come across on the Internet or in books.  Yet, it is a valid NDE.   Why?  Because it changed her life!  We will go into that in the next posting.  











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Part 1: It Happened To Her, It Could Happen To You!

Photo-4This story will resonate with many of my readers as it concerns a young woman living a somewhat ‘normal’ life, married, working, concerned about finding herself and a better path to her future.  Her name is Lori D. Marchell Carlson and she lives in Sanborn, New York.  Lori was born Feb. 17, 1962.  From our discussions, we have selected a time of 3:30 PM as best representing her character and life.

When using t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns the ratio of the Moon’s rate of daily advance to the Sun’s rate of daily advance is 12:1 or more.  Timing is more flexible as the MC is likely to be accurate within a few degrees at most. Everyone born on the same day will have the same MC position within 7 or so degrees due to the ratio of daily motion.  But, first, we will need to understand Lori and how her chart reflects life for her.


The phase relationship between the Sun and the Moon is the “analyst” phase (Moon is 135 to 180 degrees ahead of the Sun).  This suggests that you are adapting to life, acquiring skills and preparing to better handle all of your relationships. (See Dane Rudhyar’s Lunation Cycle or Marc Robertson’s Engine of Destiny).  This is, in essence, an overall theme that you will pursue in your adult life.  With natal Sun in the 8th, your life and its challenges is very much linked into the men in your life, almost as if life was a ‘group experience’ of how to manage resources and to assess the value of each relationship.  Natal Moon in the first house points to great personal sensitivity to how you feel about others and how they meet or fail shared needs and responsibilities.  Before we leave this particular chart pattern we have to note Uranus’ opposition to the Sun.  Relationships, particularly with men, will be chaotic at best and a source of surprises — probably of the unwelcome kind.

A pre-natal Solar Eclipse occurred near your Descendant angle and Saturn.  This indicates a focus on dealing with the severity of relationships, the burdens that can come with them, the lessons to learn, the need to control them.

The Aries MC ruler is Mars, found in the 7th house of relationships.  Mars opposes Moon and squares Neptune.  While Moon-Mars indicates emotional stress, a purposeful nature that acts according to how you feel, the square to Neptune brings confusion, doubt, deceit by others or of your own making.  When ever Neptune is involved in feelings and relationships we always need to look for deception or alcohol-drug abuse on someone’s part.  Such is the power of relationships; when don’t work well a substitute is often sought to fill the void.

An interesting pattern is Moon in the first opposing the Saturn-Mercury-Mars grouping.  The zodiac order of this triad-grouping suggests a clear and ordered mind-set which is most effective when expressed outwardly.  Logical thinking can build ideas and create new life situations as a result of those ideas.  With the Moon in the first, the emotions can get in the way of putting the Saturn-Mercury-Mars abilities to work.  Yet, Moon in Leo doesn’t suffer fools who only offer emotional turmoil.  This three-some pattern is very powerful in this chart.

Note also Uranus opposing Jupiter-Sun-Venus.  This is another powerful planet-triad, indicating that you will search for love and balance that can express itself in a highly individualistic way (Uranus).  The Uranus opposition suggests that this will not be easy, that your self-esteem (2nd) must be solid in order to let this highly positive pattern be a significant force in your life.  Uranus is only in a sign such as Leo for some seven years.  Those born during this period stand out from younger and older age groups due to their being self-willed, proud and defiant, always seeking their own stage for life’s adventures.

These are the key patterns in the natal chart that are most likely to show up in significant Return charts which focus on angular placements. 

In our discussions prior to posting this story, Lori confirmed the following:

  • She is a strong communicator (Mercury-7th opposite Moon-1st).
  • She is in a continuing process of re-inventing herself (Sun-Moon phase).  She has learned skills to ‘not lose myself around other people’.
  • She had an alcoholic father, married two men who both were alcoholics.  Note Neptune in the fourth house of family as well as being the focal point of a powerful T-square.

A Crises.

Lori grandparents photo-5It has been observed that people having some form of Near Death Experience, and there are many kinds of such experiences, often have a prior crises that has a bearing on their later NDE.  Such seems to be the case for Lori.  On August 15, 1990, Lori’s grandmother passed away.  She and Lori were very close.  These grandparents lived in Meyers, NY near Salmon Creek, a very beautiful and peaceful place.

Prior to this sad date, Lori had a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return on August 7th.  This was a meaningful chart in many ways as all four chart angles were strongly populated.  Moon-Sun at the IC angle indicates fundamental or family changes that affect one’s life, comfort and sense of resources.  Of course n/Uranus at the MC opposes n/Sun at the IC.  (This opposition pattern will often express itself in many Return and Advanced daily charts in Lori’s life — a sort of ‘cosmic setup’ pattern).  To add emphasis to this particular Moon-to-Sun Return, note that t/Sun has just conjoined Lori’s natal Moon.  This just shouts “pay attention.” 


It is immediately obvious that both a Solar eclipse and a Lunar eclipse occurred just prior to this chart’s date, both near planets.  We will look at these shortly.

Now, note t/Pluto-t/Juno-n/Neptune-Ascendant opposed by t/Mars-n/Ceres-Desc.  This complex pattern can be broken down.  A transformation (Pluto) and relationship (Juno) will be deeply felt (Neptune-Asc) as a parent-child situation (Desc.-Ceres) is seemingly destroyed (Mars).  Now, take note of n/Venus at the IC angle — this is a classic ‘death’ or ‘falling in love’ pattern.  Both of these seemingly contradictory conditions often involve a type of ‘balance’ and the achievement of harmony and peace.

n/Sun-opp-n/Uranus lies along the IC-MC axis of family and life’s goals.  It was noted earlier that this Sun-Uranus pattern would always mark stressful points in life for Lori (as might many, but not all, opposition patterns in the natal chart that show up angular in a Return or Advanced chart).  

This chart can be diurnally advanced to the date of the grandmother’s passing, August 15, 1990. 


The charts angles have advanced in the eight-day interval, the MC moving from 29 Leo to to 7 Virgo and now conjoining n/Pluto.  Note that the advancing Ascendant angle has left t/Pluto behind.  So Pluto continues to play its role.  n/Chiron picks up the IC angle.  t/Mars remains close to the Descendant where n/Vesta and t/Vesta can be found.  n/Ceres has dropped behind the advancing Desc. angle but the ‘doubled-up’ Vestas now squares t/Ceres.  How do we sort all of this out?

We first have to examine both the Solar eclipse and the Lunar eclipse.  The Lunar eclipse point is less than 2 degrees from n/Mars.  In these cyclic charts we need to remember that if a natal planet is involved then we have to look at its transiting version.  The Lunar eclipse ‘hits’ the natal Mars but it also acts through the transiting Mars.  Remember, that we said that Mars at the Desc. broadly means some form of ‘attack’ against another.  In the last paragraph of this blog page I note the many expressions that Mars can have attributed to it.  

Now, note the Solar eclipse position, exactly on t/Jupiter on the cusp of the 9th house.  We will take a peek at n/Jupiter — it is near n/Mars in the 3rd house and opposite the Sun.  So, we have Mars, Jupiter and Sun all wrapped up with a Lunar and Solar eclipse.  The Solar Eclipse denies light and awareness to t/Jupiter, the main protector and supplier of opportunities in life.  The Lunar Eclipse erases the feelings, sensual and nurturing focus from life, leaving us at a loss to fit ‘change’ and ‘uncertainty’ into our daily routines.  How do we assert (Mars) ourselves when dealing with emotional blows?

Mars can often be difficult to understand in a chart, as can Jupiter.  We are so used to seeing Mars as meaning “anger, attack, blood, surgery, hurt, action, accident, etc.” that we forget more common meanings such as “ability, ambition, athletes, building, contests, dentists, effort, endurance, excesses, headaches, hemorrhages, impulsiveness, jaundice, lust, noise, pain, punctures, rheumatic fever, ruptures, scarlet fever, skin eruptions, smallpox, stamina, struggles, surgery, swellings in the body, vigor.”  Which of these would one chose to emphasize?  Point made.  It is better to say less than too much.

Jupiter can also be difficult at times.  We like to think of Jupiter as “opportunity, socializing, growth, expansion, luck.”  Jupiter is also associated with accumulation, achievement, advantage, apoplexy, attorneys, blessings, books, capitalism, casinos, ceremonies, commerce, courts of law, deputies, esteem, faith, gluttony, happiness, ideals, juries, legs, magic, money, overweight, philosophy, quality, relatives, the musical scale, sermons, stores, tours, uniforms, vows, wages, wisdom.   Again, how do we pick which to use.  We need to know the context of the person’s life, the chart reflects that life, but can be vague on the details.

As with the reading of many charts, keeping it simple works best unless you have deeper insights into the subject and their current life situation.  

In any case, this was a stressful day for Lori.


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Finding ‘Conscious Awareness’

Clair photo-2

We have followed the life of Claire Sylvia who was found to have a severe heart condition as a child.  In spite of period of weakness, she studied dance and tried to stay active.  As her life progressed through early adulthood towards her middle years she became weaker and unable to follow an active lifestyle.  In her late 40s she was able to receive a heart-lung transplant.

We have followed her story through three sets of charts:  1) the heart-lung transplant, 2) the meeting with the donor family, and 3) a ‘release dream’ in which she and her donor Tim finally end her direct-dream-contact experiences.  In past series we have compared factors in the key chart representing ‘conscious awareness’ to Goethe’s Profile for Conscious Awareness to see if key astrological factors for Goethe were also present in a current-life subject’s chart.  These were found to be present for Dr. Eban Alexander, for actress Shirley MacLaine while on her Peru-Andes Out-of-Body adventure, and for Carol Parrish who found a substitute soul to take over her hard situation.  With the story of Claire Sylvia we are pushing the envelope, so to speak, for the subject neither died or left her body.  Yet, someone died and part of someone left their body to take up residence in another body via the transplant operation.

Comparison chart

Above is the comparison listing for the 13 factors we are currently reviewing for their presence in an event-date chart for the subject.  As can be seen, both the charts for the heart-lung transplant date and the meet-the-family date seem to fill the requirements for achieving ‘conscious awareness’ or, as Carol Parrish puts it, ‘continuing consciousness.’   Let us look at each of the factors for Claire Sylvia.  First, we have to note that these two charts for widely separated dates are very similar, having an MC of 7 Taurus (transplant) and 13 Taurus (meeting the family).

Factor 1:  Having t/Sun in the 10th house of a chart conveys a life-purpose period where on can forcefully act on changing the life goals.  The Sun represents our logical and conscious side of our awareness.

Factor 2:  Having the natal or transiting Moon play a significant role in an event chart brings in the “feeling’ energies that power our consciousness and memory.  In both event charts (transplant and meeting) the natal Moon is in the 10th house.  The emotions and body-rhythms were powerfully at play in both of these events.

Factor 3:  Venus is a planet of physical-soul connection, of balance and harmony.  Venus needs to play a role in providing a bridge between what we think and perceive, what we feel and respond to — and tap into a soul-self appreciation of the uniqueness of the moment.

Factor 4:  In all of my posting here on the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily Retold blog site, on the Ninth House blog site with some eight years of archives, and within my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, I have consistently said and shown that life’s more powerful moments always occur when the cyclic chart’s angles are activated by natal or transiting planets.  Having both the horizontal (feeling, expression) axis and vertical (thinking, deciding) axis active is a basic requirement.  How can you change your life if there are no powerful actions, decisions, events, feelings and emotions involved?

Factor 5:  The Part of Fortune, once I started research this charting methodology, quickly became apparent as a key component in representing internal and external change that shakes up the routine of our lives. This symbol is not often used by many modern-day astrologers, yet, in cyclic charts it is almost always involved with “change” of one type or another.

Factor 6:  Having a Moon in the closing square phase of the Moon-to-Sun relationship (between 270 degrees and 315 degrees ahead of the Sun) was discovered only after studying the first 50 or 100 charts.  It is not an obvious factor, and it is not always just the t/Moon-to-t/Sun combination at work, which made is ‘slower’ to discover.  Yet, in one combination or another, the intermixed natal and transiting combination showing a Moon in closing square phase to a Sun seems consistent.  This phase represents a strong decisive role in shaping one’s life and goals.

Factor 7:  The natal or transiting MC has to be significant in a chart for achieving conscious awareness — this is what the MC is all about.  It has to be significant in shaping the chart and its meaning.

Factor 8:  Angular planets are the power portals of the self-soul to steer physical life.  The more the merrier, the more powerful the event.

Factor 9:  This may be redundant relative to factor 5.  Yet, if neither the natal or transiting Part of Fortune are angular and aspected, which is desirable, then having them be significant in some other way is still important.  Nothing happens until we make changes or are forced to deal with changes.

Factor 10:  Doubled-up Planets are to be treated as ‘exclamation’ marks in the chart, they call attention to that which can by itself shape the chart’s interpretation.  What is really powerful is when two-or-more pairs of doubled up planets are found.  This is like placing a racing engine in a very small car.

Factor 11:  Because the charts for the transplant and the meeting-the-family are very close to each other in zodiac orientation, having t/Pluto at the IC is very indicative of a deep and significant transformative process.

Factor 12:  Life’s events are strangely interconnected.  It is the old “what comes around goes around” situation.  Every severe crises seems to be built on prior difficulties that had to be endured and dealt with.

Factor 13:  It was only when I had calculated and reviewed Shirley MacLaine’s charts that I realized that Chiron, the wounded healer and adjuster, seemed to play a role in these charts where conscious awareness was achieved.  It is put into the comparison factors on a provisional basis for now.  Past hurts have to provide lessons to present trials and tribulations.

Now, Claire’s dream where she and Tim seemed to bring their dream-relationship to a close did not fully meet the criteria for achieving conscious awareness.  By this point in her experiences Claire knew that life did not end at death.  Consciousness did continue in some, or many, ways.  It is symbolic that when she let Tim go from her dreams, his space was immediately filled by a new friend that became very close to Claire.  She had already figured things out, not in the same dramatic way that those having a Near Death Experience by actually dying first, but by being part of a dying-so-one-can-live experience.  As in Carol Parrish’s soul-swap experience, two people were also involved in this story.

So, we first have a heart-lung transplant operation.  While Claire had many personal soul-searching moments during the long periods of illness leading up to this dramatic event, she didn’t seem to have a “ah-ha” moment where she knew and felt a connection to her cosmic self.  That seemed to come in bits and pieces after the transplant operation.  Changes in her feelings and perceptions during small daily incidents, dreams and just quiet moments seemed to build up a ‘picture’ of something much bigger in her suddenly changed life.  Then comes the reaching out to her donor’s family, their acceptance of her and the confirmation of her feeling and awareness incidents that related to Tim, the donor.

In Clair’s story we have not a single ‘flash’ event of awareness but a continuing build-up of awareness of connectivity between physical and what-we-call spiritual life.  In future postings we will be following a few Near Death Experiences which each have their own unique situations.  Dave.


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Moving On

Claire photo-7

It was the four year anniversary of her heart-lung transplant, March 9, 1992.  Claire was thinking of the past and of the future, something she had done each year since her transplant gave her a new, extended life.  She had moved back to Hull, Massachusetts, as this scene at the left suggests with its ocean view.  Those four years had brought her contact with her donor’s family, dreams about that donor that created as strong spiritual bond, and many small changes in her life style and likes for foods and activities.  

On this date Claire had a dream, just as she had experienced on each of the other three anniversary dates.  In this dream she was revving up twenty-two motorcycles that she planned to drive around town.  ‘Twenty two’ seemed to link to her donor, Tim, who would now be twenty two years old had he lived.  In this dream she sensed that she was to ride and enjoy Tim’s passion for fast racing.  Motorcycle riding was something that she didn’t care for in her waking life.  As the dream progressed she became less and less thrilled with motorcycle riding.  She later realized that the dream ritualized letting go of the bond with Tim and of sorting out her very own personality.  Shortly after this dream Claire was welcoming a new man into her life. As she notes in her book, “It was as if Tim had stepped aside, leaving room in my heart for somebody else.”

Let us look at her t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for March 1, 1992.


t/Moon opposes n/Sun in the 5th house, indicating a theme involving creativity, being with friends, balancing the needs of self and others.  A generic theme or statement would not fit for this unique situation (the dream), but it would fit the overall activities for the two week period.  That period included finding a new man to play a loving role in her life, replacing her fixation with her donor.

t/Mercury near the Ascendant suggests talking, communicating, listening.  This position opposes n/Neptune, the symbol for dreams, illusion, feeling blissful.  And, we need to note n/Venus near the IC angle, at 29 Gemini.  Natal Venus at the IC is a well known pattern indicating either death or falling in love.  That is not contradictory, both situation indicate a Venus-quality of achieving harmony and balance in one’s life.  And, we should note n/MC at the Return chart’s MC; this indicates a reaffirmation of one’s life-goals and establishing a public image and reputation.  Let us now look at an ‘Advance’ of this chart to the anniversary date and the dream where she let Tim leave.


t/Mercury remains at the Ascendent degree.  The MC angle has moved forward to make contact with t/N.Node; an association is made that impacts one’s life’s goals. Note that the n/N.Node is in the 7th house of relationships, indicating that Claire’s life goals will rely upon a new association, and that the n/N.Node-7th shows her openness to relating to others.  Claire had no inclination to finding someone to share her life following her transplant.  Now, the time appears to have come.

We can note that t/Neptune (dreams, fairy tales) squares the n/N.Node in the 7th.  Also, the n/Neptune in the 6th is opposed by t/Sun in the 12th.  Private needs are met with dream-come-true.  The transiting Part of Fortune does not need to be angular (in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses) in order to be effective because it represents an alternate outlet of expression for the first house.  Here, t/PoF is in contact with n/Moon; a change affecting her emotions and feelings.  We can blend all of these statements together, easily finding a context within her life.  Yes, these events are not earth-shaking, only significant on a personal level.  Claire finds a release from her frequent contact with the spiritual essence of Tim, and in place of that place in her heart she finds a new man to play a role in her life.  Dave



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