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Dying Is Not A Pre-Requisite

This is the initial posting of a new series about a lady named Clair Sylvia who had a most unusual life.  While these posting are going on, I will be ‘cleaning up’ the story of Eban Alexander which is posted in the menu “stories” and I’ll be adding the story of Shirley MacLaine and of Carol Parrish as well.  As we go on, the readers will be able to refer to these stories as whole units rather than go searching for individual blogs.  Oh, yes, we are not yet done with Shirley MacLaine — you see, she recently went on a pilgrimage, following the Camino trail in Spain.  This is a month-long walking journey.  She had many interesting adventures there.

Clair photo-1

This story concerns a lady who did not die in order to become aware of self-consciousness existing after death.  However, death is part of her story, as is a changed life following a profound experience.  Like all stories told on this blog site, we will start at the beginning.

Clair Sylvia was born on July 29, 1940 in Hull, Massachusetts.  A “noon” birth time is used.  As my readers should understand by now, the use of the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charting method works quite well with noon chart times.  The resulting Return charts are not “off” by more than 7 degrees or so, and may be more accurate than that.  This is because every one born on a given day in the same general area has the same Return chart with the MC position within 7 degrees of everyone else.  This is because the Moon’s ratio of daily advance has a 13:1 ratio to the Sun’s daily advance.  The Sun’s position at noon will be within 1/2 degree of other’s Suns born on that day.  The Moon will cover that 1/2 degree in its movement within an hour’s time — this hour equals about 15 degrees of coverage.  Hence the Moon in a noon chart will be within 7 degrees maximum of its actual birth position if the actual time of birth was known.  The MC is usable and often works well within the charts used.


Notable are the following factors; Moon-in-last-quarter-phase-to-Sun, Sun-conjunct-Pluto, Jupiter-conjunct-Saturn and both square-Part-of-Fortune-conjunct-Mars, N.Node-square-Vesta, Moon-trine-Ceres and that this is a tight “bowl” chart with Jupiter-Saturn enclosing the major planets within a trine-arc to Neptune.  We can briefly look at each of these configurations.

  • Moon-in-last-quarter-phase-to-Sun:  This is the 7th sector in a 8-sector chart division.  Dane Rudhyar notes a tendancy to force issues and decision which deal with group relationship, social problems, reforms, breaking old habits, and procedures.  This is an activist type person with an agenda once one decides on a concern or important issue.
  • Sun conjunct Pluto:  This can signify an intense, focused person who faces the possibility of change as a personal intrusion.  Dealing with catastrophe is not shied away from.  Change is met with a resolve to survive.
  • Jupiter conjunct Saturn:  The “business of life” pattern.  These people always seem involved in managing some aspect or major project in life.  Organization, having and following a plan, diligence — all of this assure progress for them.
  • Mars-conjoining-Part-of-Fortune:  Who shies away from a challenge?  Not those with this pattern.  Natural fighters, resistance-as-a-way-of-life, willing to take a chance.
  • Jupiter-Saturn square Mars-PoF:  When triggered, major undertakings can be expected..  Quick decisions.  Saturn is dragged along, out voted by the others.
  • N.Node square Vesta:  One works at finding, establishing, building, keeping relationships.  The focus on involving others into a private network is strong.
  • Moon trine Ceres:  Parents, family, those who become like family, supportive circles.  The community mother.
  • Tight-trine-bowl chart:  Life seems to get all wrapped up in a singular theme.  Being bounded by earth-signs, practical issues will have to be addressed.

Clair grew up within an extended family, her father was a physician.  While he was serving in World War II, Clair and her mother and sister lived with her mother’s parents in the Bronx, NY.  While their quarters were small and poor, their Jewish culture kept them involved in family and neighborhood dinners and activities.  Clair always had dreams, and dreams were important in her family’s discussions.  Symbols were looked at and opinions offered.  A dream was like a piece of mail, it had to be opened and read.  Clair was also aware that coincidences were not random, that accidents seemed to happen by design.  Clair was aware that reincarnation was real.

After the war ended her father returned and the family left the grandparents and took up their own family life.  This was an unsettled family life as Clair’s mother was often in a negative mood.  While her father tried to balance this with his warmth and kindness, the end result was an ever-present sense of tension.

We can understand Clair’s need to seek isolation from an unhappy mother (Sun-Pluto) and everyday ‘business of life’ (Jupiter-Saturn square Mars-PoF) being under tension.  The parental axis is not known due to the “noon” chart time, but the planetary patterns make the story for us.

Clair was found to have a congenital heart problem when she was three years of age. She was not to engage in any strenuous activities.  Sun in Leo, Sun conjunct Pluto, Pisces and the 5th house are all associated with heart health according to The Rulership Book by Rex Bills.  We could adjust this chart by moving Pisces to the Asc. and Sun-Pluto to the 5th house.


This isn’t classic rectification, yet it does give us a likely picture.  As we progress through this amazing story (which will unfold in future postings) we can try this “alternate-natal” chart relative to the “noon-natal” chart to see what differences result.   In addition to Sun-Pluto in Leo in the 5th, and Pisces on the Asc. (note the photo of Clair for its ‘Pisces’ appearance) we end up with Moon on the IC, the mother in the home.  This Moon is squared by the PoF; relating to the tensions with the mother.  With Pallas at the Desc. we have a classic ‘father-daughter’ relationship — the father always favored the daughters, balancing out the mother’s ill tempered treatment and inability to express love easily.  So, this chart might work well for us.  We are about to have fun.   Dave.

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Summary of Carol Parrish’s Story

Carol photo-3This is a more recent photo of Carol Parrish-Harra. The smile and warmth of this woman comes through her photo quite well.  

We have looked at several dated events and charts from Carol Parrish’s life story up until her visit to India.  The focus has been astrologically oriented.  Little discussion has been had relative to her healing work in Florida or her later establishment of a spiritual-religious town in Oklahoma called Sparrow Hawk.  Carol goes on to establish a number of branch churches about the country.  Sparrow Hawk is a healing community and is open to those seeking personal growth and help.

As we reviewed the various events and charts, as fascinating and descriptive as they were, we found that the Advanced chart for young Carol’s birth of her sixth daughter, and the arrival of the Successor-Carol, provided the “Goethe Conscious Awareness Profile’ pattern of planet placements and relationships that this blog series has been searching for.

Because this event where a “soul-swap” was made is so unusual from the earlier people and charts that have been examined, and also so different from those that we will be looking at in coming months, we need to carefully consider just what these charts have shown us.

  • The birth event of Carol’s sixth child, Nov. 1, 1958, was preceded by a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return at the MC angle of the Return chart. This was most auspicious.  This Return chart was diurnally advanced from Oct. 19th to that date of giving birth.  It is this Advanced chart that marks the congruence with the Goethe Conscious Awareness Profile.
  • None of the other event-related charts examined provide the similarities that are defined by ‘Goethe Profile,’ not even the Blessing chart with Bobaji in India several years later.
  • An examination of that Nov. 1, 1958 birth chart for a little after 7 AM when the baby was born and the Successor Carol assumed the body and life of the young Carol showed not sign of matching the ‘Goethe Profile.’ This new Carol had already received her mission from the light-spirit and all of the support that she would need — she was already more consciously aware then most others might ever be.  Young Carol was rescued and brought into the light and care of the spirit world, most likely due to unconscious prior considerations.  It was her assumption of a ‘Conscious Awareness’ at that point in time that the chart reflects.

Let us review what young Carol’s chart shows us.  Both Carol’s natal and transiting Suns in this cyclic chart were near chart angles.  These represent days and times when we have our greatest power to shape our world view and situation.  The Return chart’s Moon was at the Descendant; this is her connection to her partner-successor soul.

The interlocking of t/Venus to n/Chiron, t/Chiron to n/Sun, and t/Sun trine n/Venus indicates decisions and guidance (Sun) in making adjustments to rectify past situations (Chiron) such that a form of harmony and balance (Venus) could be achieved.  This is a very appropriate interlocking pattern for this unique situation.

In this Advanced cyclic chart for Nov. 1, 1958 both the vertical axis and horizontal axis were populated and activated by planets.  This shows an involvement of the physical (feeling) world and mental (thinking-awareness) worlds, a necessary blending if one is to find true conscious awareness.

The other factors were discovered as applicable as I initially started researching more and more charts of those having Near Death Experiences, accidents, inspirations, Out of Body experiences, etc.  For example, the involvement of the natal and transiting Part of Fortune might be overlooked by many astrologers who seldom use it in modern practice.  Yet, it is an important measurement of the Sun-to-Moon relationship and how it might be fully expressed by the Ascendant.  This is especially true if the natal Ascendant has no planets.  The position and connection of the PoF is an important indicator of how we might seek or bring about changes in our life.  “Change” is also associated with Uranus.  The change that Uranus might bring is often associated with cognition and sudden clarity that seems instantly clear to us.  “Change” associated with the Part of Fortune is more likely to be felt and experienced as a change in what we encounter and experience, our life situation is changed or altered.

The effect of “doubled up” planets in a Return or cyclic chart was discovered early in my studies and formulation of workable methods with this charting approach.  Doubled-up planets add great emphasis to an interpretation and can often dominate the interpretation with their strength of expression.  The presence of Pluto, recently demoted from its “full” planet status, is a solid transformation indicator.  I have recently found Chiron to be very present in meaningful Return charts when adjustments are needed to show that one has dealt with past damages, crises and hurts of various kinds.  Chiron is so common in many of these charts that I have ascribed the keyword “adjustment” to Chiron.

And finally, we have to consider the presence of a past crises as a common part of any event or experience when one reaches conscious awareness.  Something is often required in human experience that conditions us to be open to spiritual truth at some key point when that is needed to serve our life’s purpose. 

These views are what guide us in this exploratory series.  Please take them to heart in your own astrological explorations.  Dave.

In our next blog we will move on to a more common experience for some of us,  An auto accident can lead to a range of injuries and experiences.  This next experience will be of a ‘milder’ but highly meaningful type.

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A Big Milestone In Carol’s Life

babaji_in_sepiaWho is this man who would make a big contribution to Carol’s life?  Following her ordination as a minister, Carol spent much of her years studying with spiritual teachers, developing her seemingly nature ‘healing’ abilities.  She was unsure of this life path until a daughter pleaded with her to help heal her.  Unsure of herself, Carol worked with her hands and prayers over her daughter’s body.  The next day she was cured.  Carol proceeded with her work with even more enthusiasm after that.

As time passed Carol heard about a very special person in India who was said to be a living saint who radiated the essence of Jesus and Buddha.  He lived almost continuously in one reincarnation after the last, each life coming only a few years after the previous one ended.  He lived near the Himalayas and was deeply revered by every spiritual person in India.  No matter which life he was in, he was referred to as Babaji.

Carol wished to meet this man.  She traveled to India in 1980.  This is where this portion of our story starts.  Carol travelled with several other women, touring parts of India as they made their way north to an area called Haldwani.  This town and area was int the foothills of the Himalayas, a wooded and wild area, but still heavily populated.  They were constantly amazed by the seemingly poor nature of the people, their colorful garments, the crowded conditions, and the open and welcome nature of the population.

The group hired a car to take them on the last portion of their trip.  They learned that this holy man would appear from the jungle and hold meetings for several days at a time to which many people would flock to see and hear him.  They wait at their ‘hotel’ for this Babaji to appear.  One night at 3 AM they are awakened from their sleep; the holy man is to appear very soon.  They  journey by jeep to an ashram (meeting place) a short distance away.  The jeep goes up mountainside, through jungle brush.  A festive atmosphere is evident.  Carol notes that “none of us enjoy the dirt, the discomfort, or the confusion. . . . wrapped in white muslin saris, one step removed from bedsheets, none of feels like a beauty queen.”  People join the procession, seemingly coming out of the woods in droves.

Once they stop, a figure clad in green descends from a truck at the head of the precession.  A man runs to a stream and returns with water for the tall man in green to wash with.  A towel is given to him.  Finished with his cleaning he turns and walks toward the jeep that Carol is in.  The driver falls out the door and prostates himself before this tall man.

I will quote a few of Carol’s own descriptive words.  “To describe the face, the expression, is beyond words.  His eyes examine me.  Hot tears pour down my face as his eyes explore the inner, as well as the outer.  He does not mind staring, with the piercing sccrutiny of the Indian people.  His clear, brown eyes are steeped with love.  I think, I bet Jesus’ eyes were like this, such compassion and complete acceptance.”

The precession then continues back down the mountain to an Ashram prepared for his coming.  People are blessed, they sing and shout.  Carol notes that Babaji’s face is always changing, first appearing young, then old.  Yet there are no lines in his face, no grey in his hair.  He interacts easily with everyone in the crowd.  After a person bows, asks a questions, receives an answer and a blessing, the next person is considered.  Letters and disputes are shared.  All are received and responded to.  After entering the Ashram, Carol sits at the rear wall so that her height does not block the view of others listening to Babaji.  A messenger approaches Carol with instructions; “Babaji wants Swami to talk to you.”  Carol and her friends go to an adjoining room to meet a white-haired man in an orange robe.  He has been asked by Babaji to tell Carol of many things.  Several hours each day their receive instructions and background on Babaji.

On one particular day, sitting in the room where Babaji is, a voice speaks within Carol’s head, “Look at me.”  In surprise, Carol opens her eyes.  Babaji is smiling at her.  She closes her eyes, not sure what to think of this phenomena.  Again, the voice ‘speaks’ in her head, “Look at me.”  I open my eyes.  He tosses me an apple.  Then, “Look at the door.  A woman with a child is going to come through door.”  The walls are solid, there are no windows, no outside view.  A mother carrying an infant soon enters.  Over the next few days, Babaji continues to show this telepathic ability to Carol.

At this point, let us look at the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for the date of October 3, 1980 prior to the special “blessing” that Carol was to receive from Babaji.


This chart is characterized by n/Moon, t/N.Node, t/Venus at the Ascendant opposing n/Venus at the Descendant.  A meeting within an aura of love and harmony comes to mind, given the context of this story.

The position of t/Moon-12th opposite n/Sun-6th offers a generic theme, taken from my book Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, “Being tugged in two directions: personal needs and goals versus helping others.  Anxiety over balancing life’s issues.  Two jobs, helping or mentoring a child, training others, charitable work and fund raising, making plans for one’s future.”  Relative to typical everyday issues, the 6th house can be very difficult to deal with.  Here, a whole new context is at work.  All of the confusion, the balancing, the many considerations arising in Carol’s mind are all about her focus.  The background of this setting is for her to wipe all of that away and just be open.

Note that t/Chiron is near the MC and opposes t/Uranus-t/Mars in the 4th house.  t/Mercury is closest to the IC angle, a few degrees behind in the 3rd house.  Note also that n/Mercury is near the 7th angle, just a few degrees behind that angle and near n/Venus. Clearly, Carol is to think about this situation.  t/Chiron means she has to ‘adjust’ her idea of what her goals and future vision is.  t/Uranus-t/Mars will strongly express cognition and awareness of a new path in life for her.  n/Jupiter in the 4th promises grown and opportunity for her life path to unfold for her. 

The role of t/Chiron as an indicator of adjustments needed in her life is amplified by the presence to t/Part of Fortune near n/Chiron-n/MC.  What clearer statement does one need than this?  Her career path will change.  We can jump from t/PoF to n/PoF which opposes n/Neptune-t/Jupiter; another will facilitate a change (the opposition by n/PoF) in Carol’s spiritual vision (n/Neptune) and opportunities (t/Jupiter).    So, this is a very nice Return chart related to the context of Carol’s situation.

Carol notes in her book the simple teachings of Bobaji.  1) Treat all others as God.  2) Feel empathy for others.  3)  Know that all have God in them.  4)  Serve those about you as you would serve God.  He further noted that we should love God in our own way.

On Carol’s last day, the group arrives at 4 AM.  All chant in the cool night air.  Trays of blessed treats are passed among the crowd.  As the crowd sits and meditates, Carol ‘hears’ that voice again in her head; “Come up here.”  Her eyes pop open in shock.  Babaji is sitting at the front of the room.  Carol closes her eyes and just sits there.  “Come up here.”  She keeps her eyes tightly shut.  A third time, “Come up here.”  She opens here eyes.  Babaji is smiling at her.  She struggles to stand up.  A path is made for her progress.  He takes a garland of flowers from his neck, places then around Carols neck while he speaks in Hindi.  In a gentle voice he says, “I bless you, and I bless those you bless.”  These powerful words sink into Carol’s mind as the crowd cheers.  Carol has the presence of mind to note the time of this blessing so that she can later cast an astrological chart.

I will not present that event chart for that time that Carol noted for this day of blessing.  We will instead explore the Advanced chart for this date, derived from the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return of Oct. 3, 1980.  This date is Oct. 9th, 1980.


Those with sharp eyes will note that the data indicates that the inner chart is a ‘transit’ chart and not diurnally advanced.  I was having a computer software calculation glitch in which the Return chart would not correctly diurnally advance.  This problem is easily resolved the same way I advocate in my book for those without advanced software to cast Return and Advanced charts.  I created a day or transit chart for the day in question (six days after the Return chart) and set it to the same time (1:58:52) as the Return chart.  Presto, we have an Advanced chart.

On this powerful day in Carol’s life we find the following in this chart.

  • t/Chiron-MC.  Adjustments and changes in Carol’s life goals are to occur.
  • t/Mercury is closer to the IC; a message is given and received.
  • n/Jupiter at the IC; a growth opportunity arrives.
  • t/PoF-Asc. and opposing n/Venus; change arrives on a personal level wrapped in love and harmony (n/Venus-Desc.).

Given the narrative that I have taken from Carol’s book, and the chart and interpretation given here, we can see that the chart fits very well with the context of this powerful personal story.  From the brief description given, the impact on Carol personally must have been totally lfie-changing.  Although she continued through life broadly on the same path, she was now infused with both purpose and a direct power-source to her faith.  The examples that later occurred in her life only confirm this.

I strongly urge the readers of this posting to enjoy her book, Messengers of Hope by Carol Parrish Harra.  Dave.

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Slight Delay

I’m having some computer calculation issues to deal with.  It’s one of those times when you realize that the computer program isn’t giving you the correct result.  Having learned how to hand calculate charts back in the early 1970’s is a big help in spotting things that don’t seem quite right.  So, when I figure out if it is a procedure problem with my use of the program or a calculation issue, I’ll be able to post the next major event in Carol Parrish’s remarkable story.  Dave

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Carol Parrish: Sequel One, Message

Photo light beingUp until this point we have followed the routines established in the first few subject-postings.  We have 1) provided some background and reviewed the natal chart, 2) we have noted any crises in the subject’s life that may have had a bearing on his/her later achievement of conscious awareness, 3) we cover the event and charts of the dates when the subject did achieve their form of conscious awareness, and 4) we evaluated the charts relative to how they matched up with certain criteria related to Goethe’s charts.

The story of Carol Parrish offers additional opportunities to explore just what conscious awareness may entail.  Carol, as a successor-spirit to the former-spirit of the young Carol Parrish who chose to abandon her life as a mother to six children, presents what I might term a “Continuing Awareness.”  If we study several charts for milestone points in her life, we might uncover more understanding of the awakened spirit consciousness in a human counterpart.

Referring to her book, Messengers of Hope, Chapter Three, Carol remembers her early days when she was beginning her spiritual pursuit while still attending to a family of children moving towards and into adulthood.  This was during 1979, two decades after she “walked in” to young Carol’s life.  The children born to her after that point still had not left home.  Carol was still a mother, still making a living in the business world, but also well along on her spiritual studies. 

At this point in time, she recounts the changes that were sweeping through the New Age world.  Reincarnation was becoming a popular topic in some circles.  Carol had visions of being with a group of people who had both helped her in past lives or who had been helped by her.  A short time after this vision, while as a guest at a friends home, she answered a knock at the front door and met a man she recognized as having been a part of the earlier vision.  They, seemingly strangers, greeted each other warmly.

Carol takes up the study of eastern philosophies.  Within time, she is giving psychic messages and teaching early-studies groups.  The ‘human potential’ movement was growing.  The examples of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi has their great impact on the minds of many.  The expansion of consciousness became popular along with Buddhism.  Meditation was ‘in’ along with Silva Mind Control.  Then, many things became the norm or were abandoned for other interests.

Carol ends Chapter Three with an inner message that she received on June 16, 1979.  I will quote this almost completely, as we will look at her chart associated with this event date and message.  Our purpose is to compare a life event of importance to the subject with the subject’s astrological charts.

Can you see the Christ within yourself and life? This is the challenge, for until you do, the Christ-Within cannot awaken.  If I say, imagine the brightest light-being you can, what occurs within?  Do you see it?  If I say to you, imagine the most beautiful woman and you give time for it to emerge, you will se a creation of great beauty, a lovely woman with the graciousness of love and light about her.  If I say, create the strongest, most handsome man you can image, a picture will come to mind.  Even if you begin with a thought of another living being, if held in the brightest love, it will alter and improve.

From where do these images come?  They rise from the resource of yourconsciousness because they exist within you.  So it is with the hard-to-create Light Being.  The exercise to create the Being of Light forces you to reach to that level of self where that awareness arises.  You call it into action.  When you reach to find the loveliest woman or the exemplar of masculinity, you are sifting through yourself and finding that consciousness, even as once upon a time you pulled your personality into being.

The operative phrase here, for me, is “The exercise to create the Being of Light forces you to reach to that level of self where that awareness arises.  You call it into action.”

Let us now look at the charts behind this informational jewel.


 This is an 8th house Moon-Sun Return.  It’s generic theme is “Managing investments brings conflict if one strays from areas of capability.  Confidence in the face of competition.  Emotions are kept in check  Others may show stre3ss, you have to show assuredness.  Drawing upon one’s own resources.  Team player.”  Carol had her own conscious memory of being with, and being able to reconnect with, the Light-Being.  With all of the many advocates, some with actual knowledge and some riding a popular wave, she received this message and was firm in how she remembered it and shared it.

We find n/Ascendant at the MC angle: She is a spokesperson for a cause or message.  With n/Saturn also at the MC, she will be a dutiful messenger.  With t/Saturn at the IC, this responsibility is shared by her and her in-spirit connections as an important teaching element.

Note t/Sun-Asc. opposite t/Neptune-Desc.  This indicates a strong spiritual attraction to her core self-understanding.  For Carol, Neptune is not confusing or diffused in meaning.  It is an ideal within reach.  Note n/Neptune-t/N.Node in the 4th.  The message will be shared anew with others.

This is enough to give us the key thrust of the chart.  Let us look at a chart for the day she received this message, June 16, 1979.


The t/Sun’s movement is keeping pace with the Advance of the Ascendant in this three day interval.  The t/Moon and t/PoF are visiting the MC and n/Ascendant.  Carol will strongly resonate and react to this message that defines her current role as a speaker for the light-Being.  t/Neptune is more closely aligned with the Descendant angle.

We can look at a lot of non-angular placements in this chart, all of which add supportive interpretations but do not add to the thrust of the angular planet’s meanings.

  • t/Neptune-Desc.
  • t/Sun in the first house.
  • t/PoF-n/Asc.-n/Saturn-MC.
  • t/Saturn-IC.
  • t/N.Node-n/Neptune in 4th.
  • t/Moon in the 10th.
  • n/MC 5 degrees behind the Desc. angle.

         (natal Angles at t/Angles or Advanced Chart angles are always significant)

This is a powerful chart indicating that a strong message is being given.  This is first suggested by the n/Asc. at the MC angle, supported by the n/MC being near the Desc. angle.  Having the two Saturns (natal and transiting) near the vertical axis points to serious stuff being presented.  The t/Part of Fortune at the MC suggests that this message is intended to cause change in the minds of those who receive it.

And, that last sentence is very important.  Read it again.  If one is on a spiritual path, once something is learned it cannot be forgotten but lies there within you waiting to be used.  You can only go forward with knowledge.  You cannot go backward.

The message given to Carol, and shared with you, is that you have a tool for self improvement now in your hands.  You can imagine a better, higher, different situation.  This causes you to advance to fulfill that dream, that image.  Enlarge your view, see more opportunity.  Enrich you sensitivity, and more can be obtained.  This message has been given at other times, in other words.  Yet, its importance is never diminished.  Dave



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Carol; Pursuing Her Life’s Mission

Praying Hands photo-JAfter Carol’s sixth child was born she entered a period of difficult adjustments.  In the grand scheme of things she had to move from inheriting a difficult family life towards her mission in life.  This was not a ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ path she had to follow.  Consider these several areas of endeavor that she had to work her way through.  

It was a daunting task. 


  1. Her marriage.  “I know my marriage is the long dark cape choking me.”  While she would try to work things out, it was likely that her husband would continue to weigh her down.
  2. Her children.  Carol’s given mission include bringing more children into the family.  They would need to be cared for and supported somehow.
  3. Her resources.  Carol would need to move from being a house-bound mother to having marketable skills to support the family and her own personal path forward.
  4. Her faith.  She was raised as a traditional Catholic.  This Catholic tradition had been used by her husband to direct her life.  She would need to reposition herself within this ‘field of faith’ so that it became supportive rather than repressive.
  5. Her ultimate path forward.  Along the way she would need to make choices and actually take action to achieve her life’s mission.

One:  While raising her inherited family Carol uses her direct awareness of the ‘loving light’ that sent her on this mission to broaden her perspective, become more assertive, to become a more self-directive person.  In addition to improving her mental condition, Carol improved her health and strengths.  Her energy levels improved.  Others noticed the changes in her.  The various portions of her life work in better harmony.  Meditation produces results.  Efforts are made to improve the marriage.

Two:  Over the next seven years, four more children are brought into the world.  The last one, a daughter, is born on April 6, 1965.  This fulfills the agreement made with the light-being who sent her into this life.

Three:  Night courses are taken up to facilitate earning income to support the family.  Carol’s self-esteem increases.  Divorce occurs two years later in 1967, freeing her to focus more on both her family and improving her resources.  A fortunate meeting with a ‘metaphysical group’ in her area leads to her being taken under the wing of Ann Manser.  Ann introduces her to many new ideas and, over time, awakens within her may spiritual abilities.  This is a case of “when the student is ready, a teacher appears.”

Four:  Carol’s faith, as a Catholic, has now been expanded greatly.  The ‘one life and then you go to heaven’ concept leads her to ‘many lives, many deaths, many opportunities and levels of being more.’  Carol’s level of feelings and empathy has gone from ‘normal-typical’ to ‘intense, deep.’  She is, in actuality, being prepared to enter a ministry of her own.  That happens on July 3, 1971.

Five:  Carol studies healing practices.  Her abilities in this area are shown when she effects a cure for her daughter who has suffered for two years with hepatitis.  Her mentor, Ann, encourages her to take up healing in a very serious way as part of her ministry.   One milestone in her journey of learning and development came through a psychic message received on June 16, 1979.

Let us examine Carol’s Moon-Sun Return and Advanced charts for her induction into the ministry on June 25, 1971.


t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return in the 11th house.  The theme for this type of Return chart, taken from page 60 of “Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2” reads in part: Committing oneself to projects involving others. Planning for the future of family or group members.  Supporting the arts or creative efforts. . . 

 The angular planets in this chart include t/Sun-t/Mercury-IC and t/Pluto-t/Uranus bracketing the Descendant angle.  t/Sun-t/Mercury-IC indicates a single-minded purpose of undertaking a new direction in one’s life, an intellectual commitment.  Because of the Moon-Sun-11th house pattern, this commitment is taken with a full awareness of how it will benefit the family and all of the larger circle of people she encounters.  The t/Pluto-t/Uranus-Desc. pattern represents a generational awareness of the changes in the world at that time and how she will relate to that growing sense of a ‘new age’ consciousness.

In all of Moon-to-Sun Returns and Advanced charts we always take note of the Part of Fortune and the ‘astrological hopscotch’ practice of bringing into our interpretation the alternate natal or transiting versions of any angular planets.  

  • Here, t/PoF conjoins n/Uranus (t/Uranus on Desc.) emphasizing the cognition of her spiritual awareness and understanding of her role in helping others.
  • Angular t/Mercury draws our attention to n/Mercury-n/Venus conjoined by t/N.Node; this suggest great empathy and sensitivity to others.
  • Because of t/Pluto-Desc., we take note of n/Pluto squaring n/Uranus (t/Uranus at Desc.).  So, the natal challenge to combine the two different forms of cognition and change of Uranus and Pluto are now met by the transiting pairs coming together at the Desc. angle of this chart.
  • Uranus represents our personal portal to revelation and change, often self-inspired by one’s soul-self to help us move forward in our life.
  • Pluto represents those cultural and generational values and needs for change that are outside of ourself but which we will occasionally find personal linkages or involvement with.
  • Or, to put it another way, Uranus is an agent of change within us, Pluto draws us to respond to agents-of-change outside of us.

Let us now look at July 3, 1971, Carol’s Ordination day.


We have three angular planets in this chart; t/Sun-IC, t/Chiron-Asc., and t/Uranus-Desc. with n/Mars deeper into the 7th house.  Because the t/Sun advances at a rate similar to the angular advance of the chart, t/Sun remains at the IC angle.  This emphasizes the upcoming changes in her life’s purpose.  The movement of the n/Sun into the Advanced 10th house sector is a supportive interpretive factor here.

t/Chiron-Asc. indicates the adjustments and changes that Carol has had to undertake in order to reach this point in her life.  Given her large family, her divorce, and the long path to develop personal resources and skills, Carol has faced and accommodated her past burdens.  The presence of t/Uranus, alone from t/Pluto, indicates that her personal cognition and awareness of where her life is going.

t/PoF is always interesting to consider.  Here, t/PoF squares the t/Moon in the 7th house sector.  Carol is consumed within a loving and supportive network.  Interestingly, n/Moon is opposed by t/Mars.  We might normally view this as reacting to the slings and arrows cast by others.  How do we see this pattern in this chart, in this situation.  Perhaps a hint can be found with n/Mars being in the 7th house — the 7th house also holds t/Moon.  These natal and transiting versions of Mars are not typical anger-action-attack energies.  Each Mars trines the other; an ease in adapting this energy is evident.  With t/Moon and n/Mars sharing the 7th sector of relationships, we have to view the Moon-Mars combinations as supportive, of others reaching out and responding.

With the two Suns, natal and transiting, being in opposite house sectors but not opposite signs, we have air and water signs involved; intellectual understanding blending with nurturing and empathy.  This is a nice representation of Carol’s spiritual mission.





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Simple Summary For The ‘New’ Carol’s Birth

The transition of the young Carol to the spirit-world, and the entrance of the successor Carol to complete her life’s mission, is a complex situation.  The new Carol, after picking up and carry onward the young Carol’s life, would go forward to accomplish important work.  We will cover some of this in the following posts.  For now, I wish to address this transition process in the most simple terms so that all can follow the astrology and the deeper meanings behind this event.


First, I want us to go back to Goethe’s fairy tale and consider the Youth-Prince and Lily.  Lily was found in a sort-of ‘waiting area’ in the spiritual world, a place where nothing flowered although the lush vegetation was evident.  Why was this detail put into the fairy tale?  Nothing was meant to change here, all was prepared.  The Youth-Prince had visited here in his dreams.  It was expected that he would be prepared to consciously awaken in order to rejoin Lily in the proper manner.  Instead he was confused and unable to carry-out his dream instructions.

We know now what happened.  He blundered into the spirit-realm unprepared and ended up dying, being rescued, brought back into a more aware life, given the proper preparation, and then was reunited with the beautiful Lily.  In this sense, the Prince was the physical life, Lily was the spiritual awareness, and both represented the coming together of awareness within one person.  The part about the Wisp encircling them both with his flames was a bit that I added to indicate the full spiritual blessing of this awareness.

Now, we have for young Carol a worked-out agreement to relieve her of those burdens that had weakened her and proved to be too much for her to bear.  A new spiritual being had been given instruction, love, support and more tools to take her place.  This ‘walk-in’ of one soul into the body of another is heady stuff to think about.  According to author Ruth Montgomery, this is common.  The book by this successor soul, Messengers of Hope, also claims this is somewhat common.  We have to accept this for the purpose of understanding and following this story.  So, let us consider the chart we will use for this discussion.

The ‘Double Diurnal’ chart is actually an event chart.  The application of the Double Diurnal term merely designates that an Advanced chart was its source of derivation.  Onc can be considered relative to the other.  This chart, set for 7:20 AM on November 1, 1980 is a ‘birth chart’ for the successor Carol entity.  She has inherited the life-situation of young Carol, but she has her own mission to take on after she adapts to her present situation and can find a way to move on from there.  Let us look at the challenges of this birth-entrance chart.


Young Carol had an MC of lofty goals (26 Sagittarius) in her natal chart (not shown here). The “MC” is the highest point in the chart, the point where the noon-time Sun would be if the chart was calculated for noon-time.  Sagittarius is a sign associated with loft goals, free spirits, and exploration.

Successor Carol, in the chart shown above for the time when the ‘walk-in transfer’ was completed (and the child was born)  has a very different MC point.  If we look at the inner wheel of the chart above, we find the MC as being located at 5 Virgo.  AND, we also find the transiting (current at that moment) planet PLUTO at this location.  Pluto is the glyph of a small circle in a crescent with a cross below it.  Pluto is an intensity, focus, transformation, life-and-death issues, irrevocable change.  For a very small planet which is very far away, Pluto has great power in the right situation.

This difference in goal definition is highlighted by examining young Carol’s chart shown in the outer wheel area.  Her natal Sun was in early Aquarius, the zodiac sign marked by the two parallel waves.  Aquarius has lofty and idealistic intentions; these couldn’t be achieved by young Carol under the circumstances she found herself in.

Successor Carol’s Sun is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio; this glyph looks like an “M” with a curved tail.  Scorpio is an intense ‘feeling’ sign, conferring ability to deeply probe into the feelings and intentions of others and oneself, seeking deep understanding of the world.  Note that successor-Carol’s Sun (circle with a dot in it) is joined by Neptune (the glyph that looks like a pitch-fork), Venus (the circle with a cross below it) and Jupiter (looks like a “4”).  Common meanings for these planets involve spiritual orientation (Neptune), love (Venus), intention and character (Sun) and expanding opportunities (Jupiter).  We can see by this single pattern that the successor Carol arrived with many tools at her disposal.

By continuing our examination of the two Sun’s, we can find more to think about.  The new Carol’s ability to balance dreams and opportunities has many complexities to face.  The younger Carol left her with a situation (six young children, a home to take care of, a mostly uncaring and absent husband, a mother who had strong expectations as to how she should live her life).   Just by looking at the two Sun positions, one in Scorpio, one in Aquarius, we can see that they form a “square’ to each other — a “square” is a pattern of 90 degrees (more or less) between two astrological bodies.

The successor Carol’s Sun is in a feeling, deep understanding, probing zodiac sign.  Young Carol’s Sun was in an idealistic, lofty thinking and altruistic sign–Aquarius.  This sign doesn’t like to get its hands dirty, isn’t that great dealing with one-on-one challenges that are up-close-and-personal.  So, the two Carols approach to dealing with a demanding home life situation and being prepared to move onward to deal with greater life-missions is very different.

This new Carol is challenged, yes, by the hard work and Spartan social life and lack of praise and accolades  (Vesta at 8 Leo) and the marriage situation she inherited (n/Juno at 6 Aquarius).  But, successor Carol has a mission, a mission she was given by the light-spirit, a mission she accepted and remembers, and is supported by an ability to recall all of the strong support whenever she needs it.  So, let us go back and understand what the above references to Vesta and Juno mean.

  • Vesta is one of the first four major asteroids found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  Vesta was a Roman vestal-virgin, a symbol of purity and dedication.  Today, in astrology, we see Vesta representing dedication to a purpose, hard work, the role of a sister (or friend) who can be counted upon to help.
  • Juno is another of these ‘first-four’ and largest asteroids.  Juno relates to husband-wife relationships, freedom, an advisor, a commitment to love.  The Roman’s saw Juno as the wife of Zeus who had many relationships with many women and who fathered many children.  Yet, Juno continued to play her role as wife and advisor while also maintaining her own independent spirit.

The new Carol was aware of, and capable of handling these issues, the characters who represented the marriage she would inherit.

Successor Carol brings Mercury-Ascendant forward as an ability to rationalize and talk her way toward her goals.  The Ascendant is the point on the left side of the chart at the horizontal line.  This is where the Sun rises in the morning.  The Ascendant represent the situation we are in, what we are dealing with now.  With Mercury here, she understands challenges and how to negotiate and frame them.  Opposite this Ascendant point is transiting Mars at the Descendant.  The Descendant, where the Sun sets, represents ‘others’ and how we handle relationships.  Mars (the circle with the arrow above) is our challenges, fights, energy focus.  She will have to deal with that husband and what she has — six children, a household to run, little extra time and rest for herself.  This chart seems to “prove” that Pluto on the MC is not for the feint of heart.

So, we have used some very simple approaches to define the primary aspects of this chart, this situation that one soul abandoned and one soul adopted.  We have not had to go into complex ‘astro-babble’ talk to describe the situation.  Astrology should be just this simple and direct.

In the next postings we will follow Carol to a point in her life where she came into direct physical contact with the spiritual force that gave her the challenges she took upon herself.  This is a most moving experience.  And, we will learn more about the life-work of this woman.  Dave. 

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